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    The End Of The Road With DAVE BAKSH From SUM 41

    22 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters For almost three decades now, Sum 41 have acted as a connecting force between pop punk and heavy metal. People who generally hate anything other than pure metal or pure punk found themselves intrigued by the musical amalgamations unleashed by the Canadian outfit, genuinely conflicted by their own elitist attitude and unexpected attraction to the band's music. To say Sum 41 have never fit in is an understatement of epic proportions. But the fact remains they never wanted to. Not even for a second. Their music has also appeared in movies and television, taking punk and metal to places never before dreamt of, all the while displaying a contemptuous attitude towards conformity and control that has stuck with them throughout their whole career. With the band announcing they would soon be disbanding, Sum 41 have released an album befitting of their entire service to the music industry. Titled Heaven :x: Hell, the double album pays homage to both sides of Sum 41's musical spectrum, with Heaven being ten tracks of snarling, high-energy pop-punk while Hell consists of the same number of metal anthems with crushing riffs and solos and massive, fist-pumping hooks. It is an album that not only sums up almost thirty years of music, but also caters to all fans of the band, offering a humbling and appreciative parting gift to their legions of supporters. HEAVY caught up with guitarist Dave Baksh to head down the musical rabbit hole that is Sum 41. With Heaven :x: Hell coming out last month we start by asking Baksh how the fans have reacted so far. "It's wild," he beamed. "It is absolutely wild. I don't know if my algorithm is getting rid of the bad comments, but most of the comments have been really, really nice and gracious. After putting so much blood, sweat and tears into this record, it's nice and vindicating." Being Sum 41's last album ever, HEAVY presses Baksh as to what sorts of things were discussed by the band leading into the writing and recording process. "The odd thing was in the early stages of the record it wasn't even going to be a double album, let alone our last album ever," he explained. "We just all kind of mentioned - every single one of us - on a phone call with Derek that maybe we should just take all the songs we have and put them out, because there was nothing that we heard from the demos that we wanted to cut. I think thanks to that, we were able to lean into the heaviest stuff we have ever done, and lean it to that classic sound with the updated appearance." In the full interview, Dave discussed various topics related to Sum 41's legacy. He shared insights into the intense effort and emotional experience of creating the band's last album, discussed the radio decision behind the singles, reflected on his personal preference for playing pop punk, and explained the decision to release a double album as the band's farewell. Baksh also opened up about his early experiences with punk rock and heavy metal, highlighting the challenges of merging pop-punk and heavy metal and the elitist attitude that emerged in the heavy metal community. He emphasized that the band's musical legacy is not for them to decide, but rather for the fans to determine, and expressed his dedication to the band's work and sacrifices made for their music. Baksh also shared his plans to continue in the music industry and explore other artistic endeavors, such as voiceover work and background acting, and expressed his excitement for the future and the prospect of trying new things that take him out of his comfort zone.
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    22 APR 2024 · Interview by Karly Jewell Rapidly rising US rock outfit Crossbone Skully have yet to even release their debut album, yet still have managed to generate a vibe and feel seldom afforded to fresh bands, no matter their genre. But when the founding member and main man is none other than Tommy Henriksen (guitarist and musical director for Alice Cooper’s band and member of Hollywood Vampires) you can sort of get a feel as to why anticipation and respect is already at a premium. To date Crossbone Skully have set the music world on fire with the singles Evil World Machine, The Boom Went The Boom (feat. Phil Collen), I’m Unbreakable and I Am The Wolf, furthering expectations for the band's debut album which is scheduled for release later this year via Better Noise Music. The album features first-class recording musicians including Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe), Jamie Muhoberac (My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, Seal), Chris Wyse (Hollywood Vampires, Ace Frehley, the Cult, Ozzy Osbourne), Tommy Denander, Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires), the late UFO bassist Pete Way, and producer/mixer Mike Plotnikoff (AC/DC, My Chemical Romance, Aerosmith), with the legendary Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Def Leppard) coming out of retirement to produce. HEAVY got the opportunity to catch up with Henriksen for a face-to-face chat last weekend while he was in Melbourne with Alice Cooper.
    29m 49s
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    Falling From The Stars With SAM KISZKA From GRETA VAN FLEET

