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  • S2 Ep5 | Reimagining

    19 OCT 2022 · Denali Nalamalapu talks with queer parents of color about their decision to raise children in intentional, chosen community. YR Media Newsroom staffer Shaylyn Martos speaks to fellow CHamoru language learners from Guam and the Micronesian diaspora on reviving their Indigenous tongue and their personal connections to their island home. About the Storytellers: Denali Nalamalapu (she/they) is a queer, South Indian American writer, artist, and climate communicator. She currently lives in Washington, D.C. She is from Maine. Her family is from Andhra Pradesh, India. shaylyn martos (she/they) works to provide better representation of LGBTQ+ and Indigenous people in media. As an Associate Producer for YR Media's newsroom, shaylyn manages and mentors interns ages 14-24 in news production and audio commentaries. They also produce projects with outlets like NPR's All Things Considered and the Post Reports podcast. shaylyn was honored as the first Raul Ramirez Diversity in Journalism Fund intern to work with KQED's The Bay podcast — working as a production assistant and reporting her own episode on Stockton's Little Manila. They co-produce and co-host The Happy Hour Newscast and served as multimedia editor for SF State's Golden Gate Xpress. In 2019, shaylyn was honored as an NPR Next Generation Radio Mentee. Off the clock, they can be found reading speculative fiction, cooking their favorite CHamoru foods or playing Dungeons and Dragons with their adventuring party. Inherited is a production of YR Media and Critical Frequency. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @inheritedpod, and check out our new website at Further reading/resources: Famalao’an Rights — an organization which fights for accessible reproductive healthcare and education on Guam, where women, trans folks and allies began fighting for basic rights in the 1980’s. The Guam Bus — a Fino’ Chamoru organization that promotes, educates and publishes books in our language. The same Guam Bus that holds our weekly lessons. Read our literature — like activist and human rights lawyer Julian Aguon, author of No Country for Eight-Spot Butterflies and poet Craig Santos Perez, writer of the From Unincorporated Territory chapbook series and co-editor of many Micronesian and Pasifika anthologies. Take a moment to follow and share the work of social media groups — Nihi Kids is a youth-focused video series on culture and history. Check out Chamoru news media — journalists working for The Yappie, the Guam Daily Post, local Guam stations and even Vice. Expand your understanding of Pasifika climate activists and artists outside of the Marianas.
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  • S2 Ep4 | Embodying

    12 OCT 2022 · Neil Luczai invites us to join him in an experimental, embodied environmental movement meditation. Tife Sanusi interviews young African activists who have been excluded from the climate conversation as they witness its consequences play out at home. Plus, a special treat at the end. Neil Luczai (he/him) is a recent graduate based in New England making audio work around the threads that connect the arts, culture, and the environment. Tife Sanusi (she/her) is a Nigerian journalist and organizer whose work has been published in Teen Vogue, Huck, VICE, and more. She is also a BeyGOOD x Global Citizen fellow. Inherited is a production of YR Media and Critical Frequency. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @inheritedpod, and check out our new website at
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  • S2 Ep3 | Remembering

    5 OCT 2022 · Mukta Dharmapurikar visits her grandparents’ sugarcane farm in western India to report on the young farmers affected by drought. Kenia Hale recounts a climate-fueled windstorm decimating her family’s yard in Cleveland, Ohio. About the Storytellers: Kenia Hale (she/her) is a writer, artist, and researcher from the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. A grandchild of the great migration, Kenia graduated from Yale University in 2021, where she majored in Computing and the Arts. Her research interests examine the intersection between technology, environmental justice, and racial justice. A storyteller and collagist, Kenia loves writing and dreaming of new futures where Black folks can be freer than they are here, and has work published in The Hopper, Literary Cleveland, and Black Freighter Press (Fall 2022), among others. Read more about Kenia at Mukta Dharmapurikar (she/her) is a freelance journalist and student at Harvard University who enjoys writing about climate change, health science, voter education, and identity. In 2022, her journalism portfolio won the $10,000 Scholastic and New York Times Gold Medal Portfolio Scholarship, and her writing has been recognized by the US Consul General in Hamburg through the Amerikazentrum International Journalism Program. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, reading, and hiking! Inherited is a production of YR Media and Critical Frequency. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @inheritedpod, and check out our new website at
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  • S2 Ep2 | Uncovering

