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  • Episode 38// 26th Annual DIFFA Wreath Collection

    12 NOV 2021 · Join host Alison Volk & DIFFA Wreath Collection Chair Andy Kivilaan as they discuss the most magical holiday event of the year. Learn how to shop exclusive custom wreaths during the event while enjoying holiday cocktails and hearing beats by DJ, Jen Miller. Please join us for this festive and meaningful event that helps support organizations who serve men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS throughout the holiday season.
    7m 11s
  • Burgers and Burgundy TONIGHT!

    8 OCT 2021 · Need a Friday night plan? Come enjoy burgers made by renowned chefs and delicious wine pairings with your DIFFA friends!
    7m 18s
  • Episode 38#: Pride Month: HIV/AIDS and the LGBTQ+ Community

    25 JUN 2021 · HIV/AIDS does not care who you are-- it affects all people of all ages from all walks of life. However, it does disproportionately impact the gay, bisexual, and trans communities. Lesbians are also at risk due to low testing rates caused by a lot of HIV/AIDS messaging being geared toward people assigned male at birth who sleep with men. Host Shane Allen speaks with Prism Health North Texas CEO Dr. John Carlo about what organizations like his and DIFFA are doing to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS, the myth that it started in the gay community, and how the cure might be right under our noses.
    21m 1s
  • Episode #37: Burgers & Burgundy is Back! (And In Person)

    28 MAY 2021 · DIFFA/Dallas' signature Fall event is back! Burgers & Burgundy Event Chair Al James joins host Shane Allen to reveal when and where this must-attend event will return, plus tips on how to get the most out of your experience. Celebrity chefs create custom sliders, each perfectly paired with a different glass of wine. Can you think of a more perfect evening?
    11m 31s
  • A DIFFA Picnic in the Park

    28 MAY 2021 · DIFFA/Dallas is hosting a picnic, and you're invited! Join us at Klyde Warren Park on June 13 from 1pm - 4pm for a fabulous picnic benefiting HIV/AIDS Service Organizations in North Texas. The acclaimed DJ Jenn Miller will be spinning, plus a picnic blanket, food, and wine. Host Tim Garippa and event chair Jim DiMarino have the dish. Tickets and more info online at
    8m 48s
  • Episode #36: Mental Health & HIV/AIDS

    14 MAY 2021 · During Mental Health Awareness Month, host Shane Allen speaks with Included Health's Jessica Halem about why research shows people living with HIV have a higher chance of developing mental health issues, the often unspoken trauma the community still carries from the height of the AIDS crisis, and what you can do about it. Halem served as an LGBT Advisory Committee member for Barack Obama's first campaign for president and was the inaugural LGBTQ Outreach and Engagement Director at Harvard Medical School.
    20m 54s
  • Episode 35: DIFFA Dallas Board Trustee, Haley Clark!

    30 APR 2021 · On this episode of IMPACT DIFFA/Dallas, host Shane Allen talks with Haley Clark, DIFFA Dallas Board Trustee.
    12m 44s
  • Episode 34: STIGMA: What Would Jesus Say About HIV?

    2 APR 2021 · On this Good Friday, DIFFA/Dallas host Shane Allen talks with Founder and Worship Leader of The House Dallas Church, Chris Chism, to discuss WWJD about HIV/AIDS? Whether you’re a Christian or not—a believer or not—this will be a conversation for anyone celebrating any form of Easter this weekend.
    14m 12s
  • Episode 33: Revisiting: How Close Are We to a Cure for HIV/AIDS?

    19 MAR 2021 · World renowned HIV/AIDS researcher Dr. Paul Volberding told us last year that COVD-19 vaccine research had set back the cure for AIDS because many AIDS researchers were pulled away to work on COVID-19. Now that there’s a COVID-19 vaccine rollout, DIFFA/Dallas is revisiting the question: How close are we to a cure for HIV/AIDS?
    11m 35s
  • Episode 32: Women/girls HIV Awareness Day

    5 MAR 2021 · National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, sponsored by the Office on Women’s Health of the Department of Health and Human Services, is observed on March 10. Every year on March 10 — and throughout the month of March — local, state, tribal, federal, and national organizations come together to shed light on the impact of HIV on women and girls and show support for those at risk of and living with HIV. Cheryl Edwards, CEO and founder of A Sisters Gift Women’s Center talks about the importance of this holiday, and what you can do to make an IMPACT.
    8m 25s

DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS raises awareness and grants funds to organizations that provide treatment, direct care services, preventive education programs and advocacy for individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS. This...

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DIFFA: Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS raises awareness and grants funds to organizations that provide treatment, direct care services, preventive education programs and advocacy for individuals impacted by HIV/AIDS. This show will highlight the efforts of DIFFA/Dallas to raise awareness of the fight against AIDS, the organizations they partner with, and the various fundraising efforts around the city of Dallas.
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