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  • #40 Which “Part” of You is Driving the LDR Bus?

    5 APR 2024 · We are on a unique journey being in a LDR or commuter marriage. ❤️✈️Sometimes it’s like driving a bus 🚌down a bumpy road! We all know we want to be with our person and the distance won’t stop our love! However there are parts of us that struggle with the distance, parts that hate the distance and there are even parts of us that enjoy time apart. At different times ….different parts of us are driving that LDR bus.🚌 Why? Why do we vacillate from one part to the other?  Join us for a fascinating discussion about these parts of us from the modality of Internal Family Systems with our guests Tammy Sollenberger, LCMHC & Henry D. Beckwith, Psy.d. Tammy and Henry are not only in a long distance relationship themselves, but are also licensed psychotherapists who specialize in the IFS model. You will be shocked to learn how helpful it is to look at how we cope with distance through this lens! ❤️✈️ If you would like to learn more about our guests or check out Tammy’s book or podcast you can find out more at these links! (
    49m 34s
  • #39 The Good the Bad & the Ugly of LONGING

    2 MAR 2024 · Longing for your partner is a huge part of coping with distance! The good news about longing? Longing is two-sided! It’s sometimes hard to long for your person but it also builds an awesome anticipation that makes the relationship hot, hot, HOT! Join Abe and Elaine as they discuss the different sides of LONGING and how to cope!
    52m 6s
  • #38 Asking for Help from Your Support System at the Holidays!

    20 DEC 2023 · We all know the hardest part of distance is being apart at the holidays!! Especially Christmas! Sometimes we try to prove to our support system that we are ok and become even more isolated! Join Abe and Elaine as they share ways you can cope and reach out to your family and friends for help during this hard time!
    26m 15s
  • #37 Creative Dates in Distance Part Five

    25 OCT 2023 · Join Abe and Elaine for more dates to get excited about while in distance. ✈️✈️❤️❤️When coping with distance, creative online dates become the bread and butter🍞🧈 of surviving! Wait til the very end to hear Abe’s creepy Halloween🎃👻laugh and Elaine’s witch laugh.🧙‍♀️Check out the links below to three of Elaine and Abe’s favorite online haunted houses!!🎃🎃🕷️ Animated Disney Haunted House ( Animated Haunted House from perspective of a cat ( Live Haunted House (
    38m 7s
  • #36 From Marshmallows to Mindfullness: The Art of Patience in Distance

    8 AUG 2023 · Hey lovebirds! Ever felt like your long-distance relationship was a never-ending game of phone tag? Or maybe you've wondered if the Wi-Fi connection between you and your partner was stronger than the emotional one? 😂 Join licensed marriage and family therapist, Elaine Romero, and her ever-patient husband, Abe, as they dive deep into the world of love, patience, and the miles in between. In this hilariously relatable episode, Elaine and Abe spill the beans on the secrets to mastering patience in a long-distance relationship or commuter marriage. 🚂❤️✈️ From miss-timed video calls to those "I wish you were here" moments, they've been through it all and are here to share their wisdom. Ever heard of the marshmallow test? 🍬 Well, it's not just for kids! Elaine breaks down how this classic experiment teaches us the value of waiting for the good stuff in life (and love!). After all, they say patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait. But how long is too long? And how do you keep the spark alive when you're miles apart? Tune in to find out! So, whether you're in a relationship that spans cities, states, or even continents, this episode is your ultimate guide to keeping the love alive, one patient moment at a time. Because let's face it, love might make the world go 'round, but patience keeps it from spinning out of control. 🌍💖 Don't miss out on this rollercoaster of emotions, laughter, and expert advice. Subscribe now and let Elaine and Abe show you the way to a more patient and fulfilling long-distance love affair! 🎧❤️🌍 Remember, lovebirds: Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel. And with a little patience, it can go a long, long way! 💌🚀
    38m 35s
  • #35 Buckle Up…it’s going to be a bumpy LDR flight! Guest Episode with an Amazing Pilot Couple.

    8 JUN 2023 · 🎉 Join us for a fantastic episode with Holly and Mike, an extraordinary couple who have survived all types of distance for several decades! 💑 They've got some amazing strategies and an overall positive attitude about making distance work for them. 😊 This pilot ✈️ and his wife definitely know how to help you make a smooth landing! ✨ #LongDistanceLove #RelationshipGoals #PositiveAttitude
    46m 33s
  • #34 Get Your TEXT on!!!

    26 APR 2023 · 🌟📱Master Your Text Game: Transform Your LDR Experience! 📱🌟 Long distance relationships can be tough, but your text game doesn't have to be! Unlock a whole new world of fun and connection with your partner, no matter the distance. 💑🌍 Join Abe and Elaine, your go-to experts in love and communication, as they dive into an exciting conversation filled with all sorts of TEXT GAMES 🎮💬! These creative and engaging games are guaranteed to spice up your LDR or commuter marriage and keep the sparks flying! 🔥💕 Don't miss out on this chance to transform your text conversations and bring endless joy to your long distance relationship! 🎉💌 Tune in now and let the games begin! 🎧👉 #LongDistanceLove #TextGameMastery #LDRFun #RelationshipGoals #LoveAcrossMiles #SpiceUpYourTexts #AbeAndElaine #PodcastLovers
    42m 32s
  • #33 ONE is the Loneliest Number!

    9 MAR 2023 · Do you struggle with loneliness in your LDR?? Ugh …that part of distance is SO challenging! Join Abe and Elaine as they discuss the different types of loneliness in distance and how to combat it! How to “lean in” to the distance! Song Abe sings:
    46m 43s
  • #32 Your LDR Bucket List

    29 JAN 2023 · A bucket list is fun but not just for when you close the distance….we also need one for in distance to protect our mental health. Join Abe and Elaine as they discuss what the difference is. Get inspired for your own bucket list!
    36m 8s
  • #31 It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! …Or is it?????

    5 DEC 2022 · Join Abe and Elaine as they discuss how hard it is to be apart during the holidays! In fact it can be considered disenfranchised grief. Listen to learn what we mean. Also learn a great tool to cope with being apart. If you are together breathe it in and enjoy!! Oh and please pass the ranch…
    28m 18s

Love is in the Air is a podcast dedicated to supporting commuter marriages and long-distance relationships. Elaine Romero, LMFT, Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist, and her husband Abe Romero discuss...

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Love is in the Air is a podcast dedicated to supporting commuter marriages and long-distance relationships. Elaine Romero, LMFT, Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist, and her husband Abe Romero discuss the challenges and rewards of their own commuter marriage while supporting others!
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