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First Sports in the Morning

  • jordan buscarini 011420

    14 JAN 2020 · Jordan Buscarini (Drive Time Sports/Castle Country Radio) chats up LSU's win in the National Championship Game and the Astros cheating scandal. Listen to our podcast right here!
    36m 40s
  • crazy good advice 011420

    14 JAN 2020 · Dear Steve, I’ve been dating my high school sweetheart for about six years. We’ve both gone through ups and downs, done the long-distance thing, dealt with trust issues, and I even forgave him for being with another girl and lying to me about it while he was traveling abroad. However, recently I have been feeling less interested in continuing this relationship. He really hurt me when he cheated and I feel like I can pinpoint that as the moment our relationship began to go south. I think I want to end things. My friends tell me I should because I’ve never experienced anything other than him and I just don't seem happy anymore. I tell them it's complicated because I feel happy when I am with him. I tormented myself about breaking up with him because we have been dating for six years and he helped me through my grandmother's death and my mom's cancer, and he's such a sweet and caring person. He constantly tells me how much he loves me but I see him more as a friend now. I know when I end things romantically, the friendship will end, and I think that's why I’ve postponed it so much. I am terrified about making the wrong decision and possibly losing my boyfriend and best friend all at the same time. I am moving next month to a new place and I feel like if I am going to do it, it should be now, but I am still conflicted. Am I making the wrong decision about ending something with someone who really loves me? Should I give it more time? – Done?
    4m 27s
  • tuesday monologue 011420

    14 JAN 2020 · There seems to be some doubt from fans that technology played a part in the Astros ability to steal signs, or that even if the team used advanced methodology, it doesn’t deter from the idea that sign-stealing has always existed and shouldn’t be punished so harshly. There’s not a single fan so naïve as to believe sign stealing hasn’t always been a part of the game, but this takes it a new level. Steal away on the signs, just don’t be so blatant about it.
    13m 5s
  • jamieson welsh 011320

    13 JAN 2020 · Jamieson Welsh chats up NBA's news and notes, including the latest on Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and the Nets plus a preview of 76ers and Pacers. Listen to our podcast right here!
  • jeff risdon 011320

    13 JAN 2020 · Jeff Risdon (BrownsWire/USA Today Sports) talks NFL Playoffs and offers thoughts on new head coach Kevin Stefanski. Check out our podcast right here!
    13m 18s
  • justin mellow 011320

    13 JAN 2020 · Justin Mellow (MusicCityMiracles/SB Nation) recaps Saturday's stunning win over the Ravens and gives us an early look at the AFC Championship Game vs. the Chiefs. Listen to our podcast right here!
    15m 7s
  • monday monologue 011320

    13 JAN 2020 · Without question, the most stunning result of the Divisional Round games was Tennessee demolishing the Ravens. The Ravens owned advantages in nearly every statistical category, time of possession, first downs, 3rd down efficiency. Lamar Jackson did Lamar Jackson things, with one exception. He threw the ball way too much and made way too many errors along the way. Jackson threw 28 passes which were either incomplete or intercepted.
    8m 25s
  • james holas 011020

    10 JAN 2020 · James Holas (Hoops Rebellion) talks up the latest NBA headlines, including John Beilein's comments, AD's injury, Joel Embiid and the Sixers plus more. Check out our podcast right here!
    16m 22s
  • phil harrison 011020

    10 JAN 2020 · Phil Harrison (Buckeye Wire, College Football News) breaks down Monday night's National Championship game and talks college football headlines. Click the link our podcast right here!
    16m 45s
  • matt stevens 011020

    10 JAN 2020 · Matt Stevens (Ravens Wire/USA Today Sports) previews this weekend's Divisional Round Playoffs, particularly the Baltimore vs. Tennessee game. Listen to our podcast right here!
    16m 14s
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