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Holistic Teaching & Learning

  • Open House Ed-Venture Mini-Mic

    17 DEC 2022 · Host of the Holistic Teaching & Learning Podcast, Julissa Taitano, hosted a Mini-Mic interview during our Open House Edventure. During the interviews, she asked three questions, (1) “What is the purpose of education?”, (2) “Who was/is your favorite teacher and why?” and (3) “How could improve education in the U.S.?” Check out our most recent podcast episode to listen to participants’ responses. Follow us on Instagram: @htlc.sou Check out our website:
    16m 11s
  • Community Schools ft. Jonathan Oyaga

    1 OCT 2022 · Today’s guests include co-host Dr. Robin Martin and Jonathan Oyaga. Jonathan Oyaga is an aspiring educator studying at University of California Los Angeles. He is currently the Student California Teacher Association (SCTA) president and takes a leadership role in the National Education Association (NEA). With the spread of holistic approaches and social-emotional learning (SEL) awareness, we are witnessing a trend of empowering communities to take action in public education infrastructure. The Board of Education recently approved $4,000,000,000 to pilot Community Schools in California. In today's episode, Jonathan chats with us about his experience working with Community Schools in his in undergraduate studies. When discussing public school and Community School funding, he reminds us of the long road ahead to an equitable education. Above all, Jonathan brings hope to the future of education. Please send your "Dream School Idea" to us at Link to our website:
    1h 13m 26s
  • Synergia Learning Ventures ft. Debra Weistar

    10 MAY 2022 · In this podcast episode, host Julissa Taitano and guest co-hosts Emilie McGeary and Robin Martin speak with DebraWeistar, Program Director, facilitator, and curriculum developer at Synergia Learning Ventures, on the topic of connecting with students using environmental and outdoor education. Listen as they discuss the complexities and methods of connecting with and educating young learners using nature as a classroom. authored numerous articles on parenting and education, she is the co-author of the book Win-Win Games for All Ages, CooperativeActivities for Building Social Skills, and speaks on these topics at conferences. She was the creator and host of two long-running radio programs Circle Around, which celebrates children’s literature, and "Those Damn Kids", a teen forum. As co-founder and program director, Debra brings to Synergia a diverse background in outdoor education, media literacy, and parenting/education.
    1h 2m 10s
  • HTLC Student Panelists

    3 FEB 2022 · As the 3rd International Holistic Teaching & Learning Conference came to an end, six students spoke on a panel addressing the theme "Wholeness and Hope". The presenters included Julissa Taitano, Haley Moore, Haylee Bordahl, Mindy Welsh, Emily Belcastro, and Emilie McGeary. All of these students are inspired and excited to apply their findings in holistic approaches to their future classrooms. Dr. Renee Owen is hosting a sociocracy workshop on February 26th titled "Be the Change: Re-Invent Your School by Re-Inventing Your Decision-Making Process"
    18m 58s
  • A Home for Holism ft. Dr. John King

    15 JUL 2021 · In this episode, Dr. Amanda Casto, Dr. Renee Owen, Kim Harpham, Mindy Welsh, Dr. John King, and myself meet in hopes of creating and sustaining a safe place for rich conversation. We are calling it "A Home for Holism" with the dream that more people, communities, and institutions adopt the holistic approaches displayed in this conversation. Together, we tackle the question of "how do we give ourselves permission to empower ourselves and others to teach, learn, and lead in holistic ways?" We find ourselves in a state of flow, a place where our most inspired and intentional selves come out.
    44m 49s
  • HTLP ft. Maureen Honeycutt

    24 APR 2021 · Sound Discipline. Reimagining Resilience 1: Using a Trauma Lens – Jan 21, Jan 28 and Feb 4 Interview Transcript
    36m 26s

Welcome to the Holistic Teaching & Learning Podcast (HTLP)! This channel is a feature of the Holistic Teaching and Learning Center (HTLC). A holistic approach to teaching ultimately is taking...

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Welcome to the Holistic Teaching & Learning Podcast (HTLP)! This channel is a feature of the Holistic Teaching and Learning Center (HTLC).

A holistic approach to teaching ultimately is taking a step back and understanding that catering to the soul is most important. The pursuits of holistic education are compassion, wholeness, awe, wonder, and a sense of purpose. When you foster the soul of young students self-efficacy follows. When students believe that they are important and supported the world is thier oyster. The purpose of education is to bring out the best in every student and that starts with the soul.
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