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  • Gabi Logan - How to Grow Your Travel Writing Income

    3 NOV 2018 · This goes beyond how to pitch, what editors are looking for, etc. We are going to explore in detail at exactly where travel writing (or general freelance writing if you do more things but would like to transition to just travel) income sources are, how you earn it, how to negotiate with editors, and clients you need to work with to hit your big, fat, crazy income goal.
    46m 32s
  • Minorities In Food Writing

    24 JUL 2018 · Minority women writers discuss what it means to be a minority in the food writing space. We discuss adversity and why it is important to have a diverse representation in the food writing field. We speculate on why publishers don't want us to "sit at their table." #food #foodwriter
    47m 47s
  • Prince Of Venice Food Truck

    15 MAR 2018 · Food trucks are not a new trend. But a Food Truck started by a Prince? That's something new. Check out the Prince the Venice Food Truck.
    15m 50s
  • Mugsy PR - How To Reach Different Demographics

    2 MAR 2018 · The Boca Bacchanal festival in Florida's Boca Raton neighborhood had a big draw with retirees, but the sponsor wanted to reach a younger audience, millennials. Listen to the unique and out of the box strategies their PR company, Mugsy PR used to reach this new demographic. You might pick up a tip or two on how to reach a new audience of influencers.
    26m 20s
  • Meet the Blue Apron of desserts

    20 FEB 2018 · It's Dessert in a Box. This startup, the brainchild of two sisters with no restaurant experience, was built with no investors and is located in NYC. Everything is pre-measured, and all your shopping is done for you. You can order via their website, and choose from 25 baking kits fro easy to advanced. You can order anywhere in the US and plan when your delivery will be and even make it a gift option. Owner Agathe Assouline-Lichten, says, "You can’t build a brand that is going to last, if you don’t listen to your customers that your trust. We listen to those customers. We are a small business so we can change those things that aren't working rather quickly. Customers are very savvy today and they do know what they want.”
    19m 54s
  • Take a journey around the globe without leaving your kitchen.

    12 FEB 2018 · She began hosting elaborate dinner parties from her home in NYC and it blossomed from there. We're talking to Neha Khullar, author of Palate Passport, which features recipes and food stories from all around the world. She traveled all over the world (she's based in NYC) to find the best restaurants and stories about food from her travels.
    31m 10s
  • So you think you want to be a Tea Sommelier?

    29 JAN 2018 · Get the inside scoop on what it's like to become a tea sommelier. Learn about the certification process (yes, it takes years!), what you can do with the degree and the truth about the tea making process and is that tea out of a tea bag really any good! We talk with certified tea sommelier, Lisa McDonald, owner of Teahaus and Eat More Tea!
    24m 7s
  • It's 2018, Brands and Publicists - Stop taking advantage of Bloggers

    27 JAN 2018 · I'm on a rant today! I'm so frustrated with brands and publicists taking advantage of bloggers. It is incredibly hard work and NOTHING is free. Yes, I'm calling out a couple brands who've tried to take advantage. There's a right way and a wrong way to work with bloggers. Learn the difference.
    7m 38s
  • Malika Bowling describes her rise from blogger to author, journalist and speaker

    11 FEB 2017 · Malika Bowling describes her rise from blogger to author, journalist and speaker. She talks about her orphanage rescue in India, to what drove her to leave the corporate world and become a freelance writer and social media consultant.
    25m 10s
  • What It Takes To Be A Food Tour Operator

    14 SEP 2015 · We are talking to three very different Food Tour Operators to find out how they got started and the pros and cons of this exciting new industry that is taking off. We are joined by Akila McConnell of Atlanta's Downtown Food Walks, Shane Kost from Chicago Food Tours and Debra Smith of Taste of Thomasville in south Georgia. Here each of them give their unique perspective on owning and operating a Food Tour Business.
    29m 49s
On the Just a Byte podcast we discussing dining trends, social media and building your brand. Guests include Authors, Speakers and other successful bloggers
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