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Happy Hour, Happy Patients

  • Revolutionizing Patient Care: The Digital Frontier in Pulmonary Medicine

    9 JAN 2024 · In this episode of "Happy Patients, Happy Hours," we embark on a journey into the digital realm of pulmonary medicine alongside our esteemed guest, Dr. Suman Sinha. As the Chief of Pulmonary Medicine at CHRISTUS Trinity Clinic, Dr. Sinha enlightens us on the remarkable influence technology has had on patient care. From the revolutionary advancements in lung cancer screenings to the utilization of two-way text messaging for patient engagement, he sheds light on the transformative potential of healthcare technology. Join us as we delve into the pioneering efforts in early cancer detection and the profound human impact of improving patient outcomes in the digital age. Takeaways - Impact of Technology in Healthcare Advancements - Importance of Lung Cancer Screening Programs - Patient Success Story and Impact of Text Message Outreach - Addressing Barriers to Screening - Connection between Smoking and Major Causes of Morbidity and Mortality - Importance of Healthcare Technology Quotes "The inclusion of new cancer therapeutics has significantly improved patient survival, with some individuals now living for years even with advanced stage disease."- Dr. Suman Sinha "To effectively tackle future challenges, it is essential to integrate multiple screening modalities and establish a strong symbiosis between healthcare and technology."- Dr. Suman Sinha Featured in this Episode FT. Dr. Suman Sinha Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 00:13 - Pioneering Pulmonary Medicine Specialist 05:28 - Exciting Advancements in Biologics for Asthma Treatment 06:43 - Cancer Care Advancements Lead to Extended Lives 11:54 - Low Dose CAT Scan Revolutionizes Lung Screening 14:38 - Text Reminders Improve Appointment Attendance for Patients 18:15 - Anticipated Patient Questions, Shared Decision Making Process 22:57 - Text Emphasizes Deep Empathy in Patient-Doctor Interactions 27:29 - Disparity in Cancer Screening, Barriers Need Addressing 31:42 - Machine Learning to Identify Patients for Screening 32:32 - Study Analyzes Lung Cancer Screening and Broadband Access 38:55 - Targeting Patients Effectively, Especially in Difficult Times 41:09 - Patients Improved through Text-Based Treatment Approach 42:56 - Successful Treatment and Screening Impact 44:37 - Outro Produced by Heart Cast Media
    Played 43m 35s
  • Innovating for Impact: A Deep Dive in Healthcare Transformation

    11 DEC 2023 · In this episode of “Happy Hour, Happy Patients!,” Join host Lisa Blue as she engages in an enlightening conversation with the dynamic Rick Bennett, an expert in hospitality and healthcare who leads population health solutions at Castel, dives deep into the transformative impact of value-based care and the importance of technology in enhancing patient communication and care coordination. Gain insights into Rick's journey, his passion for utilizing CRM and AI in healthcare and the profound influence of individual stories on shaping the patient experience. Explore the exciting intersection of hospitality and healthcare, and discover how technology plays a pivotal role in creating a more patient-centric approach to care. Takeaways - Strategies for Driving Change in Healthcare - The Role of Technology in Improving Patient Communication and Care Coordination - The Importance of Resources and Tools in Value-Based Care - A Focus on Human Element in Healthcare - The Patient-Centric Approach in Healthcare Quotes "You still want to give the providers all the tools that they need in order to accomplish their goals, but on top of that, another focus is to give them the resources." -Rick Bennett "Customer service is key in healthcare. Timely communication and setting expectations for patients are crucial for positive clinical outcomes." -Rick Bennett Featured in this Episode FT. Rick Bennett Guest LinkedIn: Guest Website: Chapters 00:00 - Introduction0 0:15 - Rick Bennett Bridges Innovation and Patient Well-being 03:16 - Importance of Lifelong Learning in Healthcare and Technology 07:33 - Incentives, Achievable Targets, Tools, Resources for Providers 12:11 - Limited EMR Data May Miss Crucial Patient Care 14:53 - Supportive Care Through Personalized Outreach and Guidance 18:53 - Congratulations on Remarkable Improvements in Patient Care 23:15 - Castel's Strategic Partners, Shifting Toward Modern Technologies 26:59 - Nuance Uses AI to Listen and Understand 30:59 - Switched to Healthcare Tech to Impact Lives 33:17 - Real Impactful Stories of Improved Patient Health 35:54 - Outro Produced by Heartcast Media
    Played 36m 5s
  • Mastering Healthcare Leadership: A Conversation with CEO Monique Delgado

