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Gigi in the 561

  • Florida Fall Fashions? Please

    13 AUG 2021 · Plus jewelry that tracks fish.
    Played 13m 37s
  • Is There a Ketchup Shortage?

    15 APR 2021 · Save those packets!
    Played 16m 39s
  • Cate Talks About Easter

    3 APR 2021 · Plus a recipe from a 1930s cookbook.
    Played 8m 23s
  • Dolly, Fleetwood and Fruity Pizza

    4 MAR 2021 · Plus Happy B-Day to Catherine O'Hare
    Played 19m 34s
  • Golden Globes Post Script

    2 MAR 2021 · Plus some of my favorite quotes.
    Played 15m 28s
  • Interview: Francis Gary Powers, Jr.

    1 MAR 2021 · Francis Gary Powers Jr. is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Cold War Museum located at Vint Hill, VA. He is the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee for the Cold War Theme Study which assists the National Park Service to identify historic Cold War sites for preservation.​In 2015, he consulted for a Steven Spielberg thriller, Bridge of Spies, about the 1962 spy exchange between KGB spy Rudolph Abel and CIA U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, Sr. Gary is the author of Letters from a Soviet Prison and Spy Pilot. He lectures internationally, appears regularly on news broadcasts.
    Played 29m 57s
  • Interview: Rich Heiland

    21 FEB 2021 · Rich Heiland is a former newspaper reporter, editor, and publisher. He was part of a Pulitzer Prize-winning team. He taught journalism at Western Illinois University and leadership at Woodbury College in Vermont.
    Played 31m 11s
  • The Ex-Royals and the Red Planet

    19 FEB 2021 · Big doings on Mars.
    Played 20m 21s
  • Interview: Susan Goldfein

    15 FEB 2021 · Everyone needs a laugh these days, right? A good place to start is Susan Goldfein's blog, "UNFILTERED WIT," .With a doctorate in Communication Disorders from Teachers College, Columbia University, she found success as a clinician, teacher, and consultant, which she says "has done absolutely nothing to prepare her for creating her books." Nevertheless, she has plunged into a second career writing humorous essays about life with wit, wisdom, and a touch of irony. ​Susan is the author of two award-winning collections of humorous personal essays: “How Old Am I in Dog Years?” and “How to Complain When There’s Nothing to Complain About.”
    Played 27m 34s
  • Interview: Chris Costello

    12 FEB 2021 · I had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Costello -- daughter of Lou Costello of the legendary comedy team, Abbott and Costello -- a few years ago Since then, she has added podcasting to her repertoire of many interests. Her award-winning podcast, ON CUE, can be found on all the major podcast platforms. Join us as we talk fascinating people, her famous father, cruising and much more.
    Played 28m 34s
My podcasts cover many topics, all in one session, and I will attempt to give you an idea of what I am offering up in each one.
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