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  • Season 4: Episode 2 - Discussing Destreaming

    1 OCT 2022 · Melanie and Amanda continue the conversation about destreaming in the classroom and how our practice has shifted as we continue to wrestle with the teaching of English in destreamed classes. As we respond to unique learners, we talk about the struggle to ensure student agency, the possibilities for providing instruction of teaching reading, and what research says about the teaching of reading. We talk about routines, the documentation of learning during observation, and our plan to podcast about the strategies that are working.
    24m 16s
  • Season 4: Episode 1 - Building Routines in Destreamed English

    1 SEP 2022 · Melanie and Amanda presented 3 routines for building community in destreamed English at the summer conference for the English Language Arts Network of Ontario (ELAN). In this episode, they discuss the routines including the theory and practice of implementation while providing ways to personalize these routines.
    27m 35s
  • Season 3: Episode 3 - Reading, Reflection, and Routines: How much is enough?

    1 JAN 2022 · Melanie and Amanda discuss the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. They discuss We Got This by Cornelius Minor and other texts and the ways that their reading helps them consider student voice and respond in the classroom. Amanda asks, "How much is enough?" and they discuss ways that social justice issues show up in the routines of school. 
    25m 9s
  • Season 3: Episode 2 - Destreaming Us

    5 SEP 2021 · In this episode Melanie shares her appreciation for A Teacher's Guide to Mentor Texts by Allison Marchetti and Rebekah O'Dell and Amanda shares her interest in The Tyranny of Merit by Michael Sandel by reading an important quotation related to education. We then wrestle with the policies and ways of thinking around education. We talk about the destreaming of English as a process of destreaming us, the educators, and the ways that we see teaching and learning. We consider personal experiences where biases have infiltrated our thinking; it is these moments that become transformational as we move towards equity. Getting to know students is about accepting them and looking at what they can do and then remove the barriers. What if we were there to let them grow?
    18m 10s
  • Season 3: Episode 1 - Planning for Destreaming English

    26 AUG 2021 · With the destreaming of math at grade 9 in Ontario, we know that English classes will soon follow and many schools have been making small moves to destream by blending courses of Applied and Academic English. As we continue to learn and practice equity and apply the principles of social justice in English, we talk about our plans to implement destreaming in September, beginning with reading and the ways that we built on the work of others in our classrooms.
    26m 6s
  • Season 2: Episode 5 - A Conversation from Quadmester 3 of 2020-2021

    9 AUG 2021 · As we prepare for Season 3 and record a few discussions, Melanie and Amanda find a recorded conversation that occurred between quadmester 3 and 4 of the 2020-2021 school year. In this intimate and honest conversation, they share struggles of antiracist work and the purpose behind their podcast - wrestling in conversation together. In this episode they discuss "impact vs intent". They also share some posts from Twitter and the importance of normalizing conversations about white supremacy in the classroom, learning from these conversations to make them more effective, and they share the wisdom of Dr. Karnad-Jani - "Activism is a long term lived process".
    21m 28s
  • Season 2: Episode 4 - A Conversation with a new teacher, Sabrina Kayed

    24 JAN 2021 · Sabrina Kayed, a new teacher in the OCDSB, shares the ways that she incorporates her identities, interdisciplinary studies, and social justice into her high school science teaching. She candidly discusses her activism, the pressures she faces as a new teacher to conform, and the benefits of engaging on Twitter. Her honesty reminds us of the knowledge and wisdom of young people and the need to acknowledge the institutional forces within education spaces which are often barriers for some teachers.
    23m 48s
  • Season 2: Episode 3 - Responding to Questions on Twitter

    2 JAN 2021 · Amanda noticed a threaded discussion on Twitter after Melanie posted some student work. There were challenging comments which raised important emotions. Here they acknowledge and try to work through their responses in this short but intimate episode. 
    17m 29s
  • Season 2 - Episode 2 - Community Work: Equity in Challenging Times

    27 NOV 2020 · The overlapping disruption of the pandemic, being called out publicly, and converting to a quadmester and hybrid model has Melanie and Amanda struggling with massive social change. They consider creating community with students, granting more grace to one another, and to call in colleagues to the work of equity and social justice. Being antiracist means that we consistently call our colleagues into the work which begins within recognizing the paradigm shift so active change can take place. We need to work in community with one another to recognize the ubiquitousness of whiteness, lean into the fear and the discomfort that is necessary as we integrate equity in challenging times.
  • Season 2: Episode 1 Preparing for School with Lessons in Equity and Social Justice

    7 SEP 2020 · Melanie and Amanda invite Tobi Hunt-McCoy into a discussion about summer webinars, what they've learned, and what they want to bring into the classroom this year. They share some of their actions and the planning required to restructure the content of their courses with a social justice focus. After many months of isolation, they finally meet, socially distanced, but in person to continue the uncomfortable yet necessary work required of White people interested in being advocates for equity and antiracism.  NB: Melanie meant to say that Jackson Katz is the first man to minor in Women's studies at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
    23m 32s

Two white high school English teachers meet to reflect on their journey to be antiracist educators. Melanie White and Amanda Potts talk about the decisions they make in the classroom...

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Two white high school English teachers meet to reflect on their journey to be antiracist educators. Melanie White and Amanda Potts talk about the decisions they make in the classroom and critically evaluate their teaching. These powerful conversations include book choices, canon, systemic racism, prejudice, poverty, social class, teacher efficacy, and more. In their pursuit of equity in the classroom, Melanie and Amanda open themselves to one another, and to you, the listener, since teaching is a shared experience.
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