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    NBA Today: 4/25/2019

    25 APR 2019 · DC drops some quick knowledge on last night's games and tonight in San Antonio.
    Played 24m 48s
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    NBA Today: 4/24/2019

    24 APR 2019 · DC talks about how ice cold Damian Lillard is, recaps tuesday and previews the wednesday matchups. Dame Time.
    Played 37m 15s
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    NBA Today: 4/23/2019

    23 APR 2019 · DC breaks down monday basketball action and talks a bit about upcoming games and series.
    Played 25m 3s
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    The Lost Episode-NBA Today: 4/22/2019

    23 APR 2019 · DC talks about Harden, D Mitch, DeRozan, KD,and Nikola Superstar. Also with a weekend recap and monday night preview.
    Played 44m 3s
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    MLB week 3 recap. With Matthew Beckham

    18 APR 2019 · I talk with my friend Matt about the 3rd week of the MLB regular season. We talk Braves, Red Sox, standings, and I spill beer on my balls.
    Played 1h 6m 7s
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    NBA Today: 4/17/19

    17 APR 2019 · Dusty Bones breaks down the first 4 days of the NBA playoffs. He also talks shit about his boy Westbrook, and gives props to young Dame.
    Played 1h 1m 33s
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    MLB week 2 recap! with Matthew Beckham

    10 APR 2019 · Matt and myself break down the happenings in the 2nd week of the MLB season. Good jokes and shit.
    Played 1h 4m 4s
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    MLB 2019 1 week in! with Matthew Beckham

    4 APR 2019 · My good friend Matt and I discuss the opening week of the MLB season, and talk about how we see the rest of it going.;
    Played 1h 8m 31s
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    NBA Today: 4/1/19

    1 APR 2019 · Deezy talks Warriors route, Eastern conference playoff hopefuls, and western conference playoff seeding. With a sunday recap and preview of monday's slate.
    Played 32m 30s
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