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It’s Not Therapy! with Liana Kerzner

  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 85 - Why Men Fear Women

    19 APR 2024 · According to psychotherapist and author Dr. Avrum Weiss, there's one relationship men have in common that controls their relationship with women - and most don't even know it. Liana talks with Dr. Weiss, author of Hidden in Plain Sight: How Men's Fears of Women Shape Their Intimate Relationships about exactly that.
    48m 36s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 84 - Are You A Narcissist?

    12 APR 2024 · According to some experts, we're living in the age of narcissism. It's even been called an "epidemic". So...what is narcissism, really? How do you spot it, deal with a narcissist or find out if you are one? Jeremy Sherman, Ph.D., a self-described 'Jerkologist' and author of the book What's Up with A**holes?: How to spot them and stop without becoming one talks to Liana about...well...his book title says it all.
    48m 37s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 83 - How We REALLY Make Quick Decisions

    5 APR 2024 · They're Shaping Your Brain! But it's not as terrifying as it sounds! Liana talks with Branding expert Matt Johnson, author of Blindsight: The (Mostly) Hidden Ways Marketing Reshapes Our Brains, about how your brain's mental shorthand guides you to make decisions you aren't aware you're making - and how companies use this to influence our thinking. 
    48m 35s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 82 - Who Am I?

    28 MAR 2024 · We live in an identity-obsessed age and a lot of us are exhausted by it. However, how we define ourselves determines our self-worth, self-esteem, and awareness of others. But putting together our self-concept isn't like following assembly instructions from IKEA. Liana dives deep into her own difficult, heart-breaking experiences to show how the good, the bad and the ugly helped her find out who she is.
    47m 47s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 81 - Why Making Human Connections Is So Hard

    21 MAR 2024 · Connections - In our digital world, opportunities for human connections are growing scarce - especially if you're shy, anxious, uncomfortable in crowds or socially awkward. Yet those human connections are what keep us feeling...human. Liana talks to Bobby Calloway, an actor/writer/filmmaker and content creator for Better With Bob? on YouTube, on how he forges these connections despite his quiet nature, autism and social anxiety.
    48m 37s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 80 - Was I Assaulted?

    15 MAR 2024 · When Mental Health Complicates Consent The Perfect Storm: dishonesty, violating consent, borderline personality disorder, gender issues and complex sexual politics - therapist "Poppy" and her partner Zena navigated all this together over one Christmas break. Liana hears their story, which is heartbreaking and, ultimately, uplifting.
    48m 38s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 79 - Are You Being 'Creepy'?

    1 MAR 2024 · When applied to old dark houses or Scooby-Doo villains, we know what the word 'creepy' means. But what does it mean when it's weaponized against men and women? It can lead to ostracism, fear, and worse. Liana talks to It's Not Therapy community facilitator Jake about how & why 'creepy' is perceived, why it's become so powerful a word, and how to handle it when you get labeled.
    48m 37s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 78 - Bad Reactions to Boundaries

    23 FEB 2024 · Boundaries are emotional 'guard rails' that can make us feel secure, happier, and more fulfilled. Liana uses her personal experiences to illustrate how to establish better boundaries and why they are essential for our mental well-being... even when people react terribly to them.
    48m 37s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 77 - LIES!

    16 FEB 2024 · Within today's political battles and social media landscape, it seems that lying is on the rise. And not even good lies, but obvious ones! Liana delves into the different motivations for lying (they're not all bad), how to confront possible liars, and how to handle it when you've been caught lying! Also - Jedis!
    48m 37s
  • It’s Not Therapy - Epi 76 - In-Your-Face Racism and How to Deal With It

    8 FEB 2024 · Racism and bigotry are making a comeback - or at least, they're speaking much louder. We know that millions of Canadians face overt prejudice every day, but do we know what that feels like? Liana talks to award-winning Canadian-Chinese author Derwin Mak about the overt and subtle anti-Asian ignorance he's faced for decades and how he deals with it. Plus, how not to hate...Hate.
    48m 39s

It’s Not Therapy! with Liana Kerzner Feeling stuck, unmotivated, anxious, frustrated, or just plain ‘blah’? With mental health services stretched beyond capacity, and people experiencing historical levels of isolation, it’s...

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It’s Not Therapy! with Liana Kerzner

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, anxious, frustrated, or just plain ‘blah’? With mental health services stretched beyond capacity, and people experiencing historical levels of isolation, it’s time for an innovative strategy for overcoming everyday problems.

It’s Not Therapy! is that strategy - a radio, streaming, and podcast show that offers life skills supports for busy people!

It’s Not Therapy! Is hosted by Liana Kerzner, a professional communicator who offers a friendly ear and solutions that can bring swift, positive results. And because these are skills everyone can use, both solution-seekers and listeners benefit!

How exactly does this work? Each show revolves around a topic to generate discussion, with information, sometimes interviews, and email and call-in questions.

The topics It’s Not Therapy! covers include:
•The positives of “negativity”
•The problem with “normal”
•Healthy sexuality
•What anxiety is telling you
•Modern dating sucks
•Masculinity, femininity, and individuality
•Anger is okay
•I love my family and they’re driving me crazy!
•They’re a great friend, but…
•What it’s like to have autism
•Do we overuse the term “addiction”?
•Is social media making you antisocial?
•Being depressed vs having depression
•I love my job. I hate my coworkers.
•How to make positive mistakes
•What your fantasies are really telling you
•When empathy hurts

Of course, the questions don’t have to match the topic. Anything goes! Liana will empathize, validate, and offer solutions to people’s problems with self-compassion exercises, achievable goal setting, self-care, and personal boundary setting, and give them tools they can apply immediately.

It’s a new twist on the old school advice column. It’s the right fit for the realities of today. It’s effective. And It’s Not Therapy!
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