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Garden Life

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  • Food for thought - Forward

    27 OCT 2020 · Reading of the forward by Mathew Sleeth MD, Blessed Earth Founder and creation care author for book The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs, by Joel Saladin , Respecting and Caring for All God’s Creation”
    6m 29s
  • Jonatown

    24 NOV 2019
    19m 57s
  • God's Will

    23 APR 2017
    2m 18s
  • Your Blade of Grass - Psalm 103:15 Easter Weekend 2017

    14 APR 2017 · Your Blade of Grass, is a simple reminder that our lives are short and we should remember to live them fully, what ever that might mean to you, and be all that you can be. So this Easter weekend be you on your own or with your special loved one, swamped with a big family gathering or simply hanging out with a few close friends or maybe your helping at a community function, or maybe your simply having a heavy day and your sitting in the presence of your enemies, just do this for me, but really do it for you. Get a few blades of grass, hold them in your hand, hold them near you, smile, and have a few pictures taken and load a couple of them here of you with a few blades of grass in your hand. It's spring so there is not a lot of greenery out there, dried grass is what I have been able to find, or maybe clip a few leaves off an ornamental grass that you just love or hate, and hold them in your hand and get a picture taken and upload it here and add it to your profile with a link here. See what happens. Be sure and smile, remember this is a simple reminder of how precious your life is. You are the adventure and God so loves you and your adventure, He is keeping a record, so be Good, besides it's Good Friday, today we celebrate, cause God put it all on the line, for you and me, something that had been brewing before the eve of time, something he needed to set right and He paid a big price for the eternity option, wether you believe or not. So share with your friends, you can submit pictures of you and each of your friends, or a family shot, what ever your adventure leads you to. Check in once in awhile. It's Your Blade of Grass. PS: if you know what type of grass you are using, let us know, add in the comment area , there might be a prize for the most impressive blade. And if you need a little inspiration , check out the story of the White Rose that got me doing this, he has a mission of 10,000 photos in his life time, that is pretty cool and a worthy goal, it is a beautiful story, there is some links below, everyone's path is different. So looking forward to seeing a few people take up this mission, catching the vision, always remember your core values and Be The Adventure, it's Your Blade of Grass! Have a Blessed Day ~ Timothy Lloyd Ross
    2m 25s
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