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    Ep 221: The Boys Season 1-3 Recap

    10 JUN 2024 · It feels like it has been forever as the highly anticipated 4th season of the Amazon Prime hit series The Boys is set to release the 13th of June and don't worry if you don't have time to watch the first 3 seasons to refresh your memory because we have got you covered. No news, what we have been reading, or anything fancy this week as we dive straight into the recap to prep you for the season premier. Get your brown pants on because it promises to be one hell of a bloody ride! Find us on social media search hopsgeeknews weekly comic reviews on for all other links including our discord and patreon!
    37m 23s
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    Ep 220: The High Republic

    3 JUN 2024 · This episode we wrap-up our Star Wars month with The High Republic in anticipation for the latest release of The Acolyte. We kick it off talking comics we have been reading such as Black Panther Blood Hunt from Marvel and Wolverine 50 the epic conclusion to Ben Percy's famed run. We then give our thoughts on the film Madame Wec including the suffering Matt went through having to watch it 2 times in a row.  Finally, they discuss everything you need to know about the High Republic including some reading recs! Follow us on social media @hopsgeeknews Weekly reviews on
    39m 23s
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    Creator Interview: Jordan Morris/ Youth Group

    30 MAY 2024 · We have a special creator interview! Jordan Morris joins us to discuss the graphic novel him and Bowen McCurdy have cooked up titled Youth Group! The book features a couple of kick-ass Youth Group leaders who, behind the scenes, keep their town safe by exorcizing the demons that plague their town!  The book releases July 16th, 2024 from First Second Books. You can follow this link to preorder now! Follow us on social media @hopsgeeknews Subscribe, leave a review, and share to help the podcast grow
    28m 14s
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    Ep 219: Origins of the Sith

    27 MAY 2024 · Have you ever heard the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? Well fear not, the Jedi may not tell you this story but, we will!  We kick things off first with what we have been reading such as Rook: Exodus from Ghost Machine and Image, White Boat from DSTLRY Media, Justice League v Godzilla v Kong and Batman First Knight from DC, and Union Jack The Ripper from Marvel.  Matt also watched Ghostbusters Frozen Empire and gives his thoughts and Lauren did us all a favor and watched the Daryl Dixon show. The duo then delivers some news before diving into the main topic. They discuss the origins of the Jedis most feared enemy The Sith. We discuss Darth Bane, Plageuis, Maul, Revan, and more.  Subscribe, Like, Share, and drop the Comments below!  Socials: Hopsgeeknews for comic reviews to support.
    50m 28s
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    Cantina Hour: The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

    26 MAY 2024 · The latest Cantina Hour was a blast as we were joined by DT of the Space Castle Podcast (@spacecastlepod) to discuss the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. We get into our hot takes and then babble on about everything we love and maybe do not love Star Wars. What are your favorite Prequels moments? Drop a review, Follow the pod, Share, and Subscribe! Socials: @hopsgeeknews Support:
    1h 21m 59s
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    Ep 218: Kyber Crystals w/ Chandler of Crafted Cores!

    20 MAY 2024 · Welcome! This week we open the show by discussing what we have been reading such as Uncanny Valley from Redcoat #2 from and Ghost Machine as well as the latest in Wolverine from Matt also has watched the latest horror film Abigail featuring an all-star cast and gives his thoughts.  We then dive into some news before being joined by Chandler of Crafted Cores to talk Kyber Crystals as #starwars month continues.  If you have never heard of Crafted Cores you are in luck this week! We discuss how they got started and all of their products but, most importantly their crystals that fit into YOUR SAVIS LIGHTSABER!! Check them out: Socials Follow us on social media Weekly comic reviews on  Support the show Leave a review, like, and subscribe!
    56m 26s
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    Ep 217: Top 5 Fave and Least Fave Star Wars Characters

    13 MAY 2024 · Star Wars month continues this week as we briefly discuss what we have been reading and watching as well as some news! Then we dive into something a bit controversial as we discuss our top 5 favorite and then top 5 least favorite Star Wars characters! (17:45) Who tops the list for us and who gets an honorable mention? Find out! Who makes your list? Follow us on social media @hopsgeeknews Weekly comic reviews on Support the show like, subscribe, share, and drop a review to help the podcast grow.
    1h 5m 10s
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    Cantina Hour: Tales of the Empire and X-Men '97 Review

    9 MAY 2024 · ICYMI we host a live show weekly called the Cantina Hour where we sit and discuss whatever we may like and keep it relaxed. This week we got together and discussed the latest Star Wars show Tales of the Empire as well as the latest episode of X-Men '97 gearing up for the grand finale of season 1! Shoutout to our patreons for making this possible! You can support the show Like, Subscribe, Share, and leave a review to help the podcast grow Follow us on social media @hopsgeeknews
    1h 15m 3s
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    Ep 216: Star Wars: Dark Disciple

    6 MAY 2024 · Welcome as we kick off Star Wars month! We start with what we have been reading and watching such as Minor Threats the Fastest Way Down Vol 2 from Dark Horse Comics, Space Ghost from David Pepose,  our thoughts on the latest episode of X-Men '97, and Dead Boy Detectives from Netflix. We then dive into some news such as Cobra Kai releasing a 3-part series finale beginning July and the new listings from Airbnb.  Lastly, for our main topic we discuss the 2015 novel written by Christie Golden, Star Wars: Dark Disciple. Quinlan Vos is undercover and teaming up with Asaaj Ventress but, what happens when the temptations of the dark side and love are too much? Check out our thoughts on this highly regarded novel!  Find us on social media @hopsgeeknews Weekly Comic reviews on support the show  Like, Subscribe, and Share!
    53m 58s
  • Cantina Hour: Star Wars Month Kickoff w/ Ryan Drost!

    4 MAY 2024 · We kick off Star Wars month with Ryan Drost creator of Stealth Hammer to discuss his comicbook and then we dive into the 25th anniversary of the Phantom Menace as well as the series finale of Bad Batch!!  Happy Star Wars day friends May the Fourth Be With You Always. Find Stealth Hammer at Follow us on social media @hopsgeeknews Support the show
    1h 9m 22s

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