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    Another Messy Episode

    23 AUG 2020 · W.A.P., the division between Black Women and Black Men, hurt people hurting people, and Les & Jay screaming at each other about Verzuz....too Messy.
    1h 4m 23s
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    The Messy Episode

    23 AUG 2020 · The crew discusses Nicki's moral code, why Entrepreneur didn't jam, and Les gives us a lesson in parenting. It's gonna get messy....
    58m 2s
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    Safe Space

    8 AUG 2020 · Does Hip-Hop provide a safe space for Domestic Violence? Things get a lil spicy on this episode.
    1h 7m 30s
  • Explicit


    8 AUG 2020 · The crew talks about Voter Suppression.
    47m 59s
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    The Cookout

    17 JUN 2020 · In this episode we talk about corporations speaking up, relationships in quarantine, "Karen", and all those people we invited to "the cookout".
    1h 18m 5s
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    Let's Talk About It

    16 JUN 2020 · A lot has happened since our last show....let's talk about it.
    1h 38m 59s
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    That damn Corona...

    18 MAR 2020 · Get your shot glasses ready....everytime we mention the Corona Virus....bottoms up!!!
    1h 15m 53s
  • Explicit

    Live from Ark Studios

    18 MAR 2020 · In this episode, Wilder vs Fury, cops arresting children, and Shea gives her Top 5 Reasons NOT to Date a Dude.
    1h 37m 3s
  • Explicit

    Ladies First

    21 FEB 2020 · Our 1st ever female guest, WNBA Superstar Angel McCoughtry stops by and chops it up with the homies. We talk hoops, her Top 5 Female Emcee's, and Free Agency.
    55m 15s
  • Explicit

    Soul on Ice pt2

    16 OCT 2019 · We pick up where we left off in our conversation with the homie Ras Kass. In part 2, we discuss our Top 5 Perfect Songs.
    1h 14m 9s
The homies Jay & Les chop it up about Hip Hop, the Culture, and more.
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