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Lupus: It Chose Me

  • Episode 16: Lupus Doesn’t Have Me

    31 MAY 2022 · Dr. LaTonya, Gina, and fellow lupus warrior, Nefertiti Ross, discuss her struggle with discoid lupus, having to hide it, worrying about how her kids would react to her facial changes, and having to choose her kidneys over her face.
    Played 46m 23s
  • Episode 15: Mindset with Stephanie Bertram

    2 MAY 2022 · Dr. LaTonya, Gina, and Stephanie Bertram, a mindset coach, discuss how to change your thinking to change your results, as well as the CTFAR mindset model and more!
    Played 47m 39s
  • Episode 14: Hope and Wisdom, a Conversation with Gabrielle Davis

    22 MAR 2022 · Dr. LaTonya, Gina, and lupus advocate, Gabrielle Davis, discuss the struggle with lupus and what it takes to persevere and maintain hope through it all.
    Played 49m 41s
  • Episode 13: Men and Lupus

    28 FEB 2022 · Dr. LaTonya, Gina, Mr. Bias, and special guest Dion Langley discuss the ups and downs of lupus, and how the lack of awareness in men with lupus is dealt with personally.
    Played 51m 7s
  • Episode 12: Season Finale Special

    16 DEC 2021 · Dr. LaTonya shows-off some of the best moments of the past season including personal struggles, healthcare professionals, and overcoming grief!
    Played 40m 29s
  • Episode 11: God, Please Help Me

    3 SEP 2021 · Dr. LaTonya, Gina, and LaTonya's sister Nacole, discuss the 5 stages of grief after Dr. LaTonya was diagnosed with lupus.
    Played 53m 38s
  • Episode 10: Support System

    18 AUG 2021 · Dr. LaTonya and Gina discuss the importance of having a support system, and how to find them.
    Played 31m 11s
  • Episode 9: Energy Re-Boot

    5 AUG 2021 · Todd Wesson from Vitalogy Wellness joins in the conversation of re-booting your energy and vitality.
    Played 31m 56s
  • Episode 8: Lupus, Herbs and Healing Naturally

    21 JUL 2021 · Tamika Moseley, author of "Healing from God's Medicine Cabinet", joins in on the discussion of herbs and natural ways to heal.
    Played 29m
  • Episode 6: Lupus - Smiles

    8 JUL 2021 · Cheryl Etheredge joins in a conversation about her experiences and tips for lupus along with sharing about her lupus smile box.
    Played 23m 41s
Inspiration, Motivation, and Encouragement to take back our lives. Join me, Dr. LaTonya Bias, in celebrating life with autoimmune diseases.

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