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  • We Stand on the Backs of Generations of Women: Some Thoughts on My Grandmother

    8 SEP 2020 · We stand on the backs of incredible generations of women. I share some thoughts about my we owe it to our foremothers to follow our dreams and how we owe it the world right now to share our gifts.
    25m 16s
  • Self-Care & Life Coach Keiyana Arnold on Self-Care as an Act of Protest & Living Authentically

    1 SEP 2020 · Keiyana Arnold is a self-care and life coach. It is her mission to help others create happiness in their lives and ultimately have more good days than bad ones. She says, “It brings me so much joy to introduce this journey to the world. Especially with so much going on right now. We need each other, more now than ever, to rise up and power through.” Keiyana created her business for all the moms that neglect themselves while devoting every ounce of her energy to keeping their households intact. For every LGBTQ+ person who spends their days trying to prove their existence to society. For every Black woman who has been overlooked, even though she is always pouring all of her time and energy into the happiness and expectations of others. Her coaching is for you if you have ever doubted the fact that YOU are the greatest love of your own life. 💫  Keiyana provides individual and group coaching programs centered around self love, setting and implementing boundaries, life, and self care. One of her most recent programs is called Black Woman Healing, a 7-day group coaching program, designed to help Black women reconnect or deepen the connection with themselves through daily self care activities, group coaching calls, and accountability.
    57m 40s
  • Marketing Coach Thais Padilla on Never Giving Up While Building Your Dream Business

    25 AUG 2020 · Thais Padilla is a marketing coach who helps female entrepreneurs become wildly in demand and generate consistent income months through proven marketing strategies. After starting her business, Thais was able to go from having one client to being consistently booked out in her serviced-based business within five months. Now she teaches other serviced-based entrepreneurs how they can create sustainable and profitable businesses without having to be glued to their phones all day. Her enthusiasm for helping female entrepreneurs is infectious.
    45m 25s
  • Musician/Artist Kelly Fleek on Living Your Truth & Successful Queer & Creative Partnerships

    18 AUG 2020 · Kelly Fleek is a Spider Fern Maven (the Spider Ferns are her band). A Lo Flux babe (Lo Flux Media is her PR company). A storyteller. And a maker of things who is into witchy shizz. We discuss living your truth, successful queer and creative partnerships, and kicking doors down.
    53m 1s
  • Skater/Filmmaker Myriah Marquez on Living With Compassion and the Beauty of Being Alive

    11 AUG 2020 · Myriah Marquez is a skateboarder and a filmmaker. She lives with an invisible illness, which impacts her life in a multitude of ways. For instance, she lives in her van because she can’t afford an LA apartment on top of her health expenses, and her illness makes steady work challenging. However, she doesn’t let that stop her from doing amazing things. Her documentary short film, Uncomfortably Comfortable, is a beautiful visual (I think it’s a poem) movie. It’s only 13 minutes, but it’s so powerful. Someone described it as the "ultimate road movie (in 13 minutes)," and she recently won best first-time director at a film festival for her film. She is a co-founder of GrlSwirl, an all Womxn Skateboarding collective, dedicated to inclusion, philanthropy and female empowerment. She is so giving, and in our conversation, I was struck by how much she cares for other people. That also comes across in her movie. In the film, we witness her processing her life while trying to shift society's standards of compassion.
    58m 23s
  • Jaime Parker Stickle on Living Life as an Author, Writer, Actor and the Importance of Trusting Your Instincts

    4 AUG 2020 · Jaime Parker Stickle is an author, writer, and actor who holds an MFA in writing from the University of California, Riverside. She is the creator and co-host of the “Make That Paper” podcast, which looks at all the strange side hustles we artists do to support our art, and the new storytelling series “Okay You Guys…” in Los Angeles. Her work has been published in both the 2018 and 2019 Adelaide Literary Anthologies. She is currently in revisions on her novel! And, she is the co-editor of the GXRL blog. We discuss the importance of trusting your instincts and going after your dreams even when people tell you 'no.'
    1h 3m 18s
  • Author and Cancer Survivor Kimberly Tronic on Living Life to the Fullest

    28 JUL 2020 · Kimberly Tronic is a two-time Stage Three ovarian cancer survivor. Despite losing her hair, ovaries, uterus, spleen, and breasts, she gained a whole new attitude and perspective. Kimberly documented the journey in her memoir, “Dear Diary, Does This Cancer Make My Ass Look Fat?” - a collection of diary entries that depicts her new sense of self among the baldness, breakdowns, and breakthroughs. Through her writing, volunteering, and speaking opportunities, Kimberly is determined to share her tumor humor with anyone facing challenges in their own life - because a little darkness doesn’t have to dampen your spirit…and laughter is always the perfect prescription. We have a great conversation about cancer, living life to the fullest, and overcoming fear.
    59m 23s
  • Performance Artist and Musician Kym Priess on the Importance of Having a Creative Process

    21 JUL 2020 · Kym Priess is a bold creator, musician, singer, actor, on-camera host, and performance artist living in Los Angeles. Her work pushes boundaries, forms and comfort levels yet maintains a playful, whimsical and curious tone. Her current focus is her adventure spectacle rock project called STUNTDRIVER. The project straddles rock and art while examining the age-old battle between light and dark via sci-fi like personas amidst heavy electro-rock. We discuss her artistic journey and the importance of having a creative process.
    59m 59s
  • Moushumi Ghose on Persevering as an Artist, Sex Therapy, and Weird Crushes

    14 JUL 2020 · Moushumi Ghose is a sex educator, therapist, music maker, and writer. We talk about persevering as an artist, weird crushes, and how we've changed (and become better) as we've gotten older.
    1h 35s
  • Rebecca Horn Black on Making It as a Photo Director and Creative Producer

    7 JUL 2020 · Rebecca Horn Black is a photo director and a creative producer. Her professional journey is full of unexpected twists and turns. We discuss what it was like being a woman and heading the photo department at Playboy as well as the surprising success of the documentary film she co-produced, the Queen of Versailles.
    56m 5s
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