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I'm No Therapist, But...

  • EP 52-Our One Year Podaversary

    1 SEP 2022 · Welcome to our one-year podaversary! This episode is a shout out to all our guests who shared real-life experiences and overcoming trials while using their gifts for good. We also thank you the listener, as we have completed a full season of “I’m No Therapist, But…” Today, Kels and I will be announcing the next chapter of our journey together. 01:23 – Welcome back Kels Goodman 02:18 – Fly Season! 03:49 – A New Chapter 07:18 – What inspired Stephanie to do a podcast 08:23 – We all have a story 10:28 – Sharing your story 14:42 – Thank you to our guests 19:57 – Shoutout to Kels 21:46 – Recognizing my family 23:56 – Kels and Stephanie starting a new series #podcasting #imnotherapist #relationships #podaversary #yearone #anniversary #heavenlyfather #family #podcastguests #newchapters
    35m 46s
  • EP 51-The A-Game Approach to Addition Recovery with Alema Harrington

    25 AUG 2022 · The A-Game Approach to Recovery with Alema Harrington Today I get to sit with Utah Jazz Sports commentator Alema Harrington, along with his brother, return guest Tau. Alema talks about his journey from addiction to recovery, and the secret he learned to staying recovered. Alema has been covering the Jazz since the early 2000s and just started another year or broadcasting High School Football, where their team has won national awards for their production. He is a licensed Substance Use Disorder Counselor and an addict in long term recovery, who shares his story as part of his own recovery. He recently formed The A-Game Institute with his twin brother Tau and son Durant to help carry the message of hope and healing, as well as to promote other principles of success and self-improvement. Together they do presentations for schools, teams and corporations and can be booked through 04:50 – Growing-up years 07:44 – Starting in football 17:38 – Being an outsider in college 22:10 – Starting down the dark path 32:08 – Justifying the addiction 37:37 – Is there a “rock bottom” 46:18 – Heroes who have helped 51:51 – Healing by carrying the message 57:52 – Sharing the message 1:02:57 – The A-Game Institute #addiction #addictionrecovery #theagame #theagameinstitute #alemaharrington #tauharrington #collegefootball #opioids #painpills #imnotherapistbut #relationships #rockbottom #sharingthemessage #utahjazz
    1h 9m 37s
  • EP 50-Healing Generational Patterns with Heather Jones

    18 AUG 2022 · Have you been a victim of childhood trauma? My guest, Heather Jones is a Transformational Coach, Podcast Host and Author Of the book “Becoming God’s Daughter”. Today she is sharing with us her personal journey of healing from negative generational patterns. Heather Jones website: 02:53 – Introduction to Heather Jones 04:33 – Inner Child Healing 25:56 – Dealing Rough Times, asking who I am 32:19 – Origins of the Book “Becoming God’s Daughter” 42:05 – Tools to Eliminate Childhood Beliefs 46:49 – Generational Healing 53:50 – Who is in your inner circle? #childhoodtrauma #generationalhealing #becominggodsdaughter #heatherjones #innerchild #imnotherapistbut
    1h 24s
  • EP 49-The Adoption Option with Shawn Rapier

    11 AUG 2022 · The Adoption Option with Shawn Rapier Adoption is a different story for each family. Our guest is actor, comedian and Podcast Host Shawn Rapier. He tells of his journey in adopting 6 children, and how adoption was not his first choice, but how it chose HIM. 01:00 – Introduction to Shawn Rapier 08:58 – Story of the family coming together 33:03 – Reactive Attachment Disorder 41:28 – Why choose adoption? #imnotherapistbut #adoption #reactiveattachmentdisorder #families #blendingfamilies #shawnrapier #latterdaylives #latterdaylivespodcast #adoptionanoption
    55m 19s
  • EP 48-Live Live with Brandy Vega

    4 AUG 2022 · Live Live with Brandy Vega Today we meet with producer Brandy Vega. After nearly losing her daughter to suicide, Brandy made a decision to organize an event called Live Live. This is her story about her mission to prevent suicide. 02:56 – Brandys Personal Background 10:35 – What lead to her drive for Live Live? 24:33 – Why is suicide so prevalent today? Social Media? 28:33 – No desire to be a face for suicide 30:30 – How to be involved with Live Live 35:34 – Personal Depression story 41:33 – Signs of Suicide #liveliveevent #livelive #suicide #suicideprevention #imnotherapistbut #relationships #selfworth #hope
    52m 30s
  • EP 47-Emotional Resilience with Leslie Reader

    28 JUL 2022 · Today we visit with Wellness Advocate Leslie Reader as she talks about dealing with depression and shares with us tools on building Emotional Resilience. 2:53 - Leslie’s Practice / Dealing with Depression and Mental Health 5:29 - How to recognize depression 6:36 - Depression is different than discouragement 9:33 - Get Real Foundation Podcast 13:00 - Emotional Resilience 21:05 - Comfortable with myself 30:14 - Choose to be humble instead of being coerced 33:45 - Methods of Self Love 49:52 - Re-parenting my inner child 1:02:30 - Needing vs Receiving #imnotherapistbut #podcast #lesliereader #emotionalresilience #overcomingdepression #changes #habits #therapy #emotionalhealth #selflove #acknowlegde #shame #brenébrown #journaling #families #relationaship #selflove #transformation #triumphovertrial #liveyourbestlife #getrealfoundation
    1h 12m 11s
  • EP 46-The 50 Year Secret with Julie MacNeil

