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Logical Nonsense

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    EP 72: Kevin Love as QB? NBA/NFL Switchup Draft, Key Takeaways from NBA Conference Semis and More!

    17 MAY 2024 · Join us for Episode 72 where we talk through our Key Takeaways, Keys to Win and Predictions from the Thunder/Mavs, Nuggets/Timberwolves and Knicks/Pacers Series. We also dive into our takeaways from the Celtics/Cavs Series. To top off the Pod, we draft our starting 5 basketball team from a pool of NFL players as well as a starting 7 NFL players. This is a fun episode you need to tune into if you are into basketball or football.
    1h 19m 44s
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    EP 71: He's a Professor and a Rapper? Professor Lyrical Interview, Thoughts on Kendrick/Drake Beef

    11 MAY 2024 · Professor Lyrical hops onto Episode 71 for an exclusive interview on his journey, his thoughts on hiphop, his everyday processes and more! Tune in to hear one of the most interesting hiphop artists in the game. It is not too often you find a teacher be able to rap and meet legends like Immortal Technique, Supernatural and even the famed JAY-Z. If you are a hip-hop head, you can't miss this episode.
    1h 22m 32s
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    EP 70: Kendrick Nails Drake's Coffin, Falcons Draft Backup QB? NBA Playoffs & We Still Don't Trust You

    3 MAY 2024 · In Episode 70, I break down the Kendrick Lamar and Drake Feud as well as We Still Don't Trust You Album Review before Dodge hops on to give NFL Draft Team Grades and discuss the NBA Playoff Chaos. Tune in to hear some hot takes on Anthony Davis, Michael Penix Jr, Kendrick Lamar and Future. Whether you're here for Sports, Hiphop or both, we got you covered. 0:00 Kendrick/Drake Beef 15:55 We Still Don't Trust You 34:14 NFL Draft Grades 1:19:00 NBA Playoffs
    1h 43m 14s
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    EP 69: Montana Griz DE Kale Edwards is Transferring? | His College Football Journey at the FCS Level

    25 APR 2024 · Montana Griz Football Player Kale Edwards joins Episode 69 for a fantastic sit-down interview about his college journey playing FCS football. Learn the insights into his recruiting process, his biggest challenges, his opinions on NIL, the transfer portal and today's media on college football. Also tune in for the discussion on what went into Kale choosing to enter the transfer portal after not being a huge fan of the process in the first place! If you are fan of football or college sports you do not want to skip!
    48m 35s
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    EP 68: Can the 76ers make a title run? NBA Playoff Predictions/Preview | Is this the Celtics year?

    20 APR 2024 · NBA Playoffs is one of the most exciting times of the year. Tune into Episode 68 to hear our predictions and why we like teams like the Nuggets, Celtics, 76ers and Mavericks. A Star-studded playoffs leaves us with a lot of questions we discuss in-depth. Who is our Finals champ? Find out now!
    1h 6m 29s
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    EP 67: 3x Transfer Pitcher?! Alex Karns' Collegiate Baseball Journey & Modern Day Pitching Thoughts

    18 APR 2024 · North Dakota State University Pitcher, Alex Karns, hops onto Episode 67 for an in-depth interview about his incredible journey throughout college baseball. From Utah Valley to Chandler-Gilbert and North Dakota State, Alex has pitched against the best in the collegiate baseball game. Tune in to hear about his journey, his mindset, and really what it's like to be a pitcher at both the JUCO and Division 1 levels. From playing LSU, Oregon State and so many more, Alex has faced the best hitters in the nation and has competed. If you've ever been a fan of baseball, are a fan of sports, or may have even played yourself, you need to hear to this episode.
    49m 46s
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    EP 66: Apologetic Cole Diss, Edey vs Clingan, Might Delete Later Album Review, NBA Playoffs, Bronny

    12 APR 2024 · Episode 66 comes with a full album review on Might Delete Later by J. Cole, my thoughts on his diss track as well as giving rating to each of the 5 categories. After dropping a surprise album, many were surprised by the different sounding Cole, was I a fan? Find out in this Episode.  Also tune into the second half of the episode where I talk about the Final Four, Zach Edey, UCONN's incredible roster, how UCONN could go down as one of the all time great teams after going back-to-back, and Why Clingan is the better option over Edey? Caitlin Clark comes up short to a dominant  South Carolina team. Did Bronny make the wrong choice declaring for the draft and entering the transfer portal? 
    37m 8s
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    EP 65: Is Zach Edey Him? The NFL hates Kickoffs, Will Caitlin Clark Turn Down $5M? NBA Final Stretch

    4 APR 2024 · March is one of the best times of the year. The NFL creates drama with their new rule changes on the kickoff, tackling and more. March Madness shines the spotlight big on stars like Zach Edey, Dalton Knecht, and Donavan Clingan. We give our awards for favorite upset, favorite team to watch, player of the tournament, most likely to suceed in the NBA and even our final predictions for the final four. We also briefly discuss the women's tournament and the electricity they have brought to the court, the nba and their final stretch. Can the Rockets squeak in? Will the Thunder get the #1 seed? And finally, we talk about the Mariners, Twins and Red Sox's opening start to the season. If you love authentic, real, fun sports conversation, hit that play button and enjoy.
    1h 8m 5s
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    EP 64: Chicago's Biggest What-if:DROSE, Rise of Women's BBall & 90s HipHop Continued Legacy w/Acamea

    29 MAR 2024 · Acamea Deadwiler joins Episode 64 for a thought provoking conversation on her time as a college athlete and what it was like to chase the WNBA. She also discusses her time covering the as a contributor writer for Yahoo Sports! Tune in to hear her journey, her thoughts on the Chicago Bulls as well as some of the stars we have today like Nikola Jokic, Lebron James and more. In the second part of the episode we jump into hiphop where we discuss the ability that artists like Jay Z and Andre 3000 from the 90s have and how they can still compete with any artist in modern day hip hop. We also talk about how successful Tyler, the Creator, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole are and why they would succeed in any era!
    1h 13m 8s
  • Explicit

    EP 63: Kendrick Disses Drake & JCole, MLB Over/Unders, We Don't Trust You Album, Shohei Dominance?

    26 MAR 2024 · After hearing one of the best diss tracks the hiphop world has heard in a long time, I had to hop onto the mic and give my thoughts. Tune in for a full album analysis and breakdown of the phenomenal piece of work Metro Boomin and Future put together for the lastest new album 'We Don't Trust You'. From Kendrick dropping disses on Drake and Cole to Future showing incredible range and Metro bringing crazy production, this is one of my favorite albums I have reviewed. Make sure to hear my scores for lyrics, production, flows, hits and content matter!  The second majority of the podcast features Liam Wilson where we go over MLB over under betting lines and where we think teams will land. We give our thoughts on the best moves during the offseason and which teams we think have the best chance to be successful this year. With crazy moves like Shohei Ohtani, Blake Snell, and Yamamoto the MLB is in for a crazy year. 
    1h 49m 46s

Sports, Hip-Hop, Sneakers, Fashion and more. Everything from football, basketball, baseball, rap, hip-hop, R&B, sneakers, streetwear, fashion and more. Look out for collabs with friends, other podcasts, and professionals. Expect...

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Sports, Hip-Hop, Sneakers, Fashion and more. Everything from football, basketball, baseball, rap, hip-hop, R&B, sneakers, streetwear, fashion and more. Look out for collabs with friends, other podcasts, and professionals. Expect Weekly Sports Recaps, Album Reviews, Sneaker/Collection Reviews, and some surprise segments. Authentic takes by authentic people.
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