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    Ghost Wave Radio: Show 2

    20 APR 2017 · New Facebook page: Centhron - Skullfucker Noisuf-X - Clubhit Gary Numan - I Am Dust Psycho Circus - Dein Reich aus Lügen Distoxia - Antiheroe (Syncfactory Remix) Hanzel und Gretyl - Number 1 In Deutschland Mortiis - The Great Leap Die Krupps - Robo-sapien Von Thronstahl -- We Walked in Line (North Korean Mix) Death With Machines - The Grey Divide Y-LUK-O - Lipstick Lie Mechanical Moth - Black Queen Style Project Pitchfork - Timekiller Kinderfield - Fishing Distorted World - Endless Agony Van Roy Asylum - The Amputated Limb(o) Pride And Fall - The Angel At The Pillar Noisuf-X - Go Fuck Yourself reADJUST - Promised Land (RMX by Intent_Outtake) Severe Illusion - Lost
    1h 31m 44s
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    Ghost Wave Radio: Show 1

    22 MAR 2017 · Grendel - Hate This Syncfactory – Anathema Plague Called Humanity - Mrtvy Svět Miss Construction - Fuck Me Too Suicide Commando - Fuck You Bitch (Combichrist Remix) Obsidian FX - You Are Eternal (Holycrush Remix) People of Indeterminate Type - Noise in the house (Death In Ecstasy re-edit) New Today - No End Sleetgrout - Alсohol Trouble A Million Machines - Undivided Revco - Hookerbot3000 (Tweaker Mix) Lights Out, God Help Me - Lapdance - Disco Scum Mix by To The Ground Syncfactory - Burst (Riot Kitten Remix) PittersplatteR - 10 6 11 Funker Vogt - City of Darkness Fopmusic - Forever And A Day Pisces Black - She's Lost Control - ( Joy Division Cover - Dark Edition ) Maxdmyz - Hate Injustice RMX by CTRL ALT DEL Rabitrup – Solomon PLVGUE DΦCTΦR - †h3 VVITCH DΦCTΦR V▲LH▲LL - Einhärjar -TRIP CULT EDIT To The Ground - The Wheel Evil Symbols - Transforming
    1h 35m 43s
All forms of darkness, including EBM, Industrial, Dark Wave, various forms of Gothic Rock and Metal and even genres such as Witch House. The show is not for the faint-hearted
Author Metal Legions
Categories Music
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