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  • Unveiling Qwik and JavaScript Streamlining Web Development with Shai Reznik - JSJ 628 with Shai Reznik - JSJ 628

    14 APR 2024 · Shai Reznik is the Founder & CEO at and he is a Qwik Team Member. They dive deep into the world of web development with a focus on the Qwik framework and JavaScript streaming. They explore topics such as predictive buffering, Qwik Insight, automating tasks, optimizing user and developer experiences, and the challenges of large-scale JavaScript refactoring. With a blend of technical insights and personal experiences, they shed light on the evolution of web development and the future role of AI in frameworks like Qwik. This episode is packed with thought-provoking discussions, expert opinions, and valuable resources for developers aiming to stay at the cutting edge of web development. So buckle up and get ready for an insightful journey into the world of fast and efficient web development. Sponsors - - - Socials - Picks - Dan - - Shai -
    1h 21m 42s
  • Svelte 5: Compiler, Signals, and Web App Performance - JSJ 627

    9 APR 2024 · Rich Harris joins this week's episode. They dive deep into the world of web application performance, signals, and the capabilities of Svelte 5. Join them as they explore the innovative features of Svelte 5, its compiler capabilities, and its potential impact on application building. From discussing the fastest mainstream framework to drawing parallels with traditional compiler optimization modes, they leave no stone unturned in dissecting the advancements in Svelte 5. Stay tuned as they also explore topics like React server components, the controversy around embedding SQL in React components, and much more.  Sponsors - - - Socials - Picks - Charles - - Dan - - Dan - - Dan -
    1h 21m 53s
  • Embracing Web Standards with Owen Buckley - JSJ 626

    2 APR 2024 · Delve into a thought-provoking discussion with Owen Buckley, a seasoned web developer with 20 years of experience. Owen introduces Greenwood, a project focused on leveraging web standards and simplifying web development. Throughout the episode, They explore Greenwood's evolution, capabilities, and unique approach to application scaffolding and local development. From the emphasis on HTML and web components to Greenwood's seamless integration with HTMX, they uncover the project's vision to provide an onramp close to web standards. Join them as they navigate through the world of web development and gain valuable insights from Owen's expertise and passion for web standards and components. Sponsors - - - Socials - Picks - Charles - - Owen -
    1h 9m 52s
  • Simplifying Development with Deno - JSJ 625

    29 MAR 2024 · Kevin Whinnery is the Head of Developer Relations at Deno. They dive deep into the world of Deno, exploring its evolution, functionality, and differences from its predecessor, Node.js. They discuss the challenges Deno has faced in establishing compatibility with the NPM ecosystem, its out-of-the-box TypeScript support, built-in tools, and its use in edge computing. With insights into Deno's standard library, TypeScript implementation, and plans for improving compatibility with popular meta frameworks, this episode is a must-listen for developers looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of JavaScript. Get ready to uncover the latest developments in Deno and its impact on the development landscape! Sponsors - - - Socials - - - Picks - Charles - - Charles - - Dan - - Kevin - - Steve -
    1h 14m 14s
  • Navigating Web Development Challenges - JSJ 624

    18 MAR 2024 · Shay Davidson is a full-stack web, mobile, and game developer. He is currently leading the front end at Lemonade. The discussion revolves around the use of Supabase as a free database and its comparisons to Firebase for developer experience. They dive into building applications with Next.js and React 18, utilizing React Server Components to interact with the Supabase API. They share their experiences, frustrations, and insights regarding caching mechanisms, server actions, and the challenges of adapting to new technologies in the React ecosystem. The episode also delves into the React server components controversy, the importance of learning and experimenting with new technologies, the use of AI for creative purposes, and the potential dangers of deep fakes. Sponsors - - - Socials - Picks - AJ - - Dan - - Dan - - Shai - Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
    1h 16m 13s
  • Unveiling Chrome DevTools: Network Monitoring, Cache Debugging, and Beyond - JSJ 623

    12 MAR 2024 · is the product lead for Chrome DevTools and Puppeteer. They delve into a comprehensive discussion on various features and uses of the network tab for monitoring API calls, performance debugging with cache, simulating network conditions, and visual understanding of page loading. They cover topics such as debugging, PHP, and the history of dev tools. Michael Hablich shares insights into the development and evolution of Chrome DevTools, highlighting its migration to TypeScript and the team behind it.Tune in to uncover the challenges and advancements in debugging tools, the potential integration of AI, and a range of powerful features within Chrome DevTools. Sponsors - - - Socials - LinkedIn: Picks - Dan - - Michael - - Steve - Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
    1h 22m 26s
  • The Alphabet Soup of Performance Measurements - JSJ 622

    27 FEB 2024 · Dan Shappir takes the lead in explaining all of the acronyms and metrics for measuring the performance of your web applications. He leads a discussion through the ins and outs of monitoring performance and then how to improve and check up on how your website is doing.Sponsors - - - Links - Picks - AJ - - AJ - Taco Bell - Aimee - - Aimee - - Dan - simulate vision deficiencies, including blurred vision & various types of color blindness. In Canary at the bottom of the Rendering tab. - Dan - Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
    1h 19m 36s
  • Simplifying Full-Stack Dev with the "Boring JavaScript Stack" and Sails Framework - JSJ 621

    20 FEB 2024 · is the lead maintainer of Sales.js. In this episode, they uncover the complexities of the "Boring JavaScript Stack" and its implications for building full-stack web applications. They engage in in-depth discussions on MVC conventions, data modeling, front-end and back-end integration challenges, and the role of frameworks like React and Vue in UI development. Kelvin shares his insights on the "Boring JavaScript Stack" and its aim to simplify development by leveraging stable technologies. Alongside these technical discussions, they share personal anecdotes and delve into topics ranging from aquarium hobbies to drone certifications. Join them as they navigate through the multifaceted landscape of JavaScript development Sponsors -  - - Socials - LinkedIn: Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
    53m 28s
  • Unpacking Core Web Vitals - JSJ 620

    13 FEB 2024 · is a web performance consultant. They immerse themselves in the critical realm of web performance and JavaScript. The esteemed panel, including the renowned Harry Roberts, delves into the intricate details of site speed measurement and the evolving landscape of web performance metrics. The conversation sheds light on the profound impact of Core Web Vitals on businesses and the challenges they pose. Join them as they navigate the intricacies of web development, explore the nuances of user experience, and unravel the complexities of performance optimization. Sponsors -  - - Socials - - Picks - AJ - - AJ - - AJ - - AJ - - AJ - - AJ - - AJ - - AJ - - Dan - Apple Vision Pro - Dan - - Dan - Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
    1h 19m 42s
  • Mastering Back-End Functionalities and Development with AWS Amplify - JSJ 619

    6 FEB 2024 · In this episode, Steve delves into a deep and insightful conversation with Erik Hanchett from Amazon AWS. They explore a wide range of topics, from discussing the possibilities and complexities of using multiple software services for back-end development to unraveling the benefits of using services like AWS Amplify for handling multiple tasks and integrated functionalities. The conversation also touches on the development and deployment processes, local testing environment setup, language choices, and the Vue component library with connected components and theming. Erik shares his vast expertise and knowledge in the field, and the engaging dialogue offers valuable insights and recommendations for both experienced and aspiring developers. Sponsors -  - - Socials - Picks - Erik - - Steve - Support this podcast at — Privacy & Opt-Out:
    1h 10m 52s

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