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M.A.Y.A: My Ambition Your Ambition

  • M.A.Y.A. (EP#1) 2023 That_s What_s Up!!!!!

    11 FEB 2023 · 2023 Is here to stay.. How have you managed the first month. Time to Check in with M.A.Y.A. and officially kick off our mental wellness journey together!
    37m 11s
  • M.A.Y.A_ Episode #63: Let’s Talk Mental Wellness aka Health

    27 MAY 2022 · Mental Wellness aka Health is the engine that drives your daily life. From the moment you wake even when you are sleep your mind is working. It is processing your day, week, the month… hell your life. Mental wellness is where your thoughts and emotions are created then manifest into behaviors and actions. This in essence means every aspect of your life is influenced and impacted by your mental wellness. In Episode 63: Let’s Talk about Mental Wellness /Health, we will put this very powerful and essential tool, asset and at times liability into perspective.
    1h 8m 47s
  • Conversations with Maya an interview with Tex Wambui of SITTY

    15 MAR 2022 · In the 9th episode of SITTY with Tex Wambui, you will hear from yours truly, Maya Akai. I shared my experiences, and journey on the importance of Stay In True To Yourself (SITTY). Learn more about SITTY at and Checkout more SITTY discussion like this on Spotify, Apple and Google Podcast platforms
    58m 40s

    23 FEB 2022 · Life is full of ups and downs, and often we remember and focus more on the adversity than the success. Whatever, crazy, hard, upside down, insanely ridiculous or inconvenient ball life throws at you, how you look at it will determine how you manage it. Learning to manage the storms of life is a life skill we are not often taught but can learn. In M.A.Y.A. EPISODE #62: FINDING PEACE IN THE STORMS OF LIFE we will explore how to forecast, prepare and adjust to foreseen and unforeseen stressors in life.
    54m 31s
  • M.A.Y.A. Episode 61: Revisiting Authenticity

    14 JAN 2022 · WHO ARE YOU??? This question can arise when you’re not living as your authentic self. What most people don’t know is that your authentic self is completely different from YOUR best self. The Best self is that version of you that societal and cultural norms often encourages you to be. Striving for greatness often leads to your best self but can leave your authentic self marginalized or fully edited out of being the best version of yourself. This episode tackles not omitting too much of your authentic self is and realizing there is a time and place for being you! Knowing when to be your best self and when to let your authentic self shines through is a dedicated effort focused on understanding you. This episode we explore the multi facets of your personality and knowing when to let your authentic self shine at the right times.
    1h 3m 28s
  • M.A.Y.A. Episode #60: The M.A.Y.A. Virtual Mail...The Last Delivery of the Year!!!

    3 JAN 2022 · It is the last show of the year!!! What better way to end it then opening up the virtual mailbag.. I have three letters to share and I feel each correspondence will resonate with every listener on some level. Might be, been there, done that not going back. Might be, damn I'm there right now or could be you know someone that has a similar circumstance going on. Either way let's open up the M.A.Y.A. Virtual Mail bag and get the conversation going
    1h 3m 47s
  • M.A.Y.A. Episode #59: Understanding The Purpose and Power of Saying NO

    11 NOV 2021 · Saying NO has a stigma tied to it. NO is a negative, bad , an awful thing to say or hear. Let's challenge that way of thinking, actuality the word NO simply affirms the answers to a question. What gives the word NO a negative connotation is the essence of the question or precisely, what is the desired answering to the question. If it is not yes, then it is bad!!! In this episode we will focus on what saying NO means, understanding why you are not saying yes and how this is based in giving NO purpose and with that purpose comes power.
    57m 13s
  • M.A.Y.A. Episode #58: Let's Get REAL About Living YOUR Truth

    29 OCT 2021 · Living your truth is the process of aligning your core values with your everyday actions, words and thoughts. The essence of the idea of truth is that it is the quality or state of being true which means it is not based loosely on fact but solid in principle and more importantly it is in the moment aka it is real aka reality. When you find yourself living outside of what you know to be your core values, morals, or ethics; it is imperative that you understand why? Ask yourself, is it because you do not have a compass that points you in the right direction? Is someone or something pointing or pulling you in the wrong direction? When you seek the answers to these questions, you will discover why you may not be living the life you were intended or want to live
    54m 15s
  • M.A.Y.A. Episode #57: Let's Get Real About Self-Motivation

    17 OCT 2021 · Self- Motivation is easier said than done. So many factors and circumstances play into when we are at our best or worst and how we can focus on the task at hand, goals and even manifesting our dreams. Self-Motivation is what propels us forward or can leave us dead in the water. Understanding the role it plays in your everyday life and long term goals as part your internal mental workings along with self advocacy and emotional intelligence is paramount. Let's get real and talk about Self-Motivation
  • M.A.Y.A. Ep #56 Knowing Your Roles in Relationships & Making Decisions that Align with Your Best Self

    17 OCT 2021 · We wear many hats in our daily lives. We go to work and we are are co-workers, and bosses. In our personal lives, we are husbands, wives, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, aunts uncles and friends. We take on many roles on our life stage, and each is important with unique expectations and needs. Part of being the best version of yourself is understanding these roles and living your daily life with purpose and intention when you step into them. In M.A.Y.A. Episode #56 we will explore these roles, discuss how they are different but should work together to enhance and maintain the best version of YOU!!!
    1h 12m 25s

Meet Maya Akai, MA, LPC, CADC is a life traveler with intriguing and pertinent experiences. She has 20+years of professional experience in mental health coupled with broadcasting, social services, education...

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Meet Maya Akai, MA, LPC, CADC is a life traveler with intriguing and pertinent experiences. She has 20+years of professional experience in mental health coupled with broadcasting, social services, education and addictions studies. Maya's personal and professional endeavors provide her with profound insight and empathy on many social, emotional and mental levels. Prepare for honest, salient and open conversations

Welcome to the podcast that covers salient topics from a fresh and forward thinking perspective. MAYA: My Ambition Your Ambition, pulls back the veil of self doubt and sabotage that plagues so many of us in life; to help identify ambitions and harness motivation to help yield satisfaction and success in our daily lives....
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