    4 DEC 2023 · In this engaging episode of "Happy Patients, Happy Hours," host Lisa Blue engages in a captivating conversation with Monique Delgado, the esteemed CEO of Integrated Medical Services (IMS). Together, they explore the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry and share profound insights on various aspects. From the significance of patient engagement and the complexities of change management to effective strategies for enhancing clinical outcomes and the overall patient experience, Lisa and Monique delve deep into the intricacies of navigating this dynamic field. Drawing from her extensive expertise, Monique brings forth valuable perspectives on leadership, innovation, and the pursuit of operational excellence. Takeaways - Importance of Patient Engagement and Managing Change in Healthcare - Trends, Planning, and Adaptability in Healthcare - Positioning for Success in Providing Great Patient Experience - Creating a Model Allowing Autonomy and Encouraging Innovation - Strategies to Improve Patient Engagement and Experience - Challenges of Managing Different Payer Contracts in Healthcare Quotes "Taking a best practice and sharing it creates a level of competition, inspiring others to achieve higher. It also fosters a sense of pride, as everyone wants to be a contributor." - Monique Delgado "Understanding people, assessing their roles, and supporting their journey ensures having the right players in place." - Monique Delgado Featured in this Episode FT. Monique Delgado Guest LinkedIn: Guest Website: Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 05:04 - From the Lowest Level to Partnership: A Unique Journey 07:28 - Harnessing Individual Talent for Empowered Success 11:23 - Putting Innovation and Patient Engagement at the Heart of Healthcare 15:31 - Celebrating Remarkable Progress and Consistent Excellence 20:28 - Supporting Healthcare Professionals with Strategic Workflow Development 23:17 - Enabling Others and Leading towards Success 25:47 - From Reluctance to Champion: Embracing the Opportunity of EDK 29:26 - Anticipating Market Trends, Wages, and Technology in Healthcare 32:34 - Uniting Specialties for Enhanced Collaboration in Care 37:40 - Empowering Women in Leadership: Valuable Advice 39:17 - Outro Produced by Heartcast Media
    Played 39m 24s
  • Disruption by Design: Innovation Expertise Unleashed

    30 OCT 2023 · Welcome to another Episode of Happy Hour, Happy Patients! Today we have a special guest joining us, Dr. Chet Robson. We'll dive into the exciting world of healthcare technology and how it's revolutionizing patient care. We'll discuss the importance of combining expertise with digital solutions to improve products, the shift towards care being provided at home, and the need for better integration and coordination among care providers. Plus, we'll explore the role of AI and other advanced technologies in addressing specific healthcare challenges, as well as the significance of trusted sources of information when navigating the complex healthcare landscape Takeaways - Integration of Expertise and Technology in Digital Health Companies - Creating a Searchable Database for Apps and Technologies - Importance of Timely Information in Healthcare - Emerging Technologies and Their Impact on Healthcare - Patient Engagement and the Role of Technology - Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare - Care at Home and Continuity of Care Quotes "Technology seamlessly integrates health data, providing all care providers with a comprehensive patient view."- Dr. Chet Robson "You have to be very focused to make sure that you're solving a real problem and finding real solutions for that."- Dr. Chet Robson Featured in this Episode FT. Dr. Chet Robson Guest LinkedIn: Guest Instagram: Guest Website: Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 00:06 - Exploring Healthcare Innovation and Patient Satisfaction 04:41 - The Process of Validation and Inclusion in a Trusted Database 07:35 - Strategically Combining Technology and Innovation in Healthcare 10:23 - Addressing Healthcare Challenges: Assessing Severity and Decision-Making 13:44 - Technology's Role in Enhancing Patient Engagement and Experience 17:29 - Leveraging Technology to Solve Healthcare Challenges 21:17 - Meeting Timely Healthcare Needs and Addressing Weekend Concerns 24:18 - The Healthcare Revolution: Digital Solutions and Artificial Intelligence 28:02 - Enhancing Healthcare Through Improved Communication, Visibility, and AI 31:55 - Identifying and Iterating Solutions for Transportation Challenges 33:51 - Outro Produced by Heartcast Media
    Played 34m 42s
  • Unlocking Nursing Potential: Residency and Innovation

    23 OCT 2023 · Welcome to another "Happy Hour, Happy Patients!" podcast episode, where we focus on healthcare innovation. Our guest today is Dr. Dawna L. Cato, a healthcare industry innovator with over 20 years of nursing experience. She's the director of the nurse residency program at Dignity Health Global Education, and her passion lies in supporting nurses to provide top-quality care. In this episode, we'll discuss how empowering nurses can drive meaningful changes in healthcare. Join us as we explore Dr. Cato's journey, her work in nursing education, and her efforts to enhance patient outcomes. Let's discover how to create better patient interactions. Takeaways - The Importance of Nurses and Patient Care - Dr. Cato's Background and Passion for Empowering Nurses - The Biggest Opportunity in Healthcare Today Quotes "I'm passionate about empowering nurses to provide personalized patient care." -Dr. Dawna L. Cato "Nurses have a great chance to advance professionally, continue their education, engage in lifelong learning, and make a real impact on patient care." -Dr. Dawna L. Cato Featured in this Episode Dr. Dawna L. Cato LinkedIn: Website: Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 00:09 - Inspiring Ideas in Healthcare 05:58 - Empowering Nurses for Change 09:12 - Prioritizing Patient Safety and Nurse Care 11:53 - From Observing to Leading: Transforming Nursing in Rural China 13:11 - From a Two-Week Plan to a Three-Year Journey 14:50 - Lessons from Exceptional Patient Care 15:17 - Finding Meaning Beyond the Healthcare Setting 19:42 - A Structured Program for Nursing Transition 22:45 - Emerging Trends: The Future of Healthcare and AI 24:05 - Thrilling Clinical Experiences: Validating Competencies 27:53 - Outro Produced by Heartcast Media
    Played 28m 14s
  • Transforming Traditional Healthcare: The Catalyst Behind Catalytic Health Partners

