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  • Podcast 58 Lindsay's 6 Homeschool Tips For a Happy Homeschool Experience

    28 APR 2020 · Homeschool is hard any day of the week, but during this quarantine it’s even more difficult. I heard someone even call it crisis schooling, instead of homeschooling. I’ve gathered 6 tips and tricks from her own experience, and from other veteran homeschoolers that should help make things just a little smoother. 1: Remain calm and be patient (With yourself, your kids, your kids teachers, etc.) 2: Set boundaries and establish a routine. 3: Be Flexible. 4: Everyone needs their space; give it to them! 5: Incorporate things from your old normal into your new normal. 6: Treat your family with love and respect, and find ways to get everyone involved in meaningful ways. In this episode I give specific guidance on boundary setting and establishing a behavior rewards system, how to know when to toss “school” out the window, and how to get everyone involved in meaningful ways. If you have more questions, or have ideas you could share, please contact us at Please consider becoming a patron at
    Played 23m 37s
  • Podcast 57 Practical Preparedness and COVID19

    21 MAR 2020 · Join Lindsay and I as we talk about how to be the bastion of calm and confidence during these uncertain times. we talk about toilet paper alternatives, having a preparedness mindset, and where/why to start preparing.
    Played 29m 37s
  • Podcast 56 "Self-Sufficient" Debunked

    12 AUG 2019 · In this episode Lindsay tells us why being self sufficient might be harder than it sounds. Give it a listen and tell us other topics you want us to cover. please support the show by going to www. Visit our website at
    Played 21m 20s
  • Podcast 55 Listener Questions and Homestead Advise

    7 JUL 2018 · In today's episode we are answering a couple listener questions and giving some homestead advise. Please leave any questions or comments here or at our website: Thanks for Listening!
    Played 18m 32s
  • Podcast 54 Intro to Permaculture Part 4 Energy Cycling, Biodiversity, and Natural Succession

    28 APR 2018 · In this episode we finish the Intro to Permaculture series by tackling the topics of, Biological Resources, Natural Succession, Energy Cycling, Biodiversity, and Edge. This book (Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison) is an amazing resource for everyone who wants to live a sustainable life. Please come on out to to hear all the episodes, read the blog, see pictures of the farm, and shop our store. please consider becoming a permaculture hero by supporting the work we do here on Patreon at Thanks for listening!
    Played 34m 32s
  • Podcast 53 Intro to Permaculture Part 3 Zones

    13 APR 2018 · Welcome back everyone! In this episode we continue our series on the Intro to Permaculture. Our topic for today is zones. A design is broken up into 6 zones which consist of zone 0 through zone 5. In this episode we discuss in detail what these zones are and how they fit into the permaculture landscape. Thanks for listening. This episode is brought to you by our sponsors at ! Become a sponsor today! Find us on social media at Haven Homestead where you can like, share, follow, promote, etc.
    Played 22m 45s
  • Podcast 52 -Food Economy-Lindsay

    19 MAR 2018 · This is Lindsay's first solo episode. She is such a sweetheart for wanting to help me out while I am adjusting to my new job. She did the recording and i did the editing and posting. This episode is primarily about three phases of food economy. They are: meal planning, planning for and using leftovers, and composting unusable food scraps. we would like to hear what you think about the episode and we want to know if you have any requests for future episodes. This episode is brought to you by The Haven Homestead Please come out and visit us at Take an active role in spreading the good word about sustainable living by becoming our patron at today! Please like, share, comment, and/or subscribe to any of our social media sites: Instagram- @thehavenhomestead Youtube- havenhomestead Facebook- havenhomestead2009 Twitter- havenhomestead From all of us here at Haven Homestead, Thanks for listening!!
    Played 18m 25s
  • Podcast 51 Intro to Permaculture Part2 Permaculture Principles

    5 MAR 2018 · This is the second part of our Intro to Permaculture series. Today the topics we cover are: Relative Placement of Elements and Many Elements Preform Many Functions. I've found that it is hard to explain a concept without using drawings or visual input of any kind. If any of this is hard to understand, please send me a email and I would be happy to demystify it for you. We can (and will) change the world with permaculture! this episode is brought to you by Lindsay's writing read her blog at she also has books for sale on amazon. They are "How to D.I.Y. Anything: The Ultimate Maker Mindset" which is available in hard-copy and digital format, "The Christmas Angel", and "The Thanksgiving Chase". Thanks for listening!
    Played 19m 45s
  • Podcast 50 Intro to Permaculture Part 1 Ethics

    25 FEB 2018 · Permaculture is a design science based on natural systems. There is so much to say about permaculture that I couldn't do it justice here in the show notes. In this episode we are kicking off a 4 part series about permaculture. it will be the highlights of the first chapter of the book: Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison Today's episode covers: "what is permaculture?", and "the three ethics of permaculture" This Episode is brought to you by Happy Leaf LED, home of the Anywhere, Anytime, Garden in a Box. Please consider becoming a patron of the show at Come on out to to see what is going on here at the homestead Thanks for listening!
    Played 20m 48s
  • Podcast 49 Cheap or Free Season Extenders

    16 FEB 2018 · In this episode we talk about ways to extent the growing season to get better harvests and beat the frost. We talk about recycling milk jugs and soda bottles, using windows for cold frames, using painters plastic to make a mini greenhouse, and more. After you give this episode a listen let me know what you think about it at Visit our wonderful sponsors at for all of you indoor passive hydroponic growing needs. Consider doing your part in keeping this great work moving along my supporting us at for $1, 3, 5, 10, 20, or $30. Thanks for listening!!
    Played 18m 22s
Welcome to the Haven Homestead Podcast where we learn and grow together on our way to living a more sustainable life.
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