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    #JustSaying Podcast Episode 34: The World Is In Peril

    27 JUN 2023 · The #JustSaying boys are back! In their triumphant return episode the guys speak on all of the crazy things that have been going on lately. "Our world is in peril..." is how Captain Planet used to start every episode back in the day, and the #JustSaying podcast feels this sentiment applies 1000% today. Join us as we discuss Zion Williams, Ja Morant (yes RingoMandingo is talking about sports), the fall of the US dollar, and a bunch of other wild things that have hit the radar. Back from hiatus and the episodes will keep coming. Thank you for keeping hope alive and constantly supporting the pod.
    1h 22m 48s
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    #JustSaying Episode 33: R.I.P Kevin Samuels

    13 JUN 2022 · Love him or hate him Kevin Samuels has been one of the most polarizing figures in the black community in the past few years. He was establishing himself on YouTube as an image consultant who focused on helping black men dress better, smell better, and overall do better in life. The channel was growing, but hit seemingly overnight success once he focused his gaze on black women. Once he started critiquing black women and providing the same no nonsense advice, his channel, video clips, and notoriety shot through the roof! This fame and brash but consistent advice did not fair well with the women who only watched clips and not the full episodes. Kevin was labeled a shock jock, a black man that hates black women, and his sexuality was questioned. All irrelevant points for anyone who truly listened to his content. Now in his untimely passing these same people are celebrating his death. This struck a cord with the #JustSaying podcast because whether you agreed or disagreed with his content, his advice, or his tone he did not deserve to have his death celebrated by anyone. Despite who he was he was still a man who was a husband, a father, and cared about by many people. So in this episode we wanted to give Mr. Kevin Samuels a proper send off. As always we appreciate all of the support for the podcast. If you are enjoying the episodes don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe. If we made you laugh at least once don't forget to share. #JustSaying
    1h 18m 21s
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    #JustSaying Episode 32: What Happened to COVID?

    28 MAR 2022 · This episode hosts the triumphant return of the #JustSaying Boys. Listen in as Double G and Ringomandingo break the silence on the pod's hiatus, new life developments, and the current state of the world. From Russia invading Ukraine, to Kanye and Kim parental issues it seems the world is spiraling out of control. In the midst of all of this the #JustSaying boys have just one question...what happened to COVID? As always like, comment, and let us know you're listening. If you love the content be sure to share. #JustSaying
    1h 49s
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    #JustSaying Podcast Episode 31: Lowered Expectations...

    7 DEC 2021 · Episode 31 is here! The #JustSaying boys are back and today we have a banger. Have you ever had someone project outlandish, unwarranted, and often times ridiculous expectations on you without any warning or communication? Have you ever been on the receiving end of an argument and thought to yourself "how was I supposed to know that?" Has a relationship ever ended and you were left completely confused as to what you did wrong? If any of these questions resonated with you, then this conversation is for you. We are discussing EXPECTATIONS...when to have them, when to communicate them, and the dangers of having them. As always if you love the content please like, comment, and SHARE! We appreciate all of our listeners #JustSaying
    1h 12m 19s
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    #JustSaying Podcast Episode 30: Dirty Thirty

    19 OCT 2021 · The 30th episode of the #Justsaying Podcast is here. After a brief hiatus Ringomandingo and Double G are back and letting you all know what has been going on. Tune in as we catch up and discuss what has been keeping us so busy, and why we are still here rocking out for yah. As always we appreciate all of the love we get from our listeners. If you are still rocking with us be sure to like, comment, subscribe and most importantly share the podcast. We are now included on Amazon Music so tune in and listen to us on your Amazon Alexa. "Alexa. play the #Justsaying Podcast!"
    57m 56s
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    #JustSaying Episode 29: Toxic Traits

    10 AUG 2021 · Episode 29 is here! Tune in as the guys of #JustSaying have a deep discussion about their TOXIC TRAITS. This conversation was triggered by a toxic trait meme posted to IG that hit way too close to home. Since we identified so much with the trait we figured it would interesting, therapeutic, most importantly funny, to discuss our most prominent traits in detail. As always if you love the content please feel free to like, comment, and subscribe to let us know. If we made you laugh once, share the episode and spread the love. #JustSaying
    1h 13m 36s
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    #JustSaying Podcast Episode 28: The Angriest Black Man in AmeriKKKa

    13 JUL 2021 · We apologize in advance for the audio quality of this episode. I (Ringomandingo757) mixed up the audio inputs and this entire episode was recorded with the internal computer microphone. If you can endure the audio you are in for one of our most powerful episodes to date. As of late I have been very angry, feeling like I have taken the red pill and woken up to see how racist the Matrix really is. Listen in as the #JustSaying Boys delve into constantly being angry, while being BLACK in AmeriKKKa. As always if you enjoy the content please like, comment, and share. #JustSaying
    1h 11m 17s
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    #JustSaying Episode 27: The Gentleman's Guide to being a Stand Up Guy

    15 JUN 2021 · Episode 27 is here! The #Justsaying boys are back and this time we are here to help our fellaz. Due to our dating preferences we tend to be critical of women, but in this episode we are addressing our brothers. #JustSaying was originally created as a safe space for men to be men in a judgement free zone. When the fear of being judged is out of the way, we can get down to some real business. The business at hand in this episode is the "Gentlemen's Guide to being a Stand Up Guy". As always if you love the content please like, comment, share and subscribe...#JustSaying
    1h 28m 6s
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    #JustSaying Episode 26: Does Guy Code Really Exist?

    5 MAY 2021 · The #JustSaying boys are back with a new episode. In this installment the guys discuss the existence of "Guy Code". The unspoken rules that men are taught to abide by seem set in stone, but most of them go right out of the window when a certain variable is involved. Tune in as the one take kings explore this subject and as always if you enjoy the content please like, comment, and SHARE! Remember to follow us on all of the socials @_justsayingpodcast on IG, search #JustSaying Podcast on FB, and join our community on Reddit #JustSaying Podcast! As always we appreciate all the love and support #JustSaying
    1h 27m 26s
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    #JustSaying episode 25: A Fraud is Exposed!

    13 APR 2021 · The king of pandering has been assassinated and the #JustSaying boys are chiming in on the situation. Tune in as they discuss the genius of his hustle, the building of his fake persona, and ultimately the downfall of Mr. Jaxn. While Derrick Jaxn is on the swift decline, Kevin Samuel's star is on the rise. Listen as the guys speak on Kevin Samuels, his beliefs, and their interpretation of these beliefs. As always if you are enjoying the content, please like, comment, and share. #Justsaying
    1h 17m 27s

Ladies do you ever wonder what your man is thinking as he stares off blankly into space? Fellas are there things that you think, but wish you can say out...

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Ladies do you ever wonder what your man is thinking as he stares off blankly into space? Fellas are there things that you think, but wish you can say out loud? #JustSaying has you covered. Join RingoMandingo757 and Double Gee as we discuss any and everything that crosses our minds. From current events, social media, love, sex, and relationships hilarity will ensue no matter the topic. #JustSaying
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