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  • Rich "The Madness Farrell" / World Strong Man

    29 JAN 2024 · Rich "The Madness Farrell" joins us as the first guest of 2024! From injury recovery, to MMA, to competing on the big stage at the Offical Strong Man competition in the Untied States of America.. Rich allows us to dive into his personal life from the early years to now... Although Rich has gained many tiltes and added many trophies to his cabnet these aren't what he is most proud of, and what he is most proud of will really make you take a step back and think about your own life... Thank you Rich.. And HHT family enjoy.. If you have someone you think would be good for the Podcast, Get in touch Via Instgram "HendosHotTopics" or email ""
    1h 3m 41s
  • Roger Farrelly/ From Small Town to Radio Legend

    14 SEP 2023 · Ever wondered what it's like to be an iconic figure in the radio industry? Meet Roger Farrelly, the godfather of New Zealand radio, who takes us on an enlightening journey through his three-decade-long career. Starting with his humble beginnings at a small radio station, Coastline FM, in 1991, To hosting the morning show on NZ biggest radio station, Roger shares his experiences and insights into the evolution of radio - from a solitary voice echoing in the silence of midnight to a lively morning show encompassing a whole team.
    1h 16m 37s
  • Will Fleming/ New Zealand Podcasting Pioneer, Entrepreneur, Host of A Beacon Of Hope Podcast

    24 AUG 2023 · Today On HHT we are joined by Will Fleming, A pioneer in the New Zealand Podcast world, Will has been doing podcasting for over a decade now. From "Please Blow My Mind" To "A Beacon Of Hope" Will has adventured many avenues down the entertainment industry of NZ, and comes with a lot of knowledge and stories. Amongst being a Podcasting Pioneer Will runs his own recording studio "Campfire Studios", not only is he a successful individual but a strong minded one. Will has an incredible story, a strong one, a somber, touching one and in this chat Will isn't short of amazing as he becomes vulnerable and lets us into a dark time when himself and his wife lost a baby... and he had to make a big choice.
    49m 21s

    1 AUG 2023 · Joining us today is 2x KING IN THE RING champ, the next best thing since Kiwi Dip and soon to be bigger and better than Connor McGregor as his works his way to the big stage of the UFC, Navajo Stirling. Born in Upper Hut, Wellington, Navajo found himself searching for more as he got tired and frustrated of playing roles to help excel others... Then he found the art of kickboxing which was ironic as he wasn't a fighter at heart and hated getting hit, yet had this desire inside that he knew he had to chase. Tune in to hear how Navajo went from being another stranger in the crowd to 2x King In The Ring Champ to being told by the best MMA Coach in the world that in 2-3 years time he will be on the big stage fighting in the UFC... Thank you Navajo for your time, We are backing you all the way, Brother. CHECK OUT THE PODCASTS SOCIALS DOWN BELOW
    46m 59s
  • Harry Sanders/ Beating Life One Step At A Time, 100km Run On Piha Beach, Asics Ambassador

    27 JUN 2023 · Joining us today is Harry Sander AKA Phils Marathon!!. Harry sits down and talks to us about how he is beating life one step at a time, how after an intense chapter of his life he is ticking boxes of tasks he didn't even think he'd be writing down, from running marathons, to being an ambassador for Asics... Harry is making waves. He also joins us ahead of his big event taking place on July 1st, Where he is attempting to run 100kms on Piha Beach for the charity 'BACK2SCHOOLPROJECTNZ' If you are wanting a mid week motivation pick me up... Here it is.
    28m 21s
  • HHT EXCLUSIVE- Claudia Bunge/ Football Sensation, Chat ahead of Women's World Cup

    18 JUN 2023 · We're thrilled to have the incredible Claudia Bunge, Women's football superstar and just and amazing person, join us on Hendo's Hot Topics this week! You won't want to miss her fascinating insights on her journey to becoming an icon in the sport, her experiences in Australia, and why she ultimately chose football. Beyond the field, we explore life balance, learning from mistakes, and staying motivated when the going gets tough. Claudia's wisdom is invaluable for young athletes grappling with pressure and expectations, and she encourages them to maintain perspective, work hard, and keep other hobbies to stay grounded. And of course, we can't forget her plans for the future! Join us for this entertaining and inspiring episode with the remarkable Claudia Bunge ahead of the Women's World Cup.
    35m 51s
  • Explicit

    Sean Goddard and Brad Wall / Off-Roading Passion to Thriving Business

    11 JUN 2023 · Join us on Hendo'sHotTopics as we chat with Sean and Brad from Weekend Warriors 4x4 about their incredible journey from starting their page to now, how a passion has turned into a way of life. As we shift gears, Sean and Brad from Weekend Warriors 4x4 reveal the process behind building and modifying their off-road vehicles and investing significant time and money into creating their dream trucks. They talk about the challenges they've faced in getting their vehicles road legal and the adventures they've shared with the 4x4 community. We also discuss the importance of not comparing themselves to others and working hard to achieve their goals. Enjoy
    49m 46s
  • Jackie Cheng/Embracing the Grind

    4 JUN 2023 · In this episode, we had an incredible conversation with Jackie Ching, or as you might know him, JackieDasian. We talked about his recent trip to Thailand, where he was training in intense Muay Thai sessions. Listen in as Jackie shares how surprised he was by the intensity of the training and the dedication of the Thai coaches who pushed him to his limits. We also explored Jackie's journey from making YouTube videos to discovering TikTok and becoming JackieDasian. He opened up about his experiences proving his teaches wrong, getting an agent and entering show biz. Throughout our discussion, we touched on the importance of perseverance and following your dreams, even when faced with discouragement or setbacks. Finally, we talked about the power of gratitude and resilience in overcoming tough times. Jackie shares how his past experiences have helped him grow and how everything in life can be a learning experience. We wrapped up our conversation by discussing the importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, appreciating wins and losses, and maintaining a positive attitude through it all. Don't miss this inspiring episode with Jackie Cheng!
    34m 2s
  • James Usher, The Mind Tradie/Overcoming Adversity and Managing Burnout

    26 MAY 2023 · Join us on this episode as we journey through the life experiences of our guest, James Usher. From battling alopecia and self-doubt, to becoming a provisional psychologist. Learn from Jame's strategies for maintaining energy, including early mornings, exercise, and meditation, and explore how empathy and separating personal experiences from professional scenarios are critical.
    1h 7m 14s
  • Ava-Lee Jericevich/Unleashing the champion within

    19 MAY 2023 · I recently sat down and had the pleasure of chatting with Ava-Lee Jericevich, an inspiring female athlete and rising rugby player, who shared her incredible journey through the world of sports. From playing Harbour Rugby FPC and winning the North Harbour tournament to being selected for the under-18 Warriors 7s team for World School 7s, Ava's story is nothing short of remarkable. As a young woman, she's faced obstacles both on and off the field, but her resilience and determination have been crucial in helping her achieve her dreams. PLEASE HELP THE PODCAST GROW BY SHARING IT AROUND!!! I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS AMAZING CHAT
    18m 28s
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