    22 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters It's been five long years since US rock sensations Greta Van Fleet have toured Australia, but the band have announced they are returning for a string of shows across this country and New Zealand this August with a promise to make up for lost time. Greta Van Fleet have taken the world by storm following the breakthrough success of their 2017 EP From The Fires, which won the group Best Rock Album at the 61st Grammy Awards. From there the band - brothers, vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka and bassist/keyboardist Sam Kiszka plus drummer Danny Wagner - released well-received albums Anthem of the Peaceful Army (2018) and The Battle At Garden's Gate (2021) before unveiling Starcatcher in 2023. While their familiar brand of rock has captured the hearts and ears on a global scale, it is Greta Van Fleet's stunning live performances that have set the band apart from a multitude of similar outfits. Sam Kiszka sat down with HEAVY recently to discuss the upcoming tour. "This is gonna be over the top," he enthused. "It's been way too long since we've been there. And, of course, like everybody else, I'm gonna say we had a tour planned, but then for some reason everything got cancelled… But now, finally, we're gonna be there, and I'm so excited because we love Australia."  Sam's enthusiasm is so infectious, we have to point out how refreshing it is to hear someone genuinely excited about a tour. "I know it sounds… It's like, at every show you can say 'oh yeah, Sydney, you're my favourite city in the world', but we fucken LOVE Australia, going to the beaches and going out and seeing the wildlife," he smiled convincingly. "You can get outside of the city so quick. It feels so good to be out of town in the middle of nowhere." We ask Sam what has changed with Greta Van Fleet since their last Australian tour in 2019. "I guess a couple of albums," he laughed. "We've got two albums out since then, and, oh gosh… the show's a completely different experience. We're really happy to be finally coming to share the show, because we've always wanted to curate everything right down to a T. Everything. From the colour of the stage, to the light show, to the pyro that we're using and the music, and the jamming. We're, like, 'how much should we jam'… everything has changed since then. There are so many more songs that the show is so different. There's so many great moments in the show… Gosh, I'm so excited!" In the full interview Sam talks through the live show in greater detail, speaks of the nostalgia of playing at venues like Wembley and Madison Square Garden, any difficulties the band faces going from the euphoria of a sold-out stadium show to a smaller venue performance, their new album Starcatcher and how it has been received, capturing the band's live energy on that album, winning the Grammy in 2017 and what pressures it placed on the band, the temptation to replicate a winning album formula and more. For complete tour and ticket information, visit: & &
    20m 15s
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    Finding Solace With THE GHOST INSIDE

    19 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters Topping their last self-titled album was always going to be difficult for Californian metalcore outfit The Ghost Inside after it was named one of Loudwire's Best Rock and Metal Albums of 2020. The accolade was richly deserved for a band who have been through more lows than most, but despite sometimes insurmountable odds have always let their music do the talking. Merging metalcore's proficiency with the frenetic urgency of punk rock, The Ghost Inside have always had an aura of familiarity mixed with chaotic schizophrenia that has allowed them to connect with audiences on a global scale. But on their new album Searching For Solace, the five-piece metal machine have raised the bar upwards once more. Blending definitive characters of their music - honesty, vulnerability, the message, and the melody - with darker themes and expansive sonic landscapes, Searching For Solace is the perfect footprint on the journey of a band who have already proved that passion, resilience and perseverance can guide you through any setbacks. With a little help from music, of course. HEAVY sat down with the whole band - vocalist Jonathan Vigil, guitarists Zach Johnson and Chris Davis, bassist Jim Riley, and drummer Andrew Tkaczyk - to chat about the new album and life within The Ghost Inside. "It's very exciting, man. We've been sitting on it for a while now," Vigil enthused about album release day. "So it's nice to see it come to fruition and see it out in the world and see people's reactions and stuff. It's exciting." We ask the band to tell us more about the musicality on Searching For Solace. "We feel like with the self-titled we really stuck with like The Ghost Inside formula," Riley answered. "(we) Didn't take any chances there. That record was very clear what the objective was, kind of like long before we went into it. It was going to be the band's comeback record. Lyrical themes were all there right from the beginning. And this time, I think we just felt a lot more freedom." In the full interview, The Ghost Inside discussed their newly released album Searching for Solace and the creative process behind it. They talk about collaborating with multiple producers to explore different creative avenues and avoid limiting themselves to one specific sound. The band members also expressed their excitement for the upcoming Parkway Drive arena tour in Australia, highlighting the line-up of bands and the significance of the tour for the Australian music scene. They discussed their determination to define themselves without external influence, and their eagerness to play for both existing fans and new audiences.
    18m 49s
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    Unleashing The Beast With DAVE LUPTON From FLAMING WREKAGE

