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  • ID Talks Interfaith Dialogue and Identity

    12 MAY 2024 · ID Talks Interfaith Dialogue and Identity - Ready for some introspection? In this session you’ll discover what is identity and the role religion and faith play in its creation. How do the religious identities of and individual and a community interrelate? Knowing that our religious and cultural narratives are as important to us and theirs to different other communities, is the clash of narratives inevitable? Guest speaker: Nyanchama Okemwa, Belgium
    1h 12m 40s
  • ID Talks Interfaith Dialogue and Peace

    19 APR 2024 · ID Talks Interfaith Dialogue and Peace - Peace and conflict are very often addressed in non-formal learning and youth work. But what sets interreligious conflicts apart from other types of conflict? Let’s see what is the role of interfaith dialogue in conflict prevention, conflict transformation and peace building, and how youth work and youth programmes like Erasmus+ support the work on intercultural learning and peace building. Guest speaker: Mamoun Khreisat, Jordan
    1h 23m 8s
  • ID Talks Interfaith Dialogue and Reconciliation

    4 APR 2024 · ID Talks Interfaith Dialogue and Reconciliation - How can we create bridges between people? This session zooms in on reconciliation and the role of interfaith dialogue in this process. As religion and faith can be forces of cohesion instead of division in the society, let’s find out about possibilities to bring together different religious communities in post-conflict areas and the role of the youth work and youth programmes like Erasmus+ in reconciliation processes. Guest speaker: Nadežda Mojsilović, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
    58m 43s
  • ID Talks Interfaith Dialogue and Community

    18 MAR 2024 · ID Talks Interfaith Dialogue and Community - It is undoubtedly important to foster dialogue and exchange between people and communities living side by side. But what does it really entail and how do you conduct it? What makes “good” interfaith dialogue, what conditions enable it, and who should be involved? Let’s analyse how the complexity of diversity affects interfaith dialogue and community building, and discover the role the city and the EU youth programmes can have in this process. Guest speaker: Fien Ingelbrecht, Belgium
    1h 10m 40s
  • ID Talks Understanding Interfaith Dialogue

    1 MAR 2024 · ID Talks Understanding Interfaith Dialogue - Are you wondering what is interfaith dialogue and what we can learn from it? Why it is important and what is its value and relevance today? Let’s discover together the various concepts (such as inter-conviction dialogue, religion, faith, and spirituality…) and the differences between those, and have a closer look at the basic elements of interfaith dialogue, its potential, and limits. Guest speaker: Meg Villanueva, Philippines.
    58m 51s
  • ID Talks Solutions and Mental Health

    21 NOV 2023 · ID Talks: Solutions and Mental Health - When tackling the topic of mental health and well-being, we mostly focus on the shortcomings and barriers, offering external support. But it is even more important to focus on talents, inner resources, and giving perspectives. So how do you build resilience and support young people’s well-being using a solution-focused approach? To change (y)our perspectives, let’s shift the focus and talk about young people’s strengths. Guest speaker: Lize Abrahams,, Belgium - FL
    51m 14s
  • ID Talks Art-Story and Mental Health

    2 NOV 2023 · ID Talks: Art-Story and Mental Health - How can creative processes give young people a way to talk about difficult issues? Visual arts and storytelling help to name, explain, and accept feelings and understand why they surface. Through objects and metaphors, it is easier to communicate about mental health concepts. So what potential does storytelling have for your youth groups? If you ever found it challenging to express your thoughts and emotions verbally, join us to discover the alternatives. Guest speaker: Laura Mellanen, visual art practitioner, Finland
    1h 12m 35s
  • ID Talks Peers and Mental Health

    23 OCT 2023 · ID Talks: Peers and Mental Health - Peer-to-peer work is nothing new: it is successfully used both in formal and non-formal education settings. But how can peer support improve young people's mental health and well-being? How does this peer-to-peer magic work in practice? How can you address bullying and do information and prevention work through this approach? And, last but not least, what is the role of you(th workers) in this process? Let’s learn about the power of peer support and its positive impact on young people’s lives. Guest speaker: Inge Esselen, Peer Support Vlaanderen, Belgium - FL
    55m 14s
  • ID Talks Movement and Mental Health

    16 OCT 2023 · ID Talks: Movement and Mental Health - Can physical leisure-time activities help young people to take care of their body and mind? Movement and dance have clear benefits for your mental health and well-being. So how can youth workers incorporate movement and dance in their daily work or in their international projects? Let’s walk the talk and do something physical that can be easily replicable in your work as well. Guest speakers: Jagoda Idzik & Izabela Bejm,, Poland
    1h 17m 39s
  • ID Talks Participation and Mental Health

