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  • 20: To pivot or not to pivot? Formulating successful opportunities for your startup - with Piotr Smolen

    1 MAR 2023 · Piotr Smoleń is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics and Stanford Graduate School of Business and the co-founder and CEO of the Polish-British startup in the fintech sector - He’s also the former CEO and co-founder of Turbine Analytics, which was sold to a strategic investor in a transaction financed by a global private equity fund. Today's episode is full of no nonsense tips on how to raise funding without a network, how do decide whether to pivot, finding the product-market fit and it’s role in the success of your startup.
    52m 9s
  • 19: Bring power and excitement to get the $$ - raising funds as a female founder - with Lisa-Marie Fassl

    13 FEB 2023 · Lisa-Marie Fassl is the co-founder of Female Founders, the fastest-growing community of entrepreneurial women in Europe, reaching more than 60,000 women per week. She is a Forbes 30 Under 30, acted as the Special Advisor for Startups at the Federal Ministry for Digital & Economic Affairs, is an active member of Vienna’s highest economic policy advisory board, the Vienna Economic Council, a lecturer at several Austrian universities and holds positions on various boards. In today's episode we're chatting about succeeding as a woman in business, raising funds and how to put your best foot forward with investors, instead of putting it in your mouth.
    26m 17s
  • 18: Crypto 101 - can you simplify Web3 concepts? - with Christian Byza

    24 JAN 2023 · Christian Byza is the CEO & Co-Founder of San Francisco-based e-learning startup Funded by Coinbase Ventures, the CEO of LinkedIn, and other Angels - they teach the public about Web3 with cool free courses, a daily podcast, and industry news - and all in plain English so anyone can understand it. Before starting Cryptohunt, Christian led all of LinkedIn's event products across creation, discovery, live broadcasting and invented and created their native audio events product and co-founded OMR, the world's largest digital marketing event with over 70k attendees last year. In the episode, we're discussing launching your business, the good and the bad around cryptocurrencies and whether you can truly simplify Web3 so that anyone can understand it.
    38m 27s
  • 17: What does the future hold for the femtech industry? - with Silvia Hecher

    14 DEC 2022 · Silvia Hecher is one of the co-founders and CPO at LEVY Health, a startup developing clinical decision support software for women's health. With a background in data science and public health, she has held various roles in digital and reproductive health in the past 20 years. In our chat, we tackle revolutionizing fertility, VC funding for femtech and the challenges facing female lead startups.
    25m 46s
  • 16: Expand your startup globally: how to conquer the world - with Daniela Schardinger

    16 NOV 2022 · With well over a decade of experience in Marketing, Sales and Management roles in the pharmaceutical, legal and advertising industries around the world, Daniela is now the VP for Marketing & Medical Affairs at OCON Healthcare. As you might remember from our previous podcast, OCON is a women’s health company developing innovative and safe medical solutions that are inspired by female bodies and anatomy, to better the lives of women everywhere.
    46m 16s
  • 15: Startup diversity: more than just a buzzword? - with Lucanus Polagnoli

    25 OCT 2022 · Lucanus Polagnoli is the founder and managing partner at Calm/Storm Ventures, a super-early-stage venture capital fund focusing on the Digital Health & Wellbeing space with a portfolio of more than 50 companies across Europe and the US. Lucanus is also an official mentor of EIT’s Health Mentoring and Coaching Network, leveraging his deep industry expertise and knowledge to advise and coach early-stage start-ups building solutions in the Digital Health & Wellbeing space. Today, we’re talking all things funding, diversity in founding teams and taboo tech.
    28m 1s
  • 14: Antifragile: what doesn't break you makes you stronger - with Keren Leshem

    3 OCT 2022 · Keren Leshem is the CEO at OCON healthcare - a leading women’s health company with a mission to introduce innovative, high-quality intrauterine drug-delivery technology to improve and impact women’s health and quality of life. Keren currently sits on FemTech Lab’s admissions and advisory Board as well as LSX’s Advisory Board and she's a Mentor at the 8400 Healthtech Network. She believes in strengthening women and she makes sure to lead with passion, integrity and focus on her brilliant team comprised (mostly) of women.
    24m 8s
  • 13: A peek into the deep tech industry - with Matthew Misbin

    20 SEP 2022 · As Tooploox is sponsoring the upcoming Drones and Robotics Summit organized by our partner, ffVC in New York next week, we're sitting down with one of the stars of the event, Matthew Misbin. Matthew is cofounder and Head of Business Development at the deep tech wireless company Lynq Technologies that embeds peer to peer mesh networking software in devices such as robots, drones, and professional vehicles. In the episode we delve into the VC world, the deep tech industry and explore why VC funding is not a 'one size fits all' solution.
    39m 23s
  • 12: What’s working and what stands to be improved in how venture studios support entrepreneurs? - with Adedana Ashebir

    26 JUL 2022 · As Regional Director for Africa and Middle East at Village Capital, Adedana oversees the growth, health, and expansion of the organization's work and teams. She’s passionate about further leveraging the Village Capital’s learnings to better support locally founded and led entrepreneurs and intermediaries. Her research and work have taken her to Ethiopia, China, South Korea, Nicaragua, and now Kenya
    37m 54s
  • 11: How to pick the right startup to join? - with Georg Hauer

    20 JUL 2022 · Georg Hauer is the COO/CFO AND investor in Hawk: AI - a company fighting financial crime by focusing on transaction and consumer monitoring in real-time. Georg’s focus is on fast-scaling technology companies and disrupting old-established industries with technology, aiming to break through how banks currently use AI to fight financial crime.
    36m 7s

From Day One to Exit explores entrepreneurs’ paths from day one of their company to an exit event. With a claimed failure rate of 90%, startups face different challenges at...

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From Day One to Exit explores entrepreneurs’ paths from day one of their company to an exit event. With a claimed failure rate of 90%, startups face different challenges at different stages in their development. In this podcast, we’re delving deep into every aspect that goes into building a successful startup: from idea validation and user testing, through fundraising, pitching and building your MVP, to scaling and finally making an exit. We’re inviting founders, industry experts and investors to share their insights into what it takes to make your company a success. They’ll tell you their stories and the ups and downs of running a business. Curious? Let’s listen in.
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