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    Episode 378: Hold on to Your Scandal Handle? (Hunter Biden, Trump Tax Plan, Biden Immigration)

    20 JUN 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the political nature of Hunter Biden's guilty verdict, Joe Biden's refusal to interfere in the sentencing of his son, rightwing goalpost moving on the conviction of Hunter, Trump's absolute insane federal incoming tax plan, Biden waives penalties for spouses of undocumented people inside the US, SCOTUS unanimously knocked down the banning of abortion pill (this is not a real victory), Sam Alito and his wife caught on tape being the type of dirtbags we've all suspected they were (why does she keep mentioning that she's German...ummm wtf, lady!), Trump World keeps pushing the idea of mandatory military service for citizens, Far Right makes gains in the EU elections, Republican behaves like a small child because reasons, and fricking sharks with electric batteries is the new idiotic fear unlocked by the former totally sane president. Stories - - - - - - - - - - - - This Week in Stupid - - Trump vs the predators of the sea (GOT THE VIDEO)
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    Episode 377: Let's Lock HIM Up! (34 Felony Convictions & Witness Tampering)

    5 JUN 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Donald Trump officially becoming a convicted felon, knocking down some of the newly risen incorrect narratives surrounding Trump's hush money trial in New York, Pro-Publica exposé on witness tampering from Trump, Ohio governor puts an end to the Biden "not on the ballot" nonsense, Roberts and Alito refuse to answer to Congress, Lara Trump pretends they are taking all the donation money and paying Trump's legal fees, Biden signs actions to reject asylum seekers, IRS direct filling is a massive hit; will go nationwide next year, and much more! Stories - - Knocking down some of the false narratives surrounding Trump’s guilt - - - - - - - -
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    Episode 376: Nuclear NIMBY! (Libertarian Nominee, Student Debt, Clarence Thomas)

    28 MAY 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Trump being booed at the Libertarian Convention, Trump promises to crush pro-Palestinian protests, President Biden cancels another 160,000 people's student debt, Clarence Thomas attacks Brown v. Board of Education decision on its 70th anniversary, school segregation is rising pass the levels of 1968, Dems are stuck on holding the Supreme Court accountable, Trump pulls a Reagan and a Nixon when it comes to foreign government negotiations during an election, Republicans hate the Biden is reducing gas prices, Republicans are dying to kill access to legal marijuana in the Farm Bill, and much more. Stories - Trump booed while trying to speak at Libertarian Convention - and lose bids for Libertarian presidential nomination - - - - - - - - Historical Context: - - - -
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    Episode 375: The Douche of Wall Street (Trump Term Limits, Congress Decorum, The Veepstakes)

    21 MAY 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Trump's Hush Money trial in New York coming to an end, the GOP paying fealty to their king by showing up at his trial, Marjorie Taylor Greene gets into a verbal fight with Jasmine Crockett and gets destroyed, Trump "jokes" about having a third term, Biden challenges Trump to two debate and he accepts, Biden reschedules marijuana from schedule 1 to schedule 3, HBCU funding is at an all time high so why aren't we hearing about this?, ICC looks to have arrest warrents for Hamas and Israeli leaders for war crimes, movie about young Donald Trump is problematic for the former president, Trump's Truth Social once again is a garbage fire, Sam Alito really is not fit to be a Supreme Court judge, and much more. Stories - Cohen holds up well on the stand - - - - - - - - - - This Week in Stupid - - -
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    Episode 374: Everybody’s Got A Price for the Billion Dollar Sellout (Hush Money, Trump Begs Big Oil)

    14 MAY 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen's testimonies in the Hush Money trial, judge Aileen Cannon's storied behavior in the documents trial, Trump blatantly begs big oil to help him win for a billion dollar single donation, Marjorie Taylor Greene's push for ousting the Speaker of the House backfires, GOP's Katie Britt pushes for a national registry for pregnant women, Tennessee woman is forced to lose multiple organs due to horrendous anti-abortion law, Trump vows to end Title IX protections for Trans kids on day one of his presidency, Biden pauses sending offensive weapons to Israel as the IDF moves into Rafah, RFK Jr. admits to having a pretty bad medical history, Baron Trump almost used as political pawn by his dad, and much more. Stories - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - This Week in Stupid - - -
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    Episode 373: Cruella de Noem (Trump Gag Order, Kristi Noem, House Speaker Vote)

