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  • Episode 53: It's just me!

    6 MAY 2024 · I apologize for the long absence but am back in this episode discussing the current state of the reptile market and some trends that I've seen. I think it's an interesting topic and several lizard species have centered in alot of these discussions. Also, announcing a show for the Sundays in between LBR! Keep a watch for Saurian Stories to be more active in the future!
    1h 9m 40s
  • Episode 52: Still Alive!

    9 OCT 2023 · Yep, still here! I'm back from a work-induced hiatus. This episode was just me catching up with reptile happenings here and in herpetoculture in general. The chat came out in full force and we had a great conversation on a number of topics. Thank you for following along and glad to be back talking to you all again!
    1h 36m 25s
  • Episode 51: Lee and Amanda of Ready's Rainforest!

    10 APR 2023 · This was an awesome conversation. The Ready's went in depth on both the how and the why for their keeping of the Panther Chameleon. It was really nice to hear their thought process for setup, care and health of the animals. Great people to talk to!
    2h 10m 32s
  • Episode 50: Erica McVeigh of Vivtech Products!

    13 MAR 2023 · 50th episode! Pretty cool milestone and talking to a friend of mine about a bit of a hot button topic. UV! I like and I use Vivtech lights but I've also watched the various debates online and participated in several. This conversation was great, with Erica explaining what their products are and what they're capable of. And, importantly to me, what that allows you to do for and with your animals and their enclosures.
    2h 6m 40s
  • Episode 49: THN Host Hang-out!

    27 FEB 2023 · Sitting down with Justin to talk lizards, THN and all things reptiles! Don't forget to go to The Herpetoculture Network website and check out the raffle for Slate Reed. Drawing is Feb 27 on Snakes&Stogies!
    1h 59m 43s
  • Episode 48: Yvette Strand of Misty Mountain Phants

    4 FEB 2023 · Let's try this again. No intro, just straight into it because technology is fighting us. This was a great conversation about an iconic lizard species. The Uroplatus genus seems to take that next level of keeper dedication to find success and Yvette certainly has. Check her out on IG and at
    2h 50s
  • Episode 47: Ron St Pierre!

    5 DEC 2022 · What an awesome conversation. Ron is a fixture of herpetoculture and has been integral to so much of the history of our hobby. And he was just an awesome guy to talk to. From giant Anole species to computer games and punk rock. This was a great time.
    2h 14m 52s
  • Episode 46: Houssam Istanbouli of The Knobtail!

    21 NOV 2022 · Very excited to talk to Houssam. Such a cool collection with a heavy emphasis on Nephrurus and just Australian lizards in general. He had some great insights about the hobby and I was really glad he shared those. He's also a budding field herper! It was cool to hear about some of his insights from his trip to Australia and I was happy to hear he's been herping here in the U.S.! Looking forward to seeing more pics as he gets them uploaded.
    1h 34m 40s
  • Episode 45: David Kelley of the_newtist on IG!

    7 NOV 2022 · Zebra Skinks, cold water newts and dreams of giant enclosures for Dekay's Snakes! Talking with David was a blast. He has a diverse and unique collection and a perspective to keeping that I enjoyed hearing.
    2h 21m 27s
  • Episode 44: Justin Munsterman of legacyherps on IG!

    24 OCT 2022 · Ceratophora, Calotes, Cophotis, Anolis, Shinisaurus and on and on! All of the montane lizards and planted enclosures and humidifiers you could ever want! We had some technical difficulties to start the show but this was such an awesome conversation. Lizard eggs that incubate at 60 degrees!
    1h 46m 35s

Lizard Brain Radio is a biweekly show for those who have lizards on the brain! Let's discuss lizards in the hobby with those folks who work with them. A part...

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Lizard Brain Radio is a biweekly show for those who have lizards on the brain! Let's discuss lizards in the hobby with those folks who work with them. A part of The Herpetoculture Network.
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