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Funky Space Club

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    The Portal To Another Dimension: This RSS Feed Will Self-Destruct in 3 ... 2 ...

    18 MAY 2024 · John gives a stunning update on the Funky Space Club's sudden demise and his new project John (Podcasting), available at
    Played 9m 35s
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    We Got A Full House! Outside Activities For Stoners ... in Oklahoma!?!

    15 MAR 2024 · The Goddess, Lady K, Chillcox, and Jive welcome a 5th voice into the Funky Space Club — Can you help us give him a nickname? Today we're talking about things to do away from the home where it's chill to consume medical marijuana. We are not doctors, lawyers, cops, or snitches. Always do your personal best to stay out of trouble and avoid misery. These are simply ideas and things we've tried ourselves ... like geocaching. We also review the Captain Chronic 3-gram blunt called (appropriately) “Big Ass Blunt.” Learn more at
    Played 36m 55s
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    Vibe Check w/ Joe from Great Spirits in Oklahoma

    8 MAR 2024 · Jive, The Goddess, and Chillcox welcome Joe from Cannabis in Oklahoma. Joe shares his journey into cannabis and the Great Spirits way of intention and living in harmony with one's surroundings. Meet the folks from Great Spirits at one of the pop-ups this month (March 2024). 🐼 Powered by Lawton, OK 03-08-2024 4p-7p Chickasha, OK 03-09-2024 4p-7p Enid, OK 03-16-2024 11a-2p Warr Acres, OK 03-16-2024 4p-7p Mustang, OK 03-22-2024 4p-7p Newcastle, OK 03-23-2024 4p-7p NW 122nd, OK 03-29-2024 4p-7p S. Western, OK 03-30-2024 4p-7p Moore, OK 04-05-2024 4p-7p Stillwater, OK 04-06-2024 4p-7p
    Played 29m 50s
  • Explicit

    Relating To The Culture Of Cannabis

    7 MAR 2024 · Lady K stops by and hangs out with Chillcox and Jive while they consider what a “podcast” is today, and their favorite medical marijuana growers in Oklahoma. Great Spirits Pop-Ups are happening all month (March 2024) at dispensaries in Oklahoma. Be sure to check them out at
    Played 34m 6s
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    Pilot Part 2: Favorite New Products

    16 FEB 2024 · This behind-the-scenes pilot episode covers the first time cohosts Jive, The Goddess, and Chillcox get together and jam. Part 2 of the conversation concludes with the Funky Space Club sharing their thoughts on the best new product types coming onto the Oklahoma market. If you get lost, we are always here for you at
    Played 10m 24s
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    Funky Space Club Pilot

    14 FEB 2024 · This behind-the-scenes pilot episode covers the first time cohosts Jive, The Goddess, and Chillcox get together and jam. The conversation includes the idea of more "third places" for stoners and the practicalities of operating a consumption lounge; first-time stoned stories; favorite consumption methods and more. If you get lost, we are always here for you at
    Played 33m 14s
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    Luna — My Favorite Influencer Of Tomorrow

    14 FEB 2024 · Jive explains the next evolution of the podcast from Signal Jams to Funky Space Club and welcomes one of his favorite new influencers, Luna to talk about Gaming; Podcasting; (Vs Video); Utilizing an anonymous voice; Role-playing stories; People pleasers/childhood trauma; Raising oneself; Raising oneself indoors alone; Astrology; Exploring Options In Podcasting and other cool stuff in this special hour-long transition episode. If you ever get lost, you can always find your way back at Follow Luna, "The Independent Millennial" on X at
    Played 1h 13m 20s
  • Explicit

    United in Inquiry: A Progressive Encounter with a Right-Wing Influencer

    27 JUN 2023 · Up-and-coming conservative radio host and social media firebrand Serge Brown joins us in the Emo Dojo to talk about his journey to becoming a right-wing influencer with his new show, The Crash Cart Rule. We share our common passions for food and a good conspiracy theory but draw the line at politics and unprovable phenomena. Follow up with Serge at Jivestreams from Emo Dojo is available free at
    Played 1h 9m 55s
  • Explicit

    Featuring Martha from My Aloof Vagina

    29 MAR 2023 · John Emotions talks with Martha from My Aloof Vagina (podcast) about podcasting, relationships, menopause, and even clitoral atrophy! Contact info and socials available at
    Played 1h 18m 23s
  • Explicit

    Mindy from "Drunk Bitches Be Like" shares her podcast journey

    7 FEB 2023 · Mindy, from the "Drunk Bitches Be Like" podcast shares her podcast journey! Find out what she would have done differently if she had to start all over again ... some hard truths about hobbies! Socials and contact info at
    Played 55m 13s
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