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  • Dr Nigel Plummer probiotics expert

    17 OCT 2017 · British researcher Dr Nigel Plummer PhD, is a world renowned expert in probiotics. In this highly informative interview with Viarnne Mischon, Dr Plummer explains what the gut #microbiome is, why gut health is so important and how the right #probiotic can support both digestive #health and general #wellbeing. Dr Plummer's research on the use of normal flora in the prevention and treatment of genito-urinary #candidiasis has won numerous awards and he has a wealth of knowledge to share on the positive health benefits of probiotics. Dr Plummer was a guest speaker for Blackmores at the 2017 Australian Pharmacy Professional Conference and Trade Exhibition (APP) and his research team has published over 80 original scientific papers including eight human RCT’s mainly on the microbiome and it’s manipulation with probiotics. This background, combined with over 20 years of experience in the field, provides the foundation for the lectures he gives globally to both health professionals and members of the public on all aspects of nutrition and its contribution to health and disease.
    23m 32s
  • Dr Jerome Sarris - Anxiety

    14 SEP 2016 · Dr Jerome Sarris talks about nutraceuticals role in resolving #anxiety and #depression. BIO: Dr Jerome Sarris is a Senior Research Fellow at The University of Melbourne (CR Roper Fellow) and Head of the ARCADIA Mental #Health Research Group within The Professorial Unit. Jerome moved from clinical practice to academic work, and completed a doctorate at The University of Queensland in the field of #psychiatry. He undertook his postdoctoral training at The University of Melbourne, Department of Psychiatry; The Centre for Human #Psychopharmacology, Swinburne University of Technology; and The #Depression Clinic & Research Program at Harvard Medical School (MGH). He has a particular interest in mood disorders, anxiety, and #insomnia research pertaining to #nutraceuticals, #lifestyle medicine, and #integrative mental health. He has over 100 publications, and has published in many eminent psychiatry journals such as The American Journal of Psychiatry, Lancet Psychiatry, and World Psychiatry. Jerome is a founding Vice Chair of The International Network of Integrative Mental Health (INIMH); and an Executive Board member of the International Society of Nutritional Psychiatry Research. Healthy Alternatives broadcasts live 1st-3rd Monday 5pm on the multi-award winning lifestyle show 'What a Wonderful World' 94.1fm Melbourne and global streaming from
    24m 34s
  • Lyme Disease is in Australia

    12 SEP 2016 · Viarnne speaks with Sharon Whiteman, President of Lyme Disease Association of Australia about the issues surrounding the 'official denial' that Lyme disease exists in Australia and the devastating impact the disease is having on so many Australians who are struggling to find help for their condition. Visit for more information and resources Healthy Alternatives broadcasts live 1st-3rd Monday 5pm on the multi-award winning lifestyle show 'What a Wonderful World' 94.1fm Melbourne and global streaming from
    23m 19s
  • Folinic Acid - Craig Baron Naturopath

    11 SEP 2016 · Craig Baron talks with Viarnne about folinic acid's important role in increasing #seratonin and treating conditions such as #anxiety and #depression. BIO: Craig Baron is a Clinical #Naturopath and has been working in the Complementary and Alternative #Medicine Profession for over 9 years. Craig is a Nutritional Medicine Lecturer at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies and is a presenter, writer and Scientific Advisor for the Bio Concepts Education Centre which was founded by renowned #biochemist, #author and nutritional expert, Henry Osiecki. Craig works alongside Henry as a member of the Bio Concepts Product Technical Research and Development Team to develop high quality, innovative and effective nutritional and #herbal formulations for the Orthoplex and Pure Innovation Nutrient Ranges. Craig's specializes in #metabolic health with a focus on #diabetes, #obesity, weight and energy related #pathologies as well as #mood and behavioural disturbances highlighting and addressing the impact that modern nutritional and lifestyle choices can influence people's emotional and physical #well-being.
    31m 3s
Healthy Alternatives brings you interviews with leaders and experts in the fields of healthy living, personal wellbeing and integrated medicine - produced by Viarnne Mischon
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