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  • Jeff Gallant

    6 MAR 2024 · Gettin Air with Jeff Gallant. Jeff is the Program Director of Affordable Learning Georgia, which promotes student success and fosters educational equity through its programs to boost the use of affordable and open educational resources. Jeff joins the show to tell us how his journey to saving students in Georgia millions in textbook costs all started with a saxophone.
    35m 45s
  • Blair Niblett

    26 FEB 2024 · Gettin' Air with Blair Niblett. Dr. Niblett is Associate Professor in the School of Education at Trent University. This episode was brought to you by Trent University's Centre for Teaching and Learning. The CTL produces a wonderful monthly newsletter called Teaching Notes and February's newsletter is focused on care and kindness in education. We thought an interview with Dr. Niblett, whose scholarship has love and care in pedagogy at its core, would be just the thing to include. As such, Blair's journey to enact an ethic of care as a pedagogical paradigm is central to the discussion.
    27m 23s
  • Jon Dron

    20 FEB 2024 · Gettin' Air with Jon Dron. Professor Jon Dron is the Associate Dean, Learning & Assessment in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Athabasca University and a British National Teaching Fellow. Dr. Dron joins the show to chat a little bit about how education works via his latest book:
    33m 20s
  • Dr. Verena Roberts

    14 FEB 2024 · Gettin' Air with Verena Roberts. Dr. Roberts joins the show to chat about Open Education in K12 vs. Higher Ed, PhD learning journeys, and learning designers in the margins. Oh and we also accidentally ruin the Oilers almost-record-breaking winning streak with our predictions.
    31m 28s
  • Gettin' Air in a Time of Abundance

    28 NOV 2023 · Gettin' Air with Dave Cormier. Learning in a Time of Abundance is the result of decades of Dave's thinking, hundreds of blog posts, and endless conversations. With this book, Dave takes us on a journey to the centre of learning, with many interesting stops along the way, most of them unexpected. The Beaver Hating Online Community is represented, for example. In this episode, Dave tells us the story of bringing this book to life. Spoiler alert: It's must read material.
    28m 18s
  • The Open Rangers of Trent University

    16 NOV 2023 · Gettin' Air with Kim English and Brent Bellamy. Kim and Brent join the show to chat about new hats that they are wearing in their work as educators at Trent University. The aforementioned hat is likely a Stetson as they are both now officially deputized as eCampusOntario Open Rangers, tasked with increasing Open Education awareness across the institution. We discuss their plans for workshops and design sprints aimed to bring Trent into this brave new frontier of Open Education.
    30m 22s
  • The Return of Jenni Hayman

    7 NOV 2023 · Gettin' Air with Dr. Jenni Hayman. The very first ever guest on Gettin' Air - Open Pedagogy Podcast returns in order to subvert Higher Ed hiring practices. This is an interview for a job that doesn’t exist, but should. And Dr. Jenni Hayman is the woman for the job.
    29m 45s
  • Charles Logan

    25 SEP 2023 · Gettin' Air with Charles Logan. A Learning Sciences PhD student at Northwestern University, Charles joins the show to chat about resistance and refusal of educational technologies, Luddite pedagogies, and how Audrey Watters is the GOAT.
    50m 27s
  • Jeremy Dean

    7 SEP 2023 · Gettin' Air with Jeremy Dean. One of the world's best purveyors of authentic ed-tech experiences, Jeremy joins the show to chat about hacking a hip hop annotation technology for his high school English class, working towards a new web standard for social annotation, leading education efforts at for eight years, and his thoughts on the future of authentic ed tech. What's next for Jeremy Dean I wonder?
    31m 31s
  • Yasin Dahi

    15 AUG 2023 · Gettin' Air with Yasin Dahi. Yasin joins the show to chat about his prolific work in the creation of open ed tech tools like Learnful ( and the beloved-by-many eCampusOntario H5P studio. We also chat about collaboration with Open Education stalwarts at LibreTexts. Yasin is quickly becoming a key figure in the creation of open and ethical educational technology tools.
    37m 54s
Join Terry Greene as he and his guests get some air time to discuss technology-enabled and open learning practices in Post-Secondary Education.

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