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How To Money

  • @HowToMoney (6/16) Hour 1

    16 JUN 2024 · Cash or credit? Turns out it might cost you more to pay with cash these days! Next, how do you know if you should file for bankruptcy? There are often better options for most folks. Is real estate the best investment on the planet? Most Americans think so. The answer is more nuanced. You'll save TONS of money (potentially six figures) by shopping around for a mortgage. Also, if you've got more than $250k in savings, how do you insure those dollars!? Links: How to Save for a Vacation. 11 Ways to Ask for a Discount. Best Airline Credit Cards.
    Played 2m 25s
  • @HowToMoney (6/16) Hour 2

    16 JUN 2024 · How to fight back against high healthcare costs. People are spending more money at restaurants than ever. Our old school advice: eat at home more! Next, we talk about when it makes sense to tap home equity (rarely). Commute times are getting longer but most folks are commuting less often. Also, should you buy a refurbished phone? 
    Played 33m 22s
  • @HowToMoney (6/09) Hour 1

    9 JUN 2024 · Do you need private equity or alternative investments to build wealth? No way! Most of those 'sexy' investments are actually a distraction. Next, will you receive a tax bill for giving money away as a gift? We cut through the confusion and discuss how gift taxes actually work.  Also, more people are dropping homeowner's insurance. That might make sense for you. But it can be an incredibly risky proposition! Links:
    Played 33m 7s
  • @HowToMoney (6/09) Hour 2

    9 JUN 2024 · Should you ditch brick & mortar banks? We think so! We also talk about whether or not you should pay off your mortgage early. All signs point to "probably not." What should you do if you have an old 401k - leave it be or roll it over elsewhere? Does it make sense to DIY your own target date retirement fund? 
    Played 33m 15s
  • @HowToMoney (6/02) Hour 1

    2 JUN 2024 · When doing a chargeback with your credit card company makes sense. Should you buy a new house or add on to your current one? Why is the American public so pessimistic right now about the economy? We've got a skewed idea of the data, PLUS we've changed the definition of inflation. Also, want to reduce what you pay for rent? We'll tell you how!
    Played 32m 27s
  • @HowToMoney (6/02) Hour 2

    2 JUN 2024 · It's becoming more common to pay for expensive memberships to make friends. But there are free ways to grow your community! How to help your kids handle money well in the digital age. Americans are driving their cars longer. But don't forget about other underrated modes of the bike! Then we tackle the topic of simplifying your investment accounts.
    Played 32m 2s
  • @HowToMoney (5/26) Hour 1

    26 MAY 2024 · Check your beneficiary designations. It’s crucial! Streaming your favorite major league sports is only getting more expensive. Health sharing plans might be able to save you money. Most home improvement projects won’t save you money. Plus, how to reduce childcare costs.
    Played 32m 31s
  • @HowToMoney (5/26) Hour 2

    26 MAY 2024 · Beware of costly online investing courses. Has the 401k failed us? How you can you appeal a property tax increase and win! The price of college has skyrocketed, meaning the value of college for many has declined. Perpetual homeowners insurance is a fascinating, but rare, product.
    Played 32m 34s
  • @HowToMoney (5/19) Hour 1

    19 MAY 2024 · TextNow has a limited amount of data, suitable for using Google Maps and similar apps, but not enough for social media. If you're looking to save money and don't use data-heavy apps, this provider could be a good option for you. Steve asked how he could save up money to start the adoption process. Are you getting ripped off on sales online? Real estate is the best business to get into...   Join the Facebook group "How to Money" to connect with like-minded people.
    Played 32m 37s
  • @HowToMoney (5/19) Hour 2

    19 MAY 2024 · "Listen to the podcast to find out which credit cards to get." Invest in businesses based on political beliefs. Madison asked if her employee stock plan is worth it, as it is one of her work perks. Social security is failing!  Join the Facebook group "How to Money" to connect with like-minded people.
    Played 32m 32s

How To Money with Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix is heard every Sunday 12-2pm. Joel and Matt are best friends who love talking about money while drinking delicious beer. So...

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How To Money with Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix is heard every Sunday 12-2pm.

Joel and Matt are best friends who love talking about money while drinking delicious beer. So they created a podcast incorporating both! 45+ million downloads they are still energized by the mission of reaching people with practical money-saving advice.

The Status Quo Isn’t Working -- 40% of Americans don’t have the ability to cover an unexpected $400 expense, college students are graduating with unfathomable sums of debt, and the world of personal finance has become increasingly complex.

It’s Time to Make a Change -- Altering the way you handle your personal finances is a major part of the solution. But where do you start? Who can you trust? And how much will that advice cost you?

How To Money is a podcast & website providing the knowledge & tools that normal folks need to thrive in areas like debt payoffDIY investing, & crucial money tricks that will provide continuous help along your journey. We believe that access to free, unbiased, and jargon-free personal finance guidance is more necessary than ever before.
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