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  • Episode 9 - Reaction to Drake's Concert "It's All A Blur"

    2 OCT 2023 · I attended the Drake Concert last week and here is a summary of what I experienced. I'm releasing the actual video footage I took at the concert with more reactions and commentary on my YouTube Channel: @aaronacreates You can check out that footage and commentary over there. This episode includes more back story leading up to the concert and what happened once I got there. Check it out!
    1h 28m 25s
  • Episode 8 - My Comedy Journey & Hot Hip Hop Takes

    25 SEP 2023 · This is part two of Episode 8, where I tell more of my standup comedy journey and experiences in Los Angeles, CA. I also give my perspective on album covers, new music by Drake and SexxyRedd's SkeeYee Song. Watch These Episodes on My YouTube Channel: @aaronacreates
    2h 22m 2s
  • Episode 8 - My YouTube Journey And StandUp Comedy Journey

    25 SEP 2023 · In this episode, I gave an open-hearted affirmation of gratitude for the entire YouTube platform and how it has helped her in times of need and also improved her life as an artist. The podcast was scheduled to touch on different topics but technical difficulties and other behind the scenes issues caused this episode to take a different turn. Enjoy! Watch These Episodes on My YouTube Channel: @aaronacreates
    2h 4m 15s
  • Episode 7 - MJ Memories and Relationship Hacks

    6 SEP 2023 · In this episode, I shared an update on my move to the State of Georgia. I also shared my memories of the day Michael Jackson died and how Los Angeles and all of MJ's neighbors were affected by his passing. In the last segment, I shared my personal experiences dating and being married while pursuing a career in the limelight. I shared what those situations taught me and what takeaways men and women should consider if they are dating or desiring marraige with a public image whether due to the internet, television or movies. Check it out! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: @aaronacreates for more life hacks and comedy
    1h 24m
  • Episode 6 - They Tried to OFF Me Today/I Moved To The A

    26 AUG 2023 · Just listen and thank you for listening. I’m happy to be alive, safe and in my new home today.
    32m 36s
  • Episode 5 - Maaaaan Listen

    19 AUG 2023 · So much has happened since last week but here are my thoughts on the 50th Birthday of Hip Hop celebrations, Women in Hip Hop and whether we should keep forcing GOAT talk about Notorious BIG. I also shared what happened to my Instagram account @aaronacreates and the uphill battle I'm fighting due to people goofy enough to commit perjury. Check it out! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: @aaronacreates
    2h 25m 35s
  • Explicit

    Episode 4 - When Do Shadows Cry

    12 AUG 2023 · Since today marks the 50th birthday of Hip Hop... as a lifelong Hip Hop fan. I had to hit ya'll with 2 episodes today (August 11, 2023). This episode was recorded the day I received the shipment of the first book I wrote, "When Do Shadows Cry", my autobiography. I shared with the audiences various life experiences that went into writing that book and I also shared within the episode where I was and what I was doing the day I learned 2Pac died. I shared that and other hip hop-related stories. Check it Out! New Episodes Every Friday! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: @aaronacreates for more content!
    1h 26m 48s
  • Explicit

    Episode 3 - Happy Birthday Hip Hop and Memory Lane

    12 AUG 2023 · In this episode, I share some hip hop history on the 50th birthday of Hip Hop music and culture. I shared a throwback episode of a now defunct podcast I used to have that gave flowers to women in hip hop. I also included some memory lane stories that contributed to how I got here today. Grab a drink, grab your favorite spot and check it out! New Episodes Every Friday! Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: @aaronacreates for more content!
    1h 31m 51s
  • Explicit

    Episode 2 - If You Don't Know, Now You Know

    6 AUG 2023 · In this episode, I'm explaining a bit of my background and giving the audience a flavor of my humor. I introduced the new segments - "Hot Hip Hop Takes" and "Life Hacks" in this episode as well. Check in with this podcast every weekend and be on the look out for upcoming giveways! Thanks for listening!
    1h 49m 15s
  • Formerly Aarona Lopez | Episode 1 - The Rebrand

    2 AUG 2023 · In this episode, Comedian Aarona Browning-Lopez shares her experience about working on "Wild N Out" and all the aftermath it created for her personal life and relationships. Aarona Browning-Lopez is a 17-year standup comedian who has television credits as "Aarona Browning" and "Aarona Lopez". The aftermath of her industry fallout lead to her name change, "AaronaTheVirgo" and finally "Aarona Creates". This is the story of that journey with many life hacks, hip hop hot takes and spiritual maintenance to come! Check it out! New Episodes Every Friday! Subscribe To Aarona Creates on her YouTube Channel: @aaronacreates
    2h 3m 31s
This Podcast contains content created By Aarona Browning-Lopez about her comedy career and life experiences. It includes life hacks, hot hip hop takes and spiritual maintenance. New Episodes Every Friday!

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