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Homespun Haints: True Ghost Stories

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    The Westernmost Haunting on Route 66: A ghost story interview

    4 SEP 2023 · Mihaela Roe is a ghost tour guide who tells us the history (and ghosts) of Santa Monica and Santa Monica Pier. She also lets us in on some authentic vampire folklore from her home in Romania. Check out Mihaela's tour company at and her language learning institute at We're gearing up for our big livestream event on September 24. Grab your tix now at Patrons get to attend the event for free. To join our Patreon, go to
    Played 41m 57s
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    Irish Ghost Stories and Premonitions of Death: A real ghost story interview

    28 AUG 2023 · Kelly Fordon of Let's Deconstruct a Story Podcast shares generational stories and Irish ghost folklore from her family. Her premonitions of death demonstrate that the bonds of love do not die when our bodies do. Check out Kelly's podcast, blog, and books at Wanna know what's in Diana's Basement's Secret Passage? Join our Patreon at
    Played 38m 39s
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    The Rocking Chair Man Can't See You: a true ghost story interview

    21 AUG 2023 · A teenage girl is tormented by a malevolent entity in her attic. Then, she gets blamed for the havoc that it causes. Her experiences lead to a lifelong interest in studying the paranormal. Join our Patreon at
    Played 46m 12s
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    Three Frisky Dead Johns: A True Ghost Story Interview

    14 AUG 2023 · Angela Hartshorn of Hart and Horn has been haunted her whole life, but now, as a practicing witch, hat maker, and artist, she runs head first into ghostly situations. The results, as you can imagine, are pretty terrifying. Check out Angela's wares at and on Instagram at Follow Angela's podcast at or Interested in joining our Patreon? Check it out Photo by on
    Played 54m 34s
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    The Surreptitious Suburban Selkie: A true ghost story interview

    7 AUG 2023 · Our friend Jennifer joins us with another tale of haunted family travel. We revisit the odd nature of the hauntings at the famous Sorrell-Weed House in Savannah, GA, from the perspective of a person quite sensitive to spirits and energies. Speaking of which, what do you make of the earthy-yet-otherworldly presence secreted in the shadows of her suburban home? Support our Patreon at
    Played 43m 14s
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    Exploding Ghosts and Buckets of Blood: An interview with This Paranormal Life

    31 JUL 2023 · We talk to Kit and Rory of This Paranormal Life as they tell us some of the strangest ghost stories they've shared on their show, as well as give us insight about how they pull off their strange brand of paranormal comedy. Check out This Paranormal Life at See Kit and Rory's upcoming tour dates at Check out our Patreon at
    Played 55m 32s
  • Explicit

    An Unholy Trinity of Ghosts: true ghost story interviews

    24 JUL 2023 · Three short true ghost stories told by the people who experienced them, featuring a guest in the Pecos Triangle, New Mexico, a story about a haunted clock, and a story told by the king of Horror Movies himself, Ken Sledge of Sledgehammer Horror. Check out Ken's YouTube channel, SledgeHammer Horror, at Join our Patreon at
    Played 52m 2s
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    The Lakeland Elemental: A true ghost story from Florida

    17 JUL 2023 · A haunted Florida woman shares experiences of seeing shadow figures, poltergeist activity, and possibly an elemental on ancestral Lakeland land in central Florida. Check out our Patreon at
    Played 38m 49s
  • The Legs Don't Have Eyes: A True Ghost Story Interview

    10 JUL 2023 · Katharine grew up in a house that shouldn't have been haunted, but she saw strange apparitions of a little girl, an older man, and other, stranger ghosts that will leave you scratching your head. Then, she moved out into an even more haunted apartment, where the ghosts let her know they were watching her. Interested in supporting our Patreon like our guest does? Check it out at If we get 100 patrons by September 1, Becky will go to Tulsa and open a haunted secret passageway with Diana on livestream.
    Played 39m 7s
  • The Building Full of Cowboy Ghosts: A ghost story interview

    3 JUL 2023 · Lead paranormal investigator and ghost tour guide Diane Newcomb relays some of her scarier experiences while looking for ghosts at the haunted Crescent Hotel and haunted Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Check out Diane's photos on Facebook at and in the Crescent's ghost tour group page at If you'd like to support us we'd be thrilled for you to check out our Patreon at
    Played 40m 38s

True ghost stories are scarier (and funnier) when you hear them from the real people who experienced them. We’re Becky and Diana, and we interview people who have seen ghosts--so...

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True ghost stories are scarier (and funnier) when you hear them from the real people who experienced them. We’re Becky and Diana, and we interview people who have seen ghosts--so you can feel their fear with them. Each episode features true, personal stories of ghosts, demons, haints, hauntings, haunted houses, and paranormal experiences, sprinkled with humorous conversations about the random strange events in our own haunted lives.
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