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    Remy's First Day of School

    20 JUN 2024 · Remy started his first day of school, leaving bittersweet feelings of watching Remy grow up while understanding the importance of his development and social skills. Things get a little emotional realizing their challenges after a big move, including missing the comforts of their old home and adapting to a new environment. Parenting struggles, coping mechanisms, and finding comfort in small things have been an adventure. to get 15% off any annual membership! https://ProlonLife/FITISH for 15% off their 5-day nutrition program
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    Surf's Up!

    13 JUN 2024 · We recently moved to a charming surf town in Mexico and are excited about the timing and the supportive community we've found. While adjusting to the slower pace of life and balancing work has been challenging, we're embracing it. We also share our experience with our child's illness and the support we received, plus the joy of attending a local festival. Join us as we reflect on our journey and the positive impact this move has had on our well-being. Like, comment, and subscribe for more updates! #MexicoLife #SurfTownLiving #FamilyJourney #CommunitySupport #LifeInMexico #CulturalEvents Sponsors: for 10% off your first month! for 25% off your first month!
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    First 2 Weeks In Mexico: Our New Life Adventures

    6 JUN 2024 · Fran and I share our first two weeks in a small Mexican town, discussing culture, community, and settling in. From language barriers and local wildlife encounters to embracing a slower lifestyle, we provide an honest and unfiltered look at our journey.
    Played 46m 48s
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    We Made It To Mexico

    23 MAY 2024 · We are now international, as we bring you this one from Mexico. Fran and I will recount our travels, what we have loved so far, and the nervousness now that it's all happening. For a discount TODAY! For 10% off your 5-day nutrition program
    Played 43m 37s
  • Heart Health & Hormones

    16 MAY 2024 · Dr. Kenneth Johnson is an interventional cardiologist at Balanced Vitality in Dallas, Texas. He joins me this week to explain some of the things that some of us may be doing wrong, like our sugar intake, that is hurting our cardio health that we are unaware of.  Sponsors: 10% off your first month 25% off your first month
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    Scorpions, Saying Goodbyes, and Major Life Changes

    9 MAY 2024 · In an emotion-packed episode of the Fitish Podcast, Jenna and Francisco reveal their rollercoaster of feelings about moving to Mexico, tackling the chaos of packing, the bittersweet process of saying farewells, and the looming challenges awaiting them abroad, including their fears of scorpions and snakes. They delve into the complexities of maintaining mental health amidst such a significant life transition, grappling with social media negativity, and contemplating mending broken friendships before embarking on this new chapter. This episode isn't just about a move; it's about facing fears, embracing change, and the journey toward finding peace and simplicity.
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    So Much Is Going On and Thank GOD Remy Is All Good

    2 MAY 2024 · This week we recall past drama, including Remy's health scare and supportive messages. We had a recent nerve-racking experience, that really shook us. We also want to discuss parenting challenges and reveal their decision to move abroad due to school enrollment issues. for 10% off your first month
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    We Did It! Home Selling Is No Fun!

    25 APR 2024 · Fran and I delve into the whirlwind world of home selling through the eyes of a first-timer! This gripping tale not only uncovers the challenges of prepping to sell a home but also offers profound insights into growing up as an only child and contemplating expanding the family! Get ready for heartwarming reflections on parenting, nail-biting decisions about car purchases, and the cathartic journey of decluttering. You will never guess what a car salesman said about Remy. Don't miss out on this rollercoaster ride of emotions and life-changing decisions.
    Played 38m 23s
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    Get Ready for an Emotional Rollercoaster

    18 APR 2024 · Remy had a bit of a seizure and he is doing fine, but it really scared us as parents. No one should ever have to go through things like this and our hearts go out to those families that deal with this sort of thing daily. However, stick around for the second half where we lighten the mood and reveal Fran's OnlyFans idea. Sponsors: for 10% off your first month for 25% off your first month
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    So... We Found A Place To Live

    4 APR 2024 · Breaking down our house-hunting stories, and the place that we found and are in love with. Stay till the end, because Fran hints at a possible Only Fans?
    Played 35m 46s

Jenna and Francisco are new parents navigating this huge chapter of their lives while trying to run their own businesses. You’ll get to listen in on their true struggles, triumphs,...

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Jenna and Francisco are new parents navigating this huge chapter of their lives while trying to run their own businesses. You’ll get to listen in on their true struggles, triumphs, laughs, and tears... with some health and life advice along the way from them and their guests!
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