    17 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters For the last decade and a half the name Flaming Wrekage has been synonymous with hard, thrashy and brutal Australian music. Since forming in Sydney in 2009 the band have raised the bar for touring and commitment in this country, constantly throwing themselves at the mercy of the metal Gods in countless trips around this country and beyond. Not content to live on past glory, Flaming Wrekage are about to unleash their hardest-hitting record to date in the form of Terra Inferna on April 26. Showcasing a more experimental side of the band that can only be borne from self-confidence and belief, Terra Inferna looks set to elevate Flaming Wrekage even further, with vocalist/guitarist Dave Lupton joining HEAVY to talk about the album. "It's all systems go at the moment," he began. "I just picked up some merch from the printers this morning, so we'll be going out with the pre-orders pretty soon. It's been really good. It's an intense process, but super rewarding, much like the recording of the album, I would say. We really jammed everything we could into the time that we had and I think we've got something really special with this one. We've had a couple of singles out already, so hopefully everyone's digging it, but I'm really looking forward to getting the whole thing out. It's going to be a cathartic experience to get the whole album out on the world." In the full interview, Dave spoke more about the upcoming album release, Terra Inferno, and the band's experimental approach to songwriting, including the use of synths, slide guitar, and percussion. He also reflected on the band's evolution and shift towards a more diverse and cohesive sound. Lupton shared insights into the band's decision to use vintage equipment for recording, emphasizing the desire to create a big, impactful sound reminiscent of classic metal albums. The conversation also touched on the band's upcoming exclusive album launch shows in Melbourne and Sydney, where Lupton shared insights into the band's approach to preparing the set list and announced a competition for fans to win a bar tab and early merch access. Additionally, Lupton explained the intentional decision behind the band's name without the letter "C," which has become a recognizable feature of their logo.
    21m 57s
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    The Sands Of Time With RICHIE LEWIS From TUMBLEWEED

    17 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters Tumbleweed have been a mainstay on the Australian music scene for over three decades, having lasted through a plethora of music cycles, phases and periods of revolution. Throughout all they have steadfastly stayed true to their music, refusing to conform nor bow to the powers that be, instead rightfully deciding to forge their own path in music and thus create their own identity. It is a move that sees Tumbleweed as one of the last remaining rock icons from that era, with the band not only surviving through good times and bad, but also coming out stronger because of it. While Tumbleweed have earned the right to pick and choose their live shows, public demand for their music is still high, ensuring they are invited to perform at many Australian festivals as a major drawcard. So far this year, Tumbleweed have seldomly graced the stage, so much so that this weekend's headlining set at Sonic Rendezvous Record Store Day will be their first - and at this stage their only - gig in their hometown of Melbourne for 2024. To be held at Welcome To Thornbury on High Street, Northcote this Saturday, April 20, Sonic Rendezvous Record Store Day is a sonic celebration of live music and vinyl records on one of the most important days of the year, Record Store Day. Other bands appearing include Grinding Eyes from Sydney, acclaimed all-girl rockers Hot Machine, and a cast of other celebrated bands and DJ's. There will also be a record fair happening from 12pm to 4pm with 15 of Melbourne's best vinyl venders, food trucks, cold beers and countless other tasty delights, and all for the modest amount of $20. To find out more about the show and what has been happening in the Tumbleweed world, HEAVY tracked down frontman Richie Lewis for an entertaining chat. "It'll be great," he enthused. "My daughter's band is playing as well, Private Wives, they're on the bill so they will be really cool. They played with us down in Melbourne a couple of years ago, but they've gotten heaps better, so that will be amazing to see them doing their thing. Grinding Eyes, I've always been a big fan of. We actually did a 7" single with them a couple of years back, and we did a cover of an old 60s song called Pathway through The Forest, which is a wonderful song by a band called The Factory. We did a bunch of shows with Grinding Eyes a couple of years ago as well, and they are amazing live. I'm looking forward to seeing the other bands as well. I know of them. I've checked them out, but it will be the first time to see Hot Machine. It's gonna be pretty awesome. Twenty bucks? I mean, twenty bucks is a 1993 price (laughs). The whole vibe of Record Store Day is a good one. I'm a big fan of records. I like vinyl. I'm not a big fan of Spotify and digital stuff." In the full interview, Richie discussed a variety of topics related to music and their personal experiences. He talked about the upcoming music event where Tumbleweed will be performing alongside other bands, expressing enthusiasm for the line-up and sharing past experiences with some of the bands. He also discussed the appeal of Record Store Day and the resurgence of vinyl records, expressing a strong preference for the tactile and communal experience of vinyl over the convenience of digital streaming services like Spotify. The conversation also delved into the ethical considerations of supporting artists and the growing interest in vinyl records, ultimately emphasizing the positive and inclusive atmosphere of Record Store Day events, which cater to music enthusiasts of all ages. Additionally, he discussed the promotion of Richie's solo album and more.
    20m 38s
  • Conquering The Mountain With ANTON ERICSSON From QUANTUM

