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  • 27: Bringing teachers and school youth online

    21 JUL 2023 · Ana Sekulovska from the organisation LEAD from North Macedonia speaks about the two platforms and programmes their organisation run focusing on competence building of teachers as well as active participation of school youth. Ana underlines key quality elements that have identified throughout the years of being involved online. The programmes are definitely bringing blended forms of learning, especially in terms of formal and non-formal education, but also offering synchronous, facilitated sessions and apps that are available to participants any time. Ana says that all in all it is the human and interaction between the participants that is the most important in the process.
    27m 9s
  • 26: Hellenic National Agency in lead of the online learning

    2 MAR 2023 · Interview with 2 officers of Hellenic National Agency, who are leading in the field of online learning. Especially the covid-19 made an influence on the agency and encouraged the team to become involved in many kinds of online educational projects. After the pandemic the lesson was not forget and the Greek NA is one of the most active in blended and hybrid learning on European level. As the NA colleagues underline, it allows them to make educational offer in the field of youth flexible, open, inclusive, enhancing digital, critical literacy and communication skills as well as new forms of networking and running youth work. Online courses allow the Greek NA to expand to new target groups, reach far more participants than residential activities, keep the offer sustainable and with available stock of materials and resources at any time and any place. Not less important is the underline of good design and visual aspects of online learning offers that is worth investing with the use of HOP platform as a native space for TCA and NET online activities.
    19m 45s
  • 25: Informal moments in online learning

    1 MAR 2023 · In this episode we talk about the value of informal moments in learning process, especially online. Many of us usually “lose” participants in informal moments online, as they turn off cameras/microphones and disappear. Mario is sharing his reflections on embodying learning process in online setting and creating spaces where participants can be engaged also in informal moments. And there is research being conducted on the topic, so more insights coming!
    19m 46s
  • 24: From a journalist to a visual designer and facilitator

    2 SEP 2022 · Paul Dumitru sharing his personal journey, how he changed from a journalist into a visual designer and graphic facilitator. Paul underlines how the covid-19 pandemic accelerated the development of visuals within online learning. In his words, the visual thinking is not that much of art, but more of structuring ideas and giving them a graphic format. Paul is explaining first steps in drawing and says that drawing is accessible for all of us, so let’s keep using visuals! This was exceptionally a video episode,
    24m 7s
  • 23: Graphic facilitation and recording

    1 SEP 2022 · In this episode, Paul Dumitru explains what is the difference between graphic facilitation and graphic recording. Then, he explores the difference between the live / synchronous drawing and the role of visuals that are either prepared before an input or a course, or after on the base of its outcomes. There is also a very valuable reference to a number of researches that proof that visuals enhance learning, but also how they make it more appealing, nice, enjoyable, pleasant, aesthetic, etc. This was exceptionally a video episode,
    30m 24s
  • 22: Digital facilitation of youth seminars

    1 AUG 2022 · Laimonas is sharing about his path into digital aspects of facilitation within non-formal education and how does he understand the role of digital facilitation in trainings and seminars. “How we can go beyond the usual stuff”, says Laimonas about his first experience with a hybrid activity, where experimenting sparked innovation. He is underlining curiosity as one of essential abilities of digital facilitator. Listen and get inspiration, what a digital facilitator needs to grasp to manage digital facilitation of an event.
    22m 16s
  • 21: Human factor in digital education

    1 MAY 2022 · Lots of important conclusions from online and hybrid learning expert. Topics around human aspects in digital education, cognitive stress of attention in online learning, and the overwhelm of digital environments. There is also a lot of interesting questions about support and involvement of youngsters into online education. The points about the ownership of online spaces and platforms we use for communication and learning are becoming more and more actual. Disinformation and misinformation – listen to the podcast and think of it!
    30m 57s
  • 20: Minecraft, the world is yours for the making

    6 FEB 2022 · Fifth and last episode of the series on spatial, proximity communication platforms is about Minecraft. An unusual platform for youth work event, as it is actually a videogame (who does not know it? Michele has great experience in running regular youth work activities as well as irregular events using Minecraft. Listen how does he make it!?
    27m 43s
  • 19:, humanize the online experience

    5 FEB 2022 · Fourth episode of the series on spatial, proximity communication platforms is about Melih Özkardeş shares about his experiences with the platform organising bigger events and even having sponsors there. Melih also speaks about his positive approach towards online learning.
    21m 54s
  • 18:, a better way to learn, work, host events, hang out

    3 FEB 2022 · Third episode of the series on spatial, proximity communication platforms is about Gather.Town. Mara Rodrigues from the EU Training Academy speaks about Gather.Town, ups and downs of the platform and the experience they had when organising online training course. Mara also shares more globally about the situation with online learning nowadays.
    17m 44s

Interviews with stakeholders of online and blended learning in European youth work and non-formal education. The podcast is an initiative of to support development of online and blended learning...

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Interviews with stakeholders of online and blended learning in European youth work and non-formal education.

The podcast is an initiative of HOP council to support development of online and blended learning in Erasmus+ Youth, European Solidarity Corps and European youth work in general. The HOP online learning offers dedicated FB page with news and inspirations from the field curated especially for interest of youth workers and trainers. The HOP is also an online learning platform, where organisations involved in both European youth programmes can find space for their online and blended activities.
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