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  • Bonus Collection G!

    19 NOV 2023 · So... my voice is still healing. Fortunately, there's enough material for a compliation episode! If you'd rather hear 45 minutes' worth of episodes a once, like a mini-binge but without hearing the theme song and stuff over and over, this is the episode for you. You'll find: 45 -- Slide Me Some... 46 -- No Planet B 48 -- Dirty Seeds Done Dirt Cheap 49 -- Weather Aboveground 52 -- The Charge of Lady of Science 54 -- The Auras of Stars 59 -- Feathers 60 -- These Are Not Plants This is also a great episode to introduce the podcast to a friend. Thanks, and enjoy!
    46m 42s
  • Episode Delayed One Week

    5 NOV 2023 · Heya. I have been sick most of the week, with a lot of coughing, but did manage to record at least this much, for the folks who dont read descriptions. Basil and I will getcha an ep next weekend, and then we'll be back on the regular schedule. Thnaks for your indulgence, and I'll see you when I have more brain and voice. <3
  • 60 -- These Are Not Plants

    16 OCT 2023 · There are more types of living things in the world than just plants and animals. There are some things that seeeeem like plants, but really aren't. Maybe one or two have fooled you? Our rituals often use flora and fauna (or Flora and Faunus even) as a source of polarity, but let's take this opportunity to talk about some other organisms as well.
    8m 48s
  • 59 -- Feathers

    2 OCT 2023 · Feathers this time! And OMG Y'all...this weekend has been a comedy of errors, some very time-consuming,and I'm only now getting this up. But it happened! Basil wasn't able to join us this episode, but he'll be back next month. I'm keeping this to a simple topic. Enjoy! And share with your friends if you do. :-)
    7m 31s
  • 58 -- Special Guests: Bumbling Fools Mead

    17 SEP 2023 · Finally I have manged to get the guys who are Bumblng Fools Mead onto the show. You are in for a real treat; we talk about fermentation, but also roam from there into what does honey taste like without sugar, what was the first feremneted beverage, and a fascinating side bar about where mead does or doesn't fit into the law. Oh yeah, we talk about gods, too. ;-) Another treat is that we recorded in the brewing room/alchemist's lab at their meadery in NE Minneapolis, where you can stop in and try something delicious before you buy, and also play guinea pig for new recipes that aren't for sale. The people hanging out were clearly having a really great time, and they get a bit loud and rowdy -- but that just gives you a "you are there" experience, chatting in the backroom of the local pub. I hope it makes you want to visit. I'm very excited about this episode. Have a great time!
    40m 25s
  • 57 -- River Cruisin' with Basil

    5 SEP 2023 · Hey, Labor Day still counts as "posted on the weekend", yes? Anyway, Basil is here and we're talking about rivers. It's crazy it took this long. I had more things I was gonna say but I just can't remember them now. It was super clever, too.... But hey, rivers are amazing!
    32m 16s
  • 56 -- Diggin Dandelions with Basil

    7 AUG 2023 · Wanting to celebrate the Harvest but you don't have a farm, or even a garden? Well Basil's back, and we're talking about gathering wild food! How to get started, some tasty things, some caveats. I apologize for sounding rushed.... I was. Had a hard deadline on recording. Added to my enthusiasm on the topic, it's a very...energetic episode. Now I need to go have a snack and a nap.
    28m 11s
  • 55 -- Teas and Tisanes

    5 JUL 2023 · Regular co-host Basil joins Lady River to talk about tea and Tea; why they are so useful, and why paring them with other preparations can be awesome or trouble. Some chemistry, some herbalism, some storytelling.
    30m 33s
  • 54 -- The Auras of Stars

    19 JUN 2023 · This episode is about one of my favorite pieces of tech, the spectrophotometer. It really is magic. Includes free and relevant bonus: a bit about the structure of atoms!
    5m 29s
  • 53 -- I Smell Sex and Flowers, Here...

    7 JUN 2023 · I've really gotta pick topics for the Basil episodes that we can't make naughty. This one might not be for kids...? Sorry Mimi. Give it a listen yourself, first. This episode's topic is flowers, which is seasonal because Spring, but also because Pride Month. Flowering plants have so many different ways to do gender. It's amazing. We're going to talk about at least some of that beautiful variety.
    20m 52s

The mainstream of our culture believes itself distanced from the natural world, whether by a nonliving materialist view of reality or a religious dualist one. But insofar as Paganism is...

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The mainstream of our culture believes itself distanced from the natural world, whether by a nonliving materialist view of reality or a religious dualist one. But insofar as Paganism is a “nature religion”, we cannot afford to distance ourselves that way. At the same time, our Craft cannot contradict physical facts and still maintain validity. Therefore, the better we understand the world from a scientific viewpoint, the better Pagans and Witches we can be. The Magickal and the Scientific are two faces of the same Goddess.

Diana McCleery AKA Lady River is a Third Degree Priestess of 20 years, and a lover of the sciences since, so far as she knows, birth. She also makes arts and crafts, does voice overs, enjoys foraging for wild food, and in the summers has a job fighting children with cardboard swords in the woods, which is harder than one might think. A native of Memphis, she lives in Minneapolis.

New episodes are uploaded every first and third weekend. See ya there!
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