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  • EP 273: Adrian Ballinger - Guiding and summiting big mountains all over the world!

    3 MAR 2023 · Adrian Ballinger is a British-American certified, certified through the and a sponsored climber and skier. Ballinger is the founder and CEO of Alpenglow Expeditions, and has been guiding full-time for 25 years. He has led over 150 international climbing expeditions on six continents, and made 18 successful summits of He is known for pioneering the use of pre-acclimatization for commercial expeditions as early as 2012, which can cut the amount of time typically spent on an expedition in half. Adrian is the only American to have made three successful ski descents of 8,000m peaks, including the first ski descent of from its summit. He is also the fourth American to have summited both and without the use of
    36m 55s
  • EP 272: Kelly Lynn Adams. Making a pivot in 2023 and becoming the best version of yourself.

    10 FEB 2023 · Kelly Lynn Adams is a life coach who has gone through her own transformation. She is very talented and can help others make the necessary pivot needed when fear holds you back. Great episode to kick off the year and help you achieve your goals.
    29m 42s
  • EP 271: Kenton Cool. The super hero who climbed MT EVEREST 14 times with no end in sight.

    3 FEB 2023 · I met Kenton Cool on Mt EVEREST in 2021. He is an amazing and talented Englishman who has scaled MT EVEREST 14 times with no end in sight. He guides clients all over the world and had scaled most of the major peaks out there. This is a super engaging conversation w/ Kenton on where he has been, his philosphy on life and where he's going in the future.
    56m 17s
  • EP 270: Shane Jacobson, CEO of the V Foundation on kicking cancer and the impact Jim Valvano had

    20 JAN 2023 · Shane Jacobson is the CEO of the V Foundation which was started by Jim Valvano and ESPN in 1993. Jim V is a former coach who had won a national championship for NC State and later became a broadcaster on ESPN calling basketball games. He got a brain tumor and in his last speech, echoed those words, “Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.” Today, Shane is carrying on his legacy to raise money and awareness to eventually defeat all forms of cancer. Shane talks about how they are doing this and his association with Dick Vitale.
    29m 54s
  • Yuriy Boyechko, CEO and President of Hope for Ukraine

    30 DEC 2022 · Yuriy Boyechko is the CEO and President of Hope for Ukraine. It's a non-profit, set up to help all the people of that country who have been displaced with food, water, clothing and shelter. We had a great chat talking about their mission, challenges and where the war is going. Tune in...
    30m 14s
  • Shawn Richardson is living her best life and turning her passion into a career.

    23 DEC 2022 · Shawn Richardson went through a bumpy road a few years ago and was left with, where do I go from here? The mountains came calling and she has now turned her passion into a career while reaping the benefits of being in the outdoors and helping to solve various mental health issues. You never know when failures can turn into opportunities. Go Shawn go...
    34m 3s
  • Nancy Svendson on the life of Pasang, the 1st Nepalese woman to climb Mount Everest

    16 DEC 2022 · This podcast was a wonderful opportunity to speak with film director, Nancy Svendsen, about her 10-year passion project covering the remarkable life of Pasang, a Nepalese climber. She documents the obstacles Pasang had to overcome to climb Mount Everest and become the first Nepalese woman to climb the highest mountain in the world. Fascinating chat learning what she lived for—and ultimately died for.
    31m 1s
  • U Conn Head Coach Jim Mora on becoming relevant again

    9 DEC 2022 · The U Conn football team went 4-44 the last 4 years prior to Jim Mora showing up. He turned the football team in 2022 going 6-6 and being selected to play in a bowl game against Marshall. How do you change the mindset of young men who only know whats its like to lose? Listen to Jim Mora on how get got his players to believe and buy in to have a championship mindset. Amazing turnaround...
    41m 15s
  • Nate Boyer: From GREEN BERET to Hollywood.

    2 DEC 2022 · Nate Boyer is an incredible American. He served in the Green Berets for 8 years, then decided to go to college at the University of Texas and then walked on the football team where he was the starting long snapper. Although he got a quick workout with the Seahawks, he has gone onto greater things.   He spent two years on a passion project creating MVP, the Movie. It reflects what he has done for athletes and ex military vets who are looking for true meaning and purpose after they are done either playing or serving. It's a great film.
    47m 37s
  • Tom French: 1st Attempt of EVEREST failed. 2nd time was a charm.

    25 NOV 2022 · Tom French is an American mountaineer who I have climbed with on Mt Vinson in Antartica, Cotapaxi in Ecaudor and Mt EVEREST in 2021. Unfortunately, Tom didn't make it to the top in 2021 due to a cyclone storm but reset his mind and came back strong in 2022 and got it done. Tom talks about his facinating tale of how he was able to pull it off.  
    42m 55s

Mark Pattison is a former NFL player, Sports Illustrated Exec, Philanthropist & Mountaineer who completed the Seven Summits on May 23rd, 2021 with his ascent of Mt Everest. NFL360 created...

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Mark Pattison is a former NFL player, Sports Illustrated Exec, Philanthropist & Mountaineer who completed the Seven Summits on May 23rd, 2021 with his ascent of Mt Everest. NFL360 created a film called Searching for the Summit which followed Mark's journey up Mt EVEREST and won a EMMY for best picture in 2022. Through his life’s journey in business, sports & charity work, Mark has been fortunate to meet some of the world’s most incredible people who share their stories of how they overcame adversity and found their way.
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