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I Never Knew (INK) But My Dog Did! By Lifecoach Maureen

  • "How to have a Great Divorce!"-Episode 105-Guest Sarah Armstrong

    15 MAY 2024 · Hi Listeners! I have a great guest and topic today! How to have a Good Divorce! I know it sounds like an oxymoron but my guest Sarah Armstrong wrote the book, literally, and lived it. She gives great advice and tips you wouldn't know you needed on how to help your kids thrive through divorce. Join us and learn how you can make it through one of the toughest experiences in life!
    56m 19s
  • Moms, this one's for you! Happy Mother's Day!

    12 MAY 2024 · Join us for a special episode dedicated to all the incredible moms out there! From the sweetest moments to the funniest stories, and everything in between, this episode is a tribute to the magic of motherhood. Click link for full episode #mothersdaymagic #momlifeunfiltered #parentingjourney #celebratemom #podcastlove #listenandlaugh #happy mothersday #ineverknewbutmydogdidpodcast #lifecoachmaureen #inspiringpodcasts #goodpods #applepodcasts #jenniferfischbauer #allytiemann #devidakauhane #jordaniaschulze #dawnwitte
    59m 3s
  • "We have little control over PTSD-Science Can't Even Explain It" Episode 104-Guest David Bonanno, PHD

    8 MAY 2024 · Hi Listeners!! Join me today for today's episode where we bridge the gap between Coaching and Therapy in a wonderful conversation of collaboration with a trauma PTSD Therapist. Dr. David Bonanno has helped thousands overcome their trauma through his practice Bonanno Mental Healthcare and therapy he invented called De-Adrenalizing. He is such a joy to speak with and really understands the struggles from his own past traumas and addictions!!
    54m 45s
  • "Tilly The Tumor Has Met Its Match"- Episode 102- Guest Katie Snyder

    1 MAY 2024 · Hi Listeners! Welcome to a spectacular episode with Guest Katie Snyder, Retired Pschologist, Author and Breast Cancer Thriver. With humor and matter-of-fact coping skills, she tells her journey of discovering a golf ball sized tumor she names Tilly. To order her book please go to:
    1h 48s
  • "Four Survivor Archetypes- What Are They?"- Episode 101- Guest Carolyn Wallace

    24 APR 2024 · Hello Listeners! Today we have an interesting and engaging conversation with Guest Carolyn Wallace. She tells her own "I Never Knew" story about her unhappy marriage and how she studied Archetypes and how to evolve to Guardian Archetypes for a more fulfilling life.
    54m 53s
  • "From Darkness to Light-Facing Cancer" Episode 131 Guest Savio Clemente

    19 APR 2024 · Hello Listeners! Thank You for being a part of this community of Human Strength and Love! Today, I speak with Savio Clemente, a TEDX Speaker, Wellness Coach, Author, and Cancer Survivor about his journey and how he turned it into helping others. His book is available on Amazon: I Survived Cancer and Here Is How I Did It: 35 Cancer Survivors Share Their Journey" #inspirationalpodcasts #applepodcasts #savioclemente #isurvivedcancer #overcoming #resilience #wellnesscoach #ineverknewbutmydogdidpodcast #applepodcasts #goodpods #spreaker #lifecoachmaureen For comments, coaching, suggestions for shows or to be a guest:
    52m 2s
  • "Celebrating The Strength of The Human Spirit" Episode 97-Guest Michael Ruskin

    17 APR 2024 · Today I have a wonder guest, Michael Ruskin, Author and surviving son of Holocaust Survivor parents. Michael tells a gripping story of how his parents persevered through the worst event in history, lost a child, and kept faith and love alive to finally be reunited.
    54m 1s
  • "You Have to Do It on Your Own, But You Don't Have To Do It Alone"- Episode 96- Guest Michele Blood

    10 APR 2024 · Today we have a multi-talented Transitional Leader, Author, Songwriter and Rock Singer, Michele Blood. She shares her story of recovering from a devastating accident and how she found inspiration and purpose in using her music to change the world! for free downloads and gifts for INK listeners!!
    1h 1m 51s
  • "I'm 51% ok"- Episode 95- Guest Gregorio Lewis

    3 APR 2024 · Howdy Y'all! Today's guest, Gregorio Lewis, has a gripping story of how his parents "bought" a mental health disorder for him. He lived thinking he was schizophrenic. He lost his home, career and even his identity. He traveled around Europe homeless and speaking of how to speak your truth defiantly without fear. He is the author of 3 coping skills workbooks, a punk rock writer, cat lover and feeling freedom now more than ever! www.sanityisafulltimejob
    47m 13s
  • "Empowering Women Executives: A Conversation with Holistic Coach Tassos Kotzias

    25 MAR 2024 · Join me as I chat with Certified Holistic Coach, Tassos Kotzias, who's dedicated to helping women executives take control of their lives. Through the power of the HEART methodology, Tassos empowers his clients to overcome struggles by using the power of NO and communicating boundaries assertively. Click on link for full episode: Sign up here for "The Power of Saying No" Workshop on March 30-31st! Https:// Mention INK podcast for a free discovery call! #tassoskotzias #inspiringpodcasts #womenexecutives #holisticcoach #overcoming #betterleadership #boundaries #selfhelp #goodpods #applepodcasts #lifecoachmaureen #ineverknewbutmydogdidpodcast
    56m 18s

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Listen to stories of others that are unbelievable, tragic, and sometimes heartbreaking and learn from their experiences and learn how to be an overcomer and triumphant in your own life...

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Listen to stories of others that are unbelievable, tragic, and sometimes heartbreaking and learn from their experiences and learn how to be an overcomer and triumphant in your own life struggles
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