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  • Office of the Keys & Confession

    29 JUN 2023 · Jesus gave the Christian Church the authority to forgive (and not forgive) sins...what's that all about? Listen to today's episode to find out!
    43m 4s
  • Baptism.

    19 JUN 2023 · What is baptism? What are it's benefits!
    48m 42s
  • The Lord's Prayer 6th & 7th petition

    1 JUN 2023 · Listen as Pr. Dan and Pr. Chad wrap up the Lord's Prayer in today's episode.
    50m 25s
  • Fourth & Fifth Petition of the Lord's Prayer

    19 MAY 2023 · Join Pastor's Dan and Chad as they continue to discuss the Small Catechism and cover the 4th and 5th petitions of the Lord's Prayer.
    53m 20s
  • 2nd & 3rd Petition of the Lord's prayer

    25 APR 2023 · Join Pastors Dan & Chad as the tackley the 2nd & 3rd peition of the Lord's Prayer - Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
    39m 53s
  • The Lord's Prayer part 1

    7 MAR 2023 · Join Pastors Dan and Chad as they cover the introduction to the Lord's prayer and it's first petition as given in the Small Catechism.
    39m 49s
  • Third Article of the Creed

    23 FEB 2023 · It's all about the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity and His work in our lives and in the life of the holy Christian Church. Listen to Pastors Dan and Chad as they discuss this article in detail.
    46m 58s
  • 2nd Article of the Creed Part 2

    16 FEB 2023 · Due to a corruption in the audio file there is no intro music - however this is the audio of the entire episode. In this episode we discuss the exaltation of Christ to God's right hand, his threefold office as prophet, priest, and king and finally his second coming.
    46m 59s
  • The Second Article of the Creed Part 1

    20 JAN 2023 · Jesus is both God and Man in one person. That's what we learn in scripture and that's what the creed affirms. Join Pr. Dan and Pr. Chad today as they tackle this topic.
    39m 25s
  • What's the Deal With Christmas?

    23 DEC 2022 · Join our panel of Lutheran Pastors in today's episode as they tackle the origins and pracitces of Christmas. To see the entire episode video (even with a blooper outtake at the beginning) go to Use Passcode: 2WQKR#y6
    43m 41s
Lutheran pastors tackle issues ranging from theology and the Bible to the trends and news of the day. Along the way they answer common questions and misconceptions about Christianity.

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