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Hollywood At Home With The Creative Coalition

  • Chopping It Up with guest Liza Colón-Zayas

    18 JUN 2024 · This week, Liza Colón-Zayas shares compelling stories from her illustrious career on the latest episode of the Hollywood at Home podcast. From her standout performance in "The Bear" to her role in the recently-released film IF, Colón-Zayas offers a unique and heartfelt perspective on the entertainment industry. Colón-Zayas takes us into her experiences both on and off-screen. She reflects on her admiration for co-stars like Jeremy Allen White, whose passion for his work mirrors that of his character. Colón-Zayas also recounts her week of intensive culinary training with Chef David Waltuck, where she honed her cooking skills to bring authenticity to her role. She also speaks fondly of Ayo Edebiri, noting her impressive improv skills. Listeners will hear about “The Bear’s” impact on Chicago, and learn about Liza’s  admiration for Ebon Moss-Bachrach's vulnerability on set. Additionally, she shares her delightful experience being directed by John Krasinski on his new film IF. Through candid reflections on her journey, Colón-Zayas's stories promise to engage and inspire listeners, offering an intimate look at the dedication and passion behind her craft.
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  • Stories from the DC Universe and Beyond with guest Jon Cryer

    11 JUN 2024 ·  Dive into the multifaceted world of Hollywood with Emmy-winning actor Jon Cryer as he shares captivating stories from his journey in the entertainment industry on the latest episode of the Hollywood at Home podcast. From his iconic role in “Two and a Half Men,” to his groundbreaking portrayal of Lex Luthor in the DC Extended Universe, Cryer offers a fresh and unfiltered perspective that sheds light on the inner workings of showbiz. In this episode, Cryer delves into his experiences both on and off-screen, from his dynamic relationships with Charlie Sheen, Demi Moore, and Molly Ringwald, to a heartwarming reconciliation with fellow Brat Packer Andrew McCarthy on the set of "The View." Cryer's anecdotes provide a glimpse into the camaraderie and challenges of Hollywood. Notably, he also shares a recent encounter with President Joe Biden at the White House, adding a touch of political intrigue to the mix. Through honest reflections on navigating the highs and lows of his career, Cryer's stories promise to engage and enlighten listeners, offering a unique glimpse into the human side of their favorite celebrities.
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  • The Goddess Behind Bilquis with guest Yetide Badaki

    4 JUN 2024 · Today on the Hollywood at Home podcast, Yetide Badaki, best known for her captivating portrayal of Bilquis in the Starz series “American Gods,” shares her journey from Nigeria to Hollywood and the magic that fuels her performances.  Badaki delves into the complexities of her character, a Goddess Queen and how she connects with Bilquis, both on and off-screen, drawing inspiration from Neil Gaiman’s novel that birthed the iconic role. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Badaki proudly flies her geek flag. A devoted fan of Star Wars and Star Trek, she reveals her passion for these iconic franchises. Her versatility extends beyond the realm of gods. Badaki shares her unconventional first interaction on an airplane with Crispin Glover, when he was flying with everything AND the kitchen sink, the comedic side of Sterling K. Brown on the set of "This Is Us," the grounding effect babies have on set, and the profound experience of working with the Antetokounmpo family on Disney's "Rise".
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  • Lions and Wolves and Acting - Oh My! with guest Molly Kunz

    28 MAY 2024 · In this episode of the Hollywood at Home podcast, we're joined by talented actor Molly Kunz, known for her compelling performances in "The Irrational," "The Wolf and the Lion", and "Widows". Listeners are in for a treat as Kunz shares fascinating behind-the-scenes stories and personal insights from her spansive career. Kunz opens up about her journey on The Wolf and the Lion, where she worked alongside several live apex predators, sharing an amusing yet enlightening look at the challenges and rewards of training a wolf herself. Discover what makes "The Irrational" stand out from typical procedurals, as Kunz delves into its unique focus on human behavior and the motives behind crimes. She also recounts the whirlwind casting process for the show, revealing the surprisingly brief and nerve-wracking audition that landed her the role. Additionally, Kunz reflects on the joy and spontaneity of working with Laverne Cox on "Doubt," where impromptu singing and dancing between takes created a uniquely vibrant atmosphere. Listen to this episode for an engaging conversation with Molly Kunz, offering a window into the world of an actor and the extraordinary moments that shape their craft.
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  • Hollywood’s Rising Star with guest Travina Springer

    21 MAY 2024 · Travina Springer is no stranger to on-screen success, with roles in Disney’s “Ms. Marvel”, Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0”, Warner Bros.’ "The Mule", and more. Most recently, she has been delighting fans and critics with her performance as Kylie on NBC’s hit show, “The Irrational”. Springer’s unique background, in both comedy and as an American Sign Language interpreter, has given her range and depth. She has brought laughs to procedural crime shows and focus to underrepresented communities. This week, on Hollywood at Home, Springer opens up about her career and craft, sharing stories from the set and reflections on the landscape of the entertainment industry. She’s worked alongside Jesse L. Martin, improvised with Clint Eastwood, and interpreted for Jamie Foxx - but Springer is just getting started. 
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    Hockey, Bartending, and the Emmys with guest Mike Glazer