    21 JUL 2022 · Today my guest is Julie MacNeil, author of the book “The 50 Year Secret”. She relates the story of her search for her birth family, but not for the reason you may think. 01:36 – Introduction of Julie MacNeil 02:48 – Did you desire to find your parents? 04:52 – Starting the search for her birth family 13:29 – Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency 21:40 – Deciding to find her family #alpha1antitrypsindeficiency #adoption #findingbirthparents #juliemacneil #imnotherapist #50yearsecret #disease
    53m 46s
  • EP 45-Enlightening the Subconscious Mind with Lynn Leamaster

    14 JUL 2022 · My father Lynn Leamaster returns to the studio. As a former hypnotherapist, he gets deep as we talk about the use of words, and how they can enlighten our subconsciousness. 02:09 – What started you being mindful of the words you use? 05:26 – Subconscious doesn’t like to “lose”. Use different word. 07:50 – Illness comes from holding on to burdens 10:10 – Lynn’s Mantra: No-Joe-free-mage: No Judgement Opinion Expectations No Frivolous or Reminiscent Imagination 12:50 – The Subconscious in our lives 14:28 – Triggers and the Self conscious 17:41 – Forgiving and remembering 23:46 – Softening your Vision to allow forgiveness 26:34 – Chiron and Hypnotherapy 32:02 – The Para Conscious 38:27 – Habits and Addictions 34:37 – Why quitting Hypnotherapy 50:25 – Lynn’s other Mantra: I-La-Su-Ac-Da: I Lack Sufficient Accurate Data #imnotherapistbut #hypnotherapy #useofwords #powerofwords #subconscious #paraconscious #addiction #healing #disease #mentalhealth #triggers #trauma #enlightened #forgiveness
    1h 27s
  • EP 44-The Miracles of Brittany with Doug and Heidi Crockett

    7 JUL 2022 · The Miracles of Brittany with Doug and Heidi Crockett If you have never heard of Brittany Crockett, then you are in for a treat. Our returning guest Doug Crockett and his wife Heidi relay the dramatic events of their daughter who lived for over 20 years with Muscular Dystrophy, when she was only supposed to live for 2. Join us for the tears and the humor behind the miracles of Brittany Crockett. 1:01:40 – Introduction 1:02:58 – Introduction to their “Missionary in Heaven” 1:09:11 – Children with Muscular Dystrophy/Life changing 1:15:18 – Those who supported you 1:16:53 – Helping to cough 1:18:25 – Brittany was the “experiment” because no one lived this long/The Cough Assist 1:23:54 – Don’t feed into the disability/Brittany’s Successes 1:27:55 – Brittany overcame hard times 1:34:15 – Preparing to go out with Brittany/Daily regimen 1:39:41 – Church produced movie featuring Brittany 1:42:40 – Dealing with tough times/Doctors’ insensitivity 1:51:01 – How Brittany changed your lives 1:56:11 – Advice to others in similar situations 1:59:38 – How this lifestyle has been taxing on marriage 2:02:40 – The dramatic passing of Brittany #imnotherapistbut #miracles #family #faith #Godisgood #Specialneeds #pediatrics #childdisorders #specialneedsfamilies #overcomingchallenges #musculardystrophy #childrenhospital #caregivers #disability #forgivness #liveyourdreams #cheerleader #kindnessmatters #musclesmatter #coughassist #everydaycounts #disability #medicalstudy #wheelchair #wheelchairfashion #childhealth #podcast #youtube #yourstorymatters
    1h 22m 58s
  • EP 43-Independence Day Message from Nathan Osmond

    30 JUN 2022 · How much do you know about the history of the United States? As Independence Day approaches, I felt it would be awesome to get a great history lesson from our return guest, musician Nate Osmond. 3:29 – The start of your love for this country 6:03 – A Piece of the Berlin Wall / Liberty vs Freedom 10:41 – Founding Fathers in a Promised Land 11:37 – Average Lifespan of a Constitution 14:06 – Black Founding Fathers 20:31 – Church and State 27:12 – Paul Revere and the Freedom Trail 32:49 – Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain story 45:51 – Story of the Star-Spangled Banner 49:51 – The Ragged Old Flag 52:52 – A piece of the World Trade Center 54:26 – Jefferson and Adams last days #independenceday #imnotherapistbut #unitedstates #america #foundingfathers #statueofresponsibility #starspangledbanner #paulrevere #georgewashington #thomasjefferson #raggedoldflag #landofliberty #nathanosmond #nateosmond
    1h 11m 20s

While Stephanie Goodman has no letters behind her name, she does connect with others using her own experience and the experience of others on marriage, raising children and blending families....

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While Stephanie Goodman has no letters behind her name, she does connect with others using her own experience and the experience of others on marriage, raising children and blending families. Going through life without the instruction manual is the theme of this podcast. Enjoy!
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