    6 OCT 2023 · ID Talks: Participation and Mental Health - How can you address young people’s mental health and well-being through participatory and democratic approaches? Having a role and being part of something bigger is good for your well-being. But how do you increase transparency about mental health and mental illness prevention at the idmunicipal level? Join us to discover a few simple yet effective solutions that have the potential to inspire policy change. Guest speaker: Martine Antonsen, Mental Health Youth, Norway
    1h 7m 58s

#idtalks 💻 E-learning 📆 15 February - 12 April 2023 | Online (Zoom), Belgium - FL 👉 SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Resources Centre and the Mental Health in Youth Work...

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💻 E-learning

📆 15 February - 12 April 2023 | Online (Zoom), Belgium - FL

👉 SALTO Inclusion & Diversity Resources Centre and the Mental Health in Youth Work project jointly announce 2023 as “ID Talks: Year on Mental Health”, with the spring 2023 edition under the motto “Understanding Mental Health” and the autumn 2023 edition under the motto “Discovering Mental Health Practices”.

✔️ “ID Talks” is a series of 5 online workshops on 5 major topics in the promotion of Inclusion & Diversity (ID) and quality youth work. It features youth workers, professionals, and volunteers, from all over the world to share insights, research findings, food for thought, good practices, or inspirational stories. They will guide participants through the pressing matters and challenges affecting Inclusion & Diversity and inspire them to make their programmes and organisations more inclusive, embrace human differences, look ahead and picture how the future of youth work and Inclusion & Diversity might be.

📆 When?

✔️ 15 February (13h CET): ID Talks Mental Health Explained: You increasingly hear about mental health in the media. But what is mental health really about, and what not? How is mental health perceived and interpreted? How are young people today doing regarding mental health and well-being? What should we know, pay attention to, and be prepared for? Put your assumptions to the test and gain a common frame to look at mental health.
//Guest speaker: Maria Agorastou, Greece

✔️ 01 March (13h CET): ID Talks Climate-Change Anxiety: If climate change and the environment make young people take to the streets, these global challenges obviously have an influence on their mental health and well-being? What kind of approaches help you to address their climate-change worries? How can you promote climate resilience, both at an individual and at a societal level? Come and discover what role youth work can have in tackling climate-change anxiety.
//Guest speaker: Anna Pribil, Austria

✔️ 15 March (13h CET): ID Talks Social-Media Addiction: You probably know (young) people who are constantly glued to their phones. Maybe that’s you? Let’s zoom in on social media addiction. How can you identify it in yourself and in others? Find out what are the main issues, causes, and consequences. And how does it impact the mental health and well-being of young people? Find out what practical tools and support youth work can offer.
//Guest speaker: Katja Mankinen, Sosped Foundation, Finland

✔️ 29 March (13h CET): ID Talks Supporting Young People’s Wellbeing: You probably (hopefully) feel that youth work supports young people’s mental health and well-being. But what are young people’s needs, and how can you identify and support those needs better? What kind of (extra) support do young people with fewer opportunities need for their mental health? Get an insight into coping and resilience strategies and learn how to create a sense of belonging and safe spaces (among others) in international projects.
//Guest speaker: Ana Perović, Serbia

✔️ 12 April (1 PM CET): ID Talks Youth-Workers Wellbeing: In order to take care of someone else, you need to take care of yourself as well! But how do you take care of your self-care? What are the main well-being issues that youth workers are experiencing? How do you prevent and overcome (emotional) exhaustion and burnout? Get to know the competences you need to take care of your own mental health and well-being (as a youth worker) so that you can continue to attend to the needs of young people.
//Guest speaker: Natalja Gudakovska, Latvia

👉 For whom⁉️ 💁‍♀️🙇‍♂️🙋‍♀️🙆‍♀️💁‍♂️ Youth workers, youth leaders, professionals, and volunteers involved in ID in the EU youth programmes, as well as all those interested in youth work and Inclusion & Diversity topics.

🎯 Main objectives:
-To provide food for thought and learn from inspirational ID stories;
-To provide an opportunity to learn about ID topics from the youth work sector and beyond;
-To get information, inspiration, methods to help the youth sector address ID;
-To inform about and contribute to quality (international) youth work;
-To identify and learn how to tackle existing and future challenges within ID;

👉For more updates follow Inclusion & Diversity SALTO on social media!

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