    28 SEP 2022 · Storyteller Maggie Wang reflects on silence, noise pollution, disability, and empty climate promises. Then, storyteller Jasmine Hardy reports on the environmental racism poisoning Oakland public schools. About the Storytellers: Maggie Wang is a J.D. candidate at Yale Law School. Her recent writing appears in Harvard Review, Poetry Wales, and bath magg. She is a Ledbury Emerging Poetry Critic, a Barbican Young Poet, and the reviews editor at SUSPECT, the journal of NYC-based literary nonprofit Singapore Unbound. Her debut poetry pamphlet, The Sun on the Tip of a Snail's Shell, was published by Hazel Press in September 2022. Jasmine Hardy is a writer, adventurer, and overall curious person. She graduated from Howard University in 2019; since then she has traveled the world, taught English in South Korea, and continued to pursue her passion for storytelling through words and audio. Her work mostly focuses on race and culture and can be seen in a number of publications, including The Bold Italic, The Tempest, and Essence magazine. You can also find her work and some of her creative writing on her website, and follow her on Instagram @jasminexhardy and Twitter @jasminehardy__.
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  • S2 Ep1 | Transforming

    21 SEP 2022 · Georgia and Jules recap the last couple years of changes for the show and the climate movement, with help from climate activists Racheal Baker and Nik Evasco. Then, storyteller Jasmine Butler invites listeners into an immersive, Afrofuturist short story about humanity’s new relationship with other organisms. About the Storyteller: Jasmine Butler (they/them) is a queer southern cowboi who finds connection and purpose through storytelling, writing, and music. They graduated with a B.A. in Geography from Dartmouth College in 2021 and currently work as a Network Organizer for Powershift Network, a youth climate justice nonprofit. Jasmine is most interested in weaving stories of the past and present to showcase the long lineages of Black resistance and survival, particularly in the U.S. South. Outside of writing, Jasmine is an herbalism student, avid book collector and sometimes reader. Their work can be found on the Powershift blog as well as on their substack, Black, Blue and Green Futures. You can also find them on Instagram @jasmrenea and Twitter @__reee__. Inherited is a production of YR Media and Critical Frequency. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @inheritedpod, and check out our new website at
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  • Welcome to Season 2!

    7 SEP 2022 · Inherited is back! This season, we put out a call for climate pitches from young storytellers—and they delivered. We were blown away by more than 70 submissions from over 20 countries worldwide. Of these, we selected 9 incredible stories to bring you this fall. Stay tuned for the season premiere on September 21st!
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  • Explicit

    The Green New Dream

    5 OCT 2020 · Listen, 2020 has been rough. Between the pandemic, climate fires, police brutality, and the election, this year has felt like we’re hurtling down a highway to hell. But today, we’re taking an exit. In the final episode of Inherited’s pilot season, we ask the question: what if, in the face of despair, we choose hope? What if, through collective dreams of a better tomorrow, we can save ourselves?
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  • The Party Poopers

    28 SEP 2020 · The climate isn’t only changing our oceans, glaciers, fires, and storms. It’s changing the very fabric of our minds. Today, we hear from activists whose mental health has suffered as a result of this unprecedented existential crisis — and discuss how we can lighten the load.
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  • The Sky Is Falling

    21 SEP 2020 · In October 2012, a 15-year-old girl named Jenna watched as Hurricane Sandy devastated her beachside community. Ever since, she’s witnessed its struggle for recovery. As climate disasters become increasingly familiar to the average American, Jenna’s story offers an inside look at precisely what happens when the crisis comes to call.
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  • Explicit

    The Young and Naive

    14 SEP 2020 · Today, leaders of the Sunrise Movement are advising on climate policy up and down the ballot, and helping to secure elections for politicians committed to acting on climate. But back in 2018, they were just a small group of activists, disillusioned by the failures of the adults in Congress to fight the climate crisis. It took collective action, and decentralized movement-building, to gain power. This is the story of the inciting incident for the movement of a lifetime—the sit-in at Nancy Pelosi’s office in November 2018—told through the voices of six different activists on the ground that day.
    Played 31m 10s

We don't choose the world we inherit. But we do choose what we do with it. Stories from, for, and by the youth climate movement. Produced by Georgia Wright and...

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We don't choose the world we inherit. But we do choose what we do with it. Stories from, for, and by the youth climate movement. Produced by Georgia Wright and Jules Bradley.
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