    17 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters On the surface, Swedish outfit Quantum can be best categorised as a progressive metal band, but as you start to peel back the layers a deeper, more eclectic personality emerges. Blending elements from various genres, including prog rock, metal, late romantic era classical music, and jazz, Quantum's music output transcends just prog, diving into a more all-encompassing sonic landscape that is as captivating as it is expansive. After the favourable response to debut EP Next Breath Of Air… Quantum are on the cusp of delivering their first full-length offering titled Down The Mountainside which draws from the above genres and more to provide a glimpse into the ever-evolving world that is Quantum. Frontman Anton Ericsson joined HEAVY to take us deeper. "It's an album with lots of things happening," he promised. "There's lots of heavy riffs, there's great grooves, longer chords and beautiful melodies." We ask Ericsson to take us further into the musical nature of Down The Mountainside. "We wrote… when I was writing the songs - they've been around for a long time some of these songs - you have some of the riffs and some of the songs done," he offered, "and you realise a lot of these songs fit together nicely so you start writing some of the other songs to fit in with those. I think one of the general sounds of this is like rock with a lot of electric elements of metal and a lot of electric elements of prog and a lot of electric elements of some jazz and some classical music as well." In the full interview, Anton discussed their highly anticipated debut album Down The Mountainside in more depth, shared details about the album's musical influences, sonic diversity, and thematic elements as well as the deep and intense lyrical themes that explore the concept of wearing masks and alter egos in dealing with life's challenges. He also explained the rationale behind inviting Richard Henshall and Tom MacLean from Haken to contribute guitar solos to the album, detailing their previous collaboration and the transformative effect of their solos on certain tracks. Anton's eclectic music style was attributed to his diverse musical influences and intuitive writing process, and he explained that the recording process involves starting with the band, adding layers, and sometimes envisioning specific sounds from the beginning, aiming to keep the band's sound at the forefront.
    15m 39s
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    Beyond The Mortal Realm With ANDREW CRAIGHAN From MY DYING BRIDE

    15 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters At thirty-three years young, doom/death metal outfit My Dying Bride still bite with the ferocity of a stallion, with a kick twice as ferocious. While many would be slowing down entering this stage of their careers, My Dying Bride give the impression they are only just getting started. Which is a frightfully sensational prospect. With their 15th album A Mortal Binding set for release on April 19, My Dying Bride are promising fans something fresh and enticing, adding yet another chapter to the band's musical output that has seen them dominate the genre for so many years. Featuring a revamped line-up of now-permanent guitarist Neil Blanchett and the return of drummer Dan Mullins, A Mortal Binding is signature My Dying Bride. Only better. Guitarist Andrew Craighan joined HEAVY to tell us more. "To be fair, I'm quite relaxed," he measured. "I'm a little bit apprehensive because we… I don't do a lot of social media. I don't see a lot of the reactions that are happening to it, and we didn't send the album out to our friends and family and that sort of thing. So I don't really know. I'm relatively confident that we've created something that's okay, but there's a little bit of apprehension on that because I don't really know what people are gonna think. Also, I'm relieved… is probably the word, because to get an album right - I don't think you ever get an album right. You finish when you run out of money type thing and hope they're right enough, so it's been hard work. There's been a lot of hard work and a lot of blood, sweat and beards and all that kind of thing. It's kind of like… it's dead space, if you know what I mean, where you're sat with a pregnant pause; the bride is quite literally… (laughs). You've got this strange time where you can't say anything about it because you don't want to oversell it. You can't push it out and you can't send it out - you're certainly not allowed to do that - so you're just sat waiting and thinking what's next? Thankfully April 19 isn't so far away, so we'll soon see." In the full interview, Andrew talks more about A Mortal Binding, if it's what fans would expect from the band, the singles released and how they sonically represent the album, what has changed with My Dying Bride since their last album The Ghost Of Orion, coming up with new material a
    15m 33s
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    Raw Passion With BILLIE-JADE

