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Ladies Night Lifestyles

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    Just Launch It Already!

    11 AUG 2017 · Welcome to Ladies Night Podcast hosted by Shavonne of VK Press! After six months of considering the launch of Ladies Night Podcast, it is now here for your enlightened entertainment. In this episode, we introduce the host and the makings of Ladies Night Podcasts. For more information, visit and follow us on Instagram at @ladies_night_podcast!
    18m 23s
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    "Friends" with Antonia Dangerfield & Jasmine Kelly

    25 AUG 2017 · Antonia and Jasmine join us for Ladies Night Podcast to define friendship and discuss what it means to be a good friend to others. They share the makings of a meaningful relationship with other women and how to restore damaged ties. In this episode, you will hear the comedic beginnings of Shavonne, Jasmine, and Antonia's fast friendship and how their relationship has evolved over time. IG: @ladies_night_podcast WEB: EMAIL: [Music: "Friends" by Whodini]
    57m 5s
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    "China y Tobago" with DeShara Doub

    1 SEP 2017 · DeShara Doub reflects on her recent trip to Trinidad and Tobago and the importance of traveling abroad. She also shares how her identity, faith, and perception of herself transformed as a result of her experience. Several meaningful connections were made between Shavonne's trip to China in May and DeShara's voyage in July. IG: @ladies_night_podcast WEB: EMAIL: [Music: "Oh Yay (AfroSoca)" by Olatunjii]
    57m 35s
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    "Free Yourself: My Story Not My Excuse" with Katie Johnson

    8 SEP 2017 · Motivational speaker, Katie Johnson, defines what it means to "free yourself" and how the weight we carry can impact our relationships with others. She also shares an experience of abuse in her childhood and how she learned to forgive through therapy and a workshop intensive. The episode ends with a role play to tackle a common issue our friends face that keeps them bound in unhealthy relationships. To contact Katie directly, feel free to visit her website Resources for Survivors of Sexual Abuse: *American Counseling Association *Beginning to Heal (Revised Edition): A First Book for Men and Women Who Were Sexually Abused As Children by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis *Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) IG: @ladies_night_podcast WEB: EMAIL: [Music: "Get It Together" by India.Arie]
    1h 13s
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    Before You Go Out, Remember "Appearances Are Not Reality"

    14 SEP 2017 · Shavonne prepares your mind for stepping outside of your home for Ladies Night or any other social gathering you have planned for the weekend! In this episode, she explains why you should appreciate yourself and avoid comparing yourself with others. Shavonne shares candidly three instances when life appeared one way and reveals the truth of her experiences behind closed doors. In the end, where you are at this moment is the absolute BEST place for you to be!  IG: @ladies_night_podcast WEB: EMAIL: [Music: "Exclusively" and "So Gone (What My Mind Says)" by Jill Scott]
    24m 57s
  • Explicit

    "Curate Your Closet & Life with Joy" with Stylist SarahJInTheCity

    21 SEP 2017 · Fashion Stylist Sarah Hairston is one-half of the dynamic duo Fashion Forward. In this episode, we discuss how she got the name SarahJInTheCity and her southern roots. She shares some of the must-have items for all women and explains how JOY is what defines true beauty and is incorporated in her work as a stylist. You can follow her IG via   IG: WEB: EMAIL:     [Music: "Coconut Oil" by Lizzo]
    45m 7s
  • Explicit

    A Year At the Table: A Reflection on Solange's "A Seat at the Table"

    28 SEP 2017 · Happy Anniversary to the release of Solange's phenomenal and timely album "A Seat at the Table!" In this episode, Shavonne reflects on her impressions of the album as well as its' impact on culture. She also details how some of the themes of the album did not resonate with her until a year after its' release.   IG: WEB: EMAIL:     [Music: "Borderline (An Ode to Self-Care" by Solange feat. Q-Tip]
    24m 23s
  • Explicit

    Best You Ever Had: Dating Fantasies, Realities, & Lessons

    5 OCT 2017 · The "Bonnet Babes" reunite in this hilarious episode on the topic of dating. Jasmine, Antonia, and Shavonne open up about their celebrity crushes and bloopers from dates gone bad. The ladies end the night with relationship and dating tips they've learned along the way. For more information about Aunt Mink's Playhouse, email Jasmine at IG: WEB: EMAIL: [Music: "Tonight (Best You Ever Had) by John Legend feat. Ludacris]
    56m 48s
  • Explicit

    Dying to Be Free: Transparency with Erica "TheFlyWon" Scott

    12 OCT 2017 · Erica "TheFlyWon" Scott is a proud mother, stylist, and podcaster. In this episode, we discuss the importance of transparency and her recovery as the survivor of a suicide victim. She explains the difference between a villain and victim to expose how suicide is not a selfish act. Instead, it is a response to hopelessness. Erica shared the following resources for other survivors including: * Dying to Be Free: A Healing Guide for Families After a Suicide by Beverly Cobain and Jean Larch (book) * Survivors of Suicide (SOS) (support group) * American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (support group) * Good Therapy (a database to find a local therapist) IG: WEB: EMAIL: [Music: "Ye Yo" by Erykah Badu]
    41m 1s
  • Does This Dress Make Me Look Fit/Fat? with Jessi Howald-Edwards and Shannon Zimmerman

    19 OCT 2017 · Jessi Howald-Edwards and Shannon Zimmerman are both competitive CrossFit athletes and coaches at Broad Ripple Fit Club ( Often faced with criticism about their athletic appearances, Jessi and Shannon share in this episode how they are learning to appreciate their bodies. We dive deep into the topic of body confidence, what it truly means to be fit, and the importance of positive self-talk in mentally reprogramming how we view ourselves. Follow Jessi (, Shannon (, or Broad Ripple Fit Club ( on Instagram to learn more about CrossFit and their fitness journeys. IG: Ladies Night Podcast ( WEB: Ladies Night Podcast ( EMAIL: [Music: "Go Girl" by Syd Blane is now available for download here (]
    43m 16s
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