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Let Me Book the Territory

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    Howdy Partner

    21 JUN 2024 · Massacres on Monday Night Raw & Scottish witches winning the tag titles?? BA & E-Ray definitely love horror movie era WWE while Dub sleeps in motel 6 luxury because they'll leave the lights on for him. With so much insanity going on in WWE right now, we are sad to say “R.I.P Chad Gable?!” The fellas are here to break  it down for you.... as long as you believe in Joe Hendry.
    Played 1h 58m 33s
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    Shot O'clock at Battleground

    14 JUN 2024 · Love is a battlefield, and NXT is a battleground. Trust me it'll make sense by the end of the pod, even if the fellas don't. in this jam packed episode they give the nxt womens division their flowers, continue to heap praise on Oba Femi before covering the Cool moments from Monday Night Raw in which Dub would have folded. Oh yea picks for Clash at Castle too!!! Man this is definitely can't miss!!!
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    You Down With NXT? Yea You Know Me!!

    7 JUN 2024 · Who wore it better Mark Henry or Uncle Alan?? No we're not doing that.  Fake retirements, dirty macking, and hater moves are in the air, it must be summer. The fellas cover all of that before talking about NXT which is on a hell of run of quality shows and horniness of course!!! This can't miss episode is full of hilarity and Battleground picks, Tune in!! #WWE #WWERaw #Smackdown #WWENXT #NXTBattleground #LivMorgan #JudgementDay #CodyRhodes #AJStyles
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    "Double Grap Dragons” on Memorial Day weekend

    1 JUN 2024 · Bron breaking people in half, Adam Copeland breaking everything and Egos are running wild in NXT!!!! I don't know how the fellas kept this pod under 3 hours, but somehow they did,while discussing Sexy Redds NXT debut, the King Generals coronation and Dom Mysterio putting out tape of why he should be in the movie “Judgement Days: How to Be a Player”.... Tune in to this mega sized episode of hilarity and graps #wwe #wweraw #wwenxt #smackdown #bronbreakker #gunther #niajax #codyrhodes #loganpaul
    Played 1h 56m 40s
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    Kings, Queens & Yes We Sing

    25 MAY 2024 · Logan robbed us of Cody 2 belts and Bron killed a guy!!! Is this your favorite wrestling podcast or your girlfriend's favorite true crime podcast?? We're not even sure at this point, but we do know the fellas have King & Queen of the Ring picks and the return of Gallus gives A-Dub an excuse to do really bad accent impressions…and did we tell you how much we love NXT? Well maybe we’ll sing it to you in the key of Rick James. All this and so much more on your weekly dose of LMBTT
    Played 1h 36m 25s
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    LMBTT Presents: BA & The Wise Man Episode 8 Vein Slapper In The Astro Dome

    21 MAY 2024 · Austin vs Rock II and The greatest ladder match in wrestling history?! We can only be talking about one show. Hop in the delorean as BA & The Wise Man go all the way back to 2001 for one of the greatest Wrestlemanias in history. Everyhting from The 9th Wonder of The World dominating Ivory, Kane tossing Raven through REAL GLASS and Everyones favorite group The Right to Sensor. This is already shaping up to be an instant classic! 
    Played 2h 24m 34s
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    Uncle Alan's Workout Plan

    17 MAY 2024 · The OG 3 are back!!!!! More tourney talk this week as the King and Queen of the Ring tournaments heat up, and theIWC comes for “Oh Jey the Uce man!!! Also the fellas talk the possibility of Cody 2 belts and the heavy dosage of truth serum Damien Priest gave to the "Kendrick Lamar hater of the year" Drew McIntyre. So hop out of your cold plunge and tune in to the can't miss episode while you jump rope to be as ripped as Uncle “Alan Joseph” #WWE #WWERaw #Smackdown #WWENXT #kingofthering #codyrhodes #damienpriest #DrewMCintyre #LoganPaul #CarmeloHayes #JudgementDay
    Played 1h 32m 3s
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    Return of The Graps

    10 MAY 2024 · The fellas are hype about a tournament??? Believe it or not the fellas love what's going on in the king/queen of ring almost as much as the French crowd loved Bayley at Backlash. Wiseman checks in this week as BA is busy counting money, Ilja Dragonovs debut, the new New bloodline, the pending Judgement day implosion and alot more are covered in this can't miss episode!! visit for merch subscribe the to  #WWE #WWERaw #Smackdown #KingOfTheRing #QueenOfTheRIng #Backlash
    Played 1h 24m 35s
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    If You're Listenin to This it's Too Late

    3 MAY 2024 · The WWE Draft was such a “nothing Burger” the guys completely go off the rails straight into Tangent Town!!! Ever wonder what round Tone LOC & Rob Schneider of the surf ninjas would have been drafted in? So what they aren't wrestlers, we know but the WWE draft was nothing so roll with us here. Do the fellas at least have Backlash picks?? Absolutely, that, draft takeaways, takes on disney sequels and everything.... This episode is can't miss, see if you can keep up.
    Played 1h 36m 18s
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    My Champions are Bliggity black black blah black

    26 APR 2024 · wrestling is for who?? Yeah you guys already know... New black champs all over the place, but summer is approaching so break ups are in the air.  The fellas celebrate all this black excellence and give you the craziest draft takes you'll hear this weekend. Tune in for this can't miss episode
    Played 1h 36m 31s
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