    15 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters Australian self-proclaimed metal diva Billie-Jade is counting down the days until the release of her debut EP XI:XI, an album both raw and unapologetically honest full of attitude and spunk while still maintaining an air of vulnerability. After releasing her first single Horror Haus not long after electing to perform as a solo artist back in 2016, Billie-Jade has hardened and refined her sound over recent years with the help of Grammy-winning producer/mixer Mitchell Marlow (New Year’s Day, In This Moment, Stitched Up Heart). Since tasting earlier success with Hatchet Dawn and Diamond Noir before going solo, Billie-Jade knows what it takes to be heard in the music industry and has channelled all of that rage and experience into her first solo outing XI:XI which will be released on April 19. HEAVY caught up with Billie-Jade to find out more. "I'm so excited," she enthused. "This has been a long time in the making. I did try to go over (to L.A.) for another writing session during COVID and got sent back (laughs). It's been a long time, and I'm just so excited to put out the ideas. There was one track I wrote in a writing session with Mitch when I first met him, which is Scream. That's the first track on the EP, and the rest I wrote with him later on. I'm just so excited to get all those ideas out together as an EP." In the full interview, Billie-Jade discussed her upcoming debut EP XI:XI in greater detail, providing insights into the creative process behind each song and the personal significance of the title. She emphasized the empowering themes of her music and the importance of working with a producer who understands her vision and more.
    16m 56s
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    The Struggle Is Real With DAVE MATRISE From JUNGLE ROT

    15 APR 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters After the disappointment at having to postpone their debut Australian tour in 2023, US death metal outfit Jungle Rot have stuck true to their promise of making it out here as soon as possible with the news they managed to find suitable dates with German black metal pioneers Rotting Christ this May. While Rotting Christ will be celebrating 35 years of servitude to the Metal Gods, Jungle Rot will be savouring the opportunity to showcase their music to a new audience, with a plan to capture the attention and support of as many of their Australian fans as possible. Frontman Dave Matrise joined HEAVY recently to discuss the rescheduled tour and more. With the tour just two weeks away we start by asking if he has already packed and readied himself for the long trip Down Under. "I'm gonna start tomorrow, actually," he smiled. "We're running down the list tomorrow, and we're gonna start doing it, and I'm gonna start mentally preparing myself. That's the hardest thing, mentally preparing myself for that flight (laughs)." Once here Jungle Rot have a brutal schedule, playing the whole run without a day off, which beckons the question does someone in their booking team dislike the band for some reason? "No, that's how we like it," he grinned. "We'd rather be playing every night, man. When you're on tour you wanna be playing every night because if you're not, you're going to spend money, so we'd rather try and make some money and work every night (laughs)." In the full interview, Dave discussed the band's upcoming tour in Australia, shared details about the tour schedule and his preparations for the shows and expressed his excitement for the band's first tour in Australia. The conversation also delved into the band's preference for playing shows every night and their determination to make the most of the tour. Matrise provided insights into the band's musical style, emphasizing their old-school death metal roots and the intense, raw energy of their live performances. The chat also revolved around Jungle Rot's music and career evolution, with a focus on their songwriting process and commitment to their sound. Additionally, they talked about their 11th studio album, A Call To Arms, and outlined their plans for future tours and new music, emphasizing their continual dedication to their craft.
    10m 14s

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