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Life Designing Podcast with Ramona

  • Alexis Austin - Higher Ed & Impacting Students

    25 JUL 2022 · Mentors are important to have and planted a seed in Alexis early in her life that she would go to college and get a PHD. She is passionate about impacting students on her campus as well as in the community. Listen to Alexis as she shares her journey and her love for being in a position to positively impact the lives of the students she encounters.
    22m 57s
  • Shanikia Williams - The Simple Life Is Always The Best Life

    25 JUL 2022 · “The simple life is always the best life.” This is the philosophy that Shanikia lives by which has served her well. She wears a lot of hats and is very instrumental in empowering, inspiring, and impacting the students that she serves through her everyday work as a Program Project Specialist at the University of Arkansas Little Rock. Her efforts are mirrored in her community as she serves in other capacities as well as being an entrepreneur. You do not want to miss this interview. Shanikia will inspire you to rethink your approach to life and be strategic and intentional about where you are headed.
    34m 43s
  • Cheryl Thibault - Her Journey

    11 JUL 2022 · Compassion and passion for people is the secret sauce for the success of beauty industry trailblazer Cheryl Thibault. Rejection and ridicule did not stop Cheryl from creating an on-line course that was crucial when the epidemic hit and was the key to people learning a new skill to enter the workforce one the world reopened. Listen as she shares her journey.
    37m 44s
  • Dr. Runako Whittaker - An Inspirational Journey

    19 JUN 2022 · This episode Dr. Runako Whittaker shares her journey of becoming a successful Doctor. The path was not easy and getting over the shame of failure is a part of the process on her journey. Meeting challenges head on was her way through. Listen as she shares the new terrain of the medical field from the practitioner's viewpoint.
    32m 52s
  • The Honorable Judge Tanya Wilson

    13 JUN 2022 · This episode takes a glimpse into the life of The Honorable Tanya Wilson who is a judge in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Judge Wilson shares her journey and how she overcame the obstacles of negative thoughts that were placed on her by others. Being counted out was the fuel she used to set her goals high and go after what she knew in her heart she was destined to be. Listen as Tanya shares her journey and the importance of being available to mentor others seeking to pursue careers in the legal system.
    27m 58s
  • Yvonne Nobles - Mindset & Resilience Coach

    12 JUN 2022 · This episode is an epic encounter with mindset and resilience coach, Yvonne Nobles. Yvonne is on a mission to uplevel women to become the best version of themselves. Her passion for disrupting limiting mindsets and guiding others to see that they are worth the work of reprogramming their mind and taking their rightful places on their thrones. Listen in as Yvonne shares a lot of gems to empower women to go after their crowns.
    22m 12s
  • Thesha Zeigler

    11 MAY 2022 · This episode is a sit down with Thesha Zeigler. Thesha is an Academic Success Coach. Thesha feels that her ability to have empathy and care genuinely is her superpower and it has allowed her to provide the best guidance for the students she comes into contact with. Helping students navigate life so they can avoid some of the pitfalls and barriers that she experienced, is the reason Thesha feels like her calling is aligned with a job that allows her to live out her purpose every day.
    33m 25s
  • Dr. Corinice Wilson

    11 MAY 2022 · This episode is a sit down with Dr. Corinice Wilson who is the Dean of Retention and Engagement at Tulsa Community College. Her journey was guided by a mother that had high expectations for her. She was exposed to mentors and people pouring into her and guiding her which helped her know early on what she wanted to do as a career. Because of the people that helped her cultivate her life and career, she feels like it is her responsibility to give back and support students to become all they can be.
    35m 15s
  • Sherry Capet

    27 APR 2022 · This episode is a sit down with Executive Business and Performance Coach Sherry Capet. Sherry is the epitome of what living life by design looks like. Sherry has endured astronomical setbacks that threatened her life in so many ways. Despite those experiences, she is thriving and living life on her own terms. Her journey of hardships have made her into the person she is today and she wouldn’t trade any of what she’s experienced.
    23m 44s
  • Dr. Sanja Rickette-Stinson

    27 APR 2022 · This episode is a sit down with serial entrepreneur Dr. Sanja Rickette-Stinson. Sanja now wears the label of a disrupter. It took many years before she would adopt that mindset, but life events pushed her into situations and circumstances that allowed her to hone her super power of resilience and a never give up approach to life. Those defining moments are now defining her life.
    22m 28s

The road to success is not one size fits all. Every journey has an insurmountable number of peaks and valleys. All are necessary in order to rise and reach your...

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The road to success is not one size fits all. Every journey has an insurmountable number of peaks and valleys. All are necessary in order to rise and reach your potential for greatness. Life Designing with Ramona takes a glimpse into the lives of the people who have gone against the odds and overcame life's challenges and obstacles which allowed them to consistently elevate themselves to be happy, healthy and successful. Each Episode will take you on a journey to reveal the many experiences and life lessons they've learned along the way. The gems they will share can be helpful to others.
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