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  • Jason Reza Jorjani

    1 DEC 2023 · Jason Jorjani discusses his new book Psychotron, which outlines the psychic arena in which techno-totalitarianism and techno-idealism now stand opposed across battle lines that defy the space-time continuum. Giving a philosophy-with-the-hammer analysis of the regressive Great Reset, as currently enforced by the anti-human globalist elite, Dr Jorjani reminds us that truly effective worldview warfare requires exiting comfortable perception bubbles — and validating alternative timelines. Get Jason's latest book here: Video version:
    Played 1h 24m 37s
  • Youssef Hindi

    1 DEC 2023 · Youssef Hindi (born 11 February 1985 in Morocco) is a French essayist. He is the author of several books and is best known for his work on the messianic origins of Zionism and the strategy of the ‘Clash of Civilisations’. Video version:
    Played 1h 4m 52s
  • John Waters

    11 MAY 2023 · Irish writer John Waters discusses what it means to be a dissident, dissects the Covid cult and diagnoses the state of the West. Watch:
    Played 1h 11m
  • Iurie Rosca

    9 MAY 2023 · Moldovan former Vice-PM Iurie Roșca gives a Eurasianist analysis of globalist neo-imperialism in Eastern Europe and a political assessment of Romanian Traditionalism. Watch:
    Played 1h 10m 53s
  • Constantin von Hoffmeister

    2 MAY 2023 · Constantin von Hoffmeister and Alexander Wolfheze engage in a discussion about Guillaume Faye, Alexander Dugin, H. P. Lovecraft, Julius Evola, ancestral deeds and fates, and the looming prospects of salvation or apocalypse. Von Hoffmeister's Substack: Video version:
    Played 1h 5m 58s
  • Gemma O'Doherty

    24 APR 2023 · Video version: Mrs O’Doherty’s personal website: Mrs O’Doherty’s Substack: Theme song: From the soundtrack to ‘Veronica Guerin’, about murdered Irish investigative journalist of the same name: ‘Veronica Guerin – Bad New (Harry Gregson-Williams)’:
    Played 1h 6m 20s
  • 'Promethean Pirate', Jason Reza Jorjani

    20 JAN 2023 · Get Jason's new book here: Video version:
    Played 1h 11m 43s
  • World Edition — Africontinentalist

    31 OCT 2022 · YouTube: Odysee:
    Played 1h 39m 42s
  • Jared Taylor — The State of the Right

    16 SEP 2022 · VIDEO: or
    Played 1h 11m 54s
  • Kevin Barrett — The State of the Right

    30 AUG 2022 · Video version:
    Played 1h 14m 35s
Discussions on literature, philosophy, and metapolitics, from the time between orders.

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