    16 OCT 2023 · Welcome back to another episode of Happy Hour, Happy Patients! Today we have a very special guest joining us, Susan Cordts, The leader of Catalytic Health Partners. In this episode, we dive deep into the importance of bringing the focus back to patient care and reshaping healthcare for underserved individuals. We'll hear about Susan's journey in starting Catalytic Health Partners and her success in creating innovative solutions through predictive analytics and proprietary technologies. We'll also explore the potential of artificial intelligence in healthcare and the challenges and risks that come with it. Prepare to be inspired and invigorated as we delve into actionable insights for enhancing workdays and patient interactions. Takeaways: -Susan Cordts' Journey and Catalytic Health Partners -Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare -Leveraging Simple Technologies -Purpose of the Happy Hour, Happy Patients Podcast -Addressing Social Determinants of Health -Shift from Serving People to Profit Orientation -Prioritizing Needs in Patient Interactions Quotes "We can broaden our horizons and adapt our approaches to better suit the preferences of our audience. Embracing a multi-channel strategy is efficient and affordable with modern technology." -Susan Cordts "We are dedicated to creating a real difference in people's lives and focusing on their overall well-being." -Susan Cordts Featured in this Episode Susan Cordts LinkedIn: Website: Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 00:49 - In-Depth Conversations with Healthcare Innovators 05:02 - Exploring a Holistic Approach to Healthcare 08:00 - Prioritizing Social Determinants of Health in Integrated Care 12:32 - The Power of Vulnerability in Achieving Success 14:52 - Unlocking Career Insights and Personal Growth 17:24 - Dedication to Serving High-Risk Individuals and Vulnerable Populations 21:38 - Collaborative Efforts and Successes with Health Plans 25:57 - AI's Promising Role in Healthcare Opportunities 29:33 - Balancing Technology and Human Interaction 32:17 - Arizona's Dedication to Unlocking Human Potential 34:56 - Outro Produced by Heartcast Media
    Played 35m 41s
  • Innovating Healthcare: The Providertech Journey

    9 OCT 2023 · Welcome to another episode of Happy Hour, Happy Patients! In today's episode, We sit down with Ryan Louis, a guest who shares their journey in the healthcare industry. From their days in IT consulting to their current role at ProviderTech, our guest opens up about their experiences and insights. Together, they dive into the importance of people, process, and technology in solving healthcare challenges, highlighting the significance of population health management. Join us as we explore the power of technology, the impact of human intervention, and how a text message may have played a vital role in saving someone's life. Get ready to uncover stories and gain perspectives. Key Takeaways: - Provider Tech's Early Beginnings - The Triad of People, Process, and Technology - Tech and Its Role in Population Health - Leadership and Feedback Dynamics - Exploring Generative AI in Healthcare - Notable Projects and Impactful Stories - Shifting Toward Entrepreneurship Quotes "Our approach goes beyond technology. We first understand our clients' processes, improve them, and then apply technology for project success." - Ryan Louis "Human intervention will forever remain essential in assisting patients throughout the entire process." - Ryan Louis Featured in the Episode Ryan Louis Founder, Health Executive - Providertech Linkedin: Lisa Blue Nurse Executive - Providertech Linkedin:
    Played 34m 1s
  • Pilot Episode

    11 SEP 2023
    Played 2m 3s

“Happy Hour, Happy Patients” is a healthcare innovation podcast that highlights ideas, trends, and innovations happening all around us in the healthcare system. The podcast is hosted by Lisa Blue...

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“Happy Hour, Happy Patients” is a healthcare innovation podcast that highlights ideas, trends, and innovations happening all around us in the healthcare system. The podcast is hosted by Lisa Blue of Providertech, an RN that has worked in a variety of different healthcare settings over the last 25 years. The name of our podcast references the concept that focusing on our own health and happiness has a direct positive impact on the patients we serve. We created this space to talk with our extraordinary guests in this upcoming series and these conversations are intended to inspire and re-energize you while sharing the exciting how-to’s that you can take with you to make your next workday and patient interaction a little bit better. We all know that change happens incrementally so sharing these ideas can move us all towards improvements, together.
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