    14 MAY 2024 · Mike Glazer’s path through the world of comedy has been far from conventional. The writer and standup was a hockey goalie, a doorman, and a bartender before working his way up through the ranks of Second City. Flash forward, Glazer has now established himself as a comedic force to be reckoned with, whose Emmy-nominated work has featured the likes of John Stewart, Billy Crystal, and Paul Rudd.  This week on Hollywood at Home, Glazer reflects on his journey, his career, and the evolution of comedy - all with his trademark, razor-sharp wit. From interrupting Chris Rock in a meeting, to taking notes from Sarah Silverman, to competing with Andrew Lloyd Weber at the Emmys – Glazer never fails to find lessons, levity, and laughter. 
    Played 30m 28s
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    Candid Comedy with guest Joel Kim Booster

    7 MAY 2024 · Joel Kim Booster, an actor, standup comedian, screenwriter, and executive producer, epitomizes the multi-hyphenate talent. His filmography includes notable roles in “Loot,” “Fire Island,” and “Search Party,” making him a multi-talent to keep an eye on.This week, Booster joins “Hollywood at Home” for an insightful discussion about his diverse career. He has shared laughs on screen alongside luminaries such as Maya Rudolph, Bowen Yang, and Margaret Cho, earning two Emmy nominations along the way. Joel fearlessly tackles the current state of comedy and delves into the intricacies of representation in the entertainment industry. Whether drawing inspiration from Jane Austen, filming a comedy special, conducting E. coli tests in the Long Island Sound, starring in a hit show, or sharing TikToks with an SNL legend, Booster consistently delivers humor, incisiveness, and entertainment.
    Played 47m 14s
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    Running the Show with guest Sascha Penn

    23 APR 2024 · Sascha Penn is a screenwriter at the forefront of his craft. With Creed II, The Magnificent Seven, and “Power” under his belt, he has been churning out box office hits and ratings giants for years. Now, in his third season as showrunner for Starz’s “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” Penn is taking on a John Grisham adaptation, and keeping his foot on the gas. On this week’s episode of Hollywood at Home, Penn shares knowledge garnered from a career that has seen him penciling dialogue for Sylvester Stallone, Patina Miller, Denzel Washington, Tessa Thompson, Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt, Michael B. Jordan, and more.  With insights on pitching shows, casting characters, and running sets, Penn tells us what it takes to get from an idea to the screen. With bonus stories from his years producing Hannah Montana concerts and marketing for the New York Knicks, this is one you don’t want to miss.
    Played 38m 3s
  • A Storied Career with guest Robert Davi

    16 APR 2024 · A mentee to Frank Sinatra and Stella Adler. A friend to Sylvestor Stalone and Timothy Dalton. With credits in over 130 films, a chart-topping jazz album, and a career spanning nearly 50 years, actor, musician, filmmaker, and all-around renaissance man, Robert Davi, has truly done it all. This week, he joins Hollywood at Home to share captivating stories and sage advice from a life at the forefront of show business.  Davi’s prolific filmography includes leading roles in defining hits such as The Goonies, Licence To Kill, and Die Hard, as well as new contributions to the cultural lexicon like Bardejov and Inside Man. However, his stories go beyond a cursory behind-the-scenes glimpse of these famous sets. With his trademark no-holds-barred candor, he reflects on the movies and performances that have shaped the modern era of film.
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    Hollywood and Motherhood with guest June Diane Raphael

    9 APR 2024 · Comedic force June Diane Raphael, effortlessly blends her razor-sharp wit and impeccable timing, while in the hot seat this week at Hollywood at Home.  Raphael, known for her standout roles in "Burning Love," "Big Mouth," and "Grace and Frankie," captivates in a revealing interview that gives listeners the exclusive opportunity to delve into the life and experiences of the versatile actor and comedian, as she sheds light on her journey from the screen to real life. Beyond the characters she portrays, Raphael opens up about her collaborations with industry legends such as Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, and Kelsey Grammar. What sets this interview apart is Raphael's candid discussion on the intricacies of balancing a thriving career in Hollywood with the joys and challenges of motherhood. From navigating auditions mere weeks after childbirth to advocating for greater diversity and representation on screen, she fearlessly shares her personal and professional triumphs and tribulations. Join June Diane Raphael on Hollywood at Home as she shares her unfiltered perspective on navigating fame, family, and the future of women in film and television.
    Played 26m 23s

Hollywood at Home With the Creative Coalition brings you intimate portraits, key moments of discovery, and “art and soul” with exciting and thought-provoking interviews with iconic personalities from the entertainment...

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Hollywood at Home With the Creative Coalition brings you intimate portraits, key moments of discovery, and “art and soul” with exciting and thought-provoking interviews with iconic personalities from the entertainment industry, from the boardroom to the big screen, from LA to DC.
Hosted by Robin Bronk, CEO of The Creative Coalition -- the leading, national, nonprofit, nonpartisan social welfare organization of the arts and entertainment industry. With an impressive list of accomplishments to her credit, including having won numerous awards and honors for her public affairs work, Ms. Bronk has a wide range of experience including Capitol Hill strategist, author, and speaker. She has been featured in such publications as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post. She has also been a guest on numerous broadcasts and hosts a weekly segment on WBAI-FM.
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