    7 MAY 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the judge in Trump's hush money trial has given his final warning to Trump on violating the gag order, Kristi Noem seems to be destroying her political future as she doubles down on murdering dogs, Marjorie Taylor-Greene's motion to vacate will be voted on in the House this week, Bernie Sanders is seeking another 6 year term for the Senate at the age of 82, DeSantis kowtows to big Cattle, corruption case on corporate Democrat, and much more!Stories - - - - - - - - - This Week in Stupid -
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    Episode 372: Green Eggs and Conservatism! (Trump Immunity, Kristi Noem, College Protests)

    30 APR 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) views on presidential immunity, more horrific arguments from pro-life advocates in front of the SCOTUS, college students around the US breakout in protest demanding divestment from Israeli government in light of genocide in Gaza, Kristi Noem's dog story is gross and very MAGA, Nikki Haley makes her presence known even after leaving the race, Arizona charges key members of Trumpworld with election fraud, Trump attacks RFK Jr., Bill Barr debases himself again with endorsing Trump, Biden administration pushes new rules for airlines, and much more. Stories - Supreme Court Conservatives seem dead set on ruining Democracy - - - - - - - - -
    Played 1h 2m 17s
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    Episode 371: Sellout to Big NUANCE (Hush Money, Trump Campaign in Disarray, RFK Jr)

    23 APR 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Trump's hush money trial in which a man sets himself on fire, Mike Johnson gets Ukraine funding through the House, the funneling of campaign dollars to Trump's businesses is in full swing now, Biden holds a 9 point lead but why is more important than anything, House passes Tiktok ban, RFK Jr is a problem for Trump says everyone with a functioning brain, Biden putting a solar panel in every pot for the poorest Americans, FISA re-upped for 2 more years, and much more. Stories - Trump's Criminal trial begins with opening statements - - - - An interesting bit of behind the scenes shenanigans inside the GOP (VIDEO) - - (VIDEO) - - - This Week in Stupid -
    Played 1h 2m 15s
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    Episode 370: Sleeping His Way to the Bottom (Hush Money, Illegal Voting, Motion to Vacate)

    17 APR 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Trump's first two days of his hush money trial in New York, DJT stock continues to tumble downward as the company makes two unpopular announcements, Mike Johnson joins Trump at Mar-a-lago to announce a plan to stop illegal voting that is already illegal, Thomas Massie joins Marjorie Taylor-Greene in pushing for the motion to vacate the Speakership on Mike Johnson, Mitt Romney open to voting with Democrats to end the Mayorkas impeachment, potentially devastating financial plans for the U.S. dollar in the works if Trump is re-elected, Iran steps into the fray directly with Israel, OAN settles with Smartmatic and Dominion, and much more! Stories - - - - - - - - - - - This Week in Stupid - “Wow” - Robert E. Lee (video) -
    Played 1h 41m 9s
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    Episode 369: Florida is Back on the Menu, Boys! (Ballot Initiatives, Gag Order, House Speakership)

    3 APR 2024 · This week on Look Forward, Jay and Brad return to discuss Trump getting his $175M bond, expanded gag order placed on Trump in his hush money trial in NY, GOP mad at Biden because of calendar dates, Florida ballot initiatives put the state in play for 2024, Dems trounce GOP in Alabama House seat special election, Mike Johnson thinks him losing the speakership to Hakeem Jeffries is a real possibility, SCOTUS doing more election damage, Israel's estimates of innocents killed is horrifying, IDF kills 7 aid workers, GOP goes full-on Peacemaker logic with their latest point on abortion in South Carolina, and much more! Stories - - - - - - - - - - - - - This Week in Stupid - -
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Honest progressive political talk from guys who don’t shy away from the reality of our political landscape, and keep you laughing instead of crying.

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