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Fearless Authenticity with Jeanne Sparrow

  • Unbecoming with Entrepreneur and Viral Content Creator Sherri (The Real Slim Sherri) Dias

    23 MAY 2024 · After cheating death twice, Sherri Dias or the Real Slim Sherri as she’s known across social media with 3-million followers, isn’t afraid to let it all hang out. From her Gen X upbringing to her career as a loss prevention investigator, she realized the walls she built to defend herself needed to be torn down. She wants you to know the true Sherri through her work as an influencer and hopes to lead you to your own awakening or “unbecoming” as she calls it. Sherri shares with Jeanne how being an investigator hardened her; why she thinks Gen-Xers are so resilient, what has helped her stop caring what others think; the story of the miraculous car accident; how she attempts to unravel the wiring in her brain; and the gut punch that changed her attitude about living to work. The original GenX on social media. Sherri Dias is the epitome of Gen X: She grew up in a wood-paneled, powder blue carpeted house on the outskirts of Toledo where she learned to crawl to Janis Joplin, walk to the Brady Bunch and run around (wholly unsupervised) with all the other latchkey kids to the sounds of Prince and Michael Jackson. After a highly successful career as an Investigator she quit and started her own business because she craved independence and the chance to create her own personal brand. With a collective 3 million followers across platforms like Tiktok, Sherri found her edgy voice and look resonated with her generation and others on a platform supposedly built for Gen Z. It wasn’t the first time she’s proved people wrong or bucked a trend, and it won’t be the last. TikTok: FB: The Real Slim Sherri Insta: the realslimsherri YouTube: The Real Slim Sherri
    59m 41s
  • So Many Magical Things Happen Over a Table with Renowned Sommelier Belinda Chang

    16 MAY 2024 · Belinda Chang says that what makes her different is that she thinks small, like really small, about every single detail for an event. That includes being intentional about having women design each element, from the name cards to the tequila she’s pouring. She wants every part of the experience to be unique to you - a rare occurrence these days. She shares with Jeanne how a house full of friends and strangers most nights of the week led her to hospitality; why she took a non-paying job in a kitchen; how she pivoted when the world shut down during COVID; why you should NEVER buy the bar package; and why the best thing you can do is learn Excel.   Belinda Chang is a sommelier, an experiential storyteller, and lifestyle expert. She is the only bipoc woman to win a James Beard award in a drinks category in 2011 and was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as the “global virtual wine experience guru” in 2019. Over the course of her lauded decades-long career in food, wine and restaurants, Belinda has made a name for herself as a sought-after sommelier, host and on-camera personality. Prior to entering the life of a small business owner, Belinda managed the legendary 26,000-bottle cellar at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago, the wine lists at Laurent Gras’ The Fifth Floor in San Francisco, and Danny Meyer’s The Modern in New York City. Belinda returned to Chicago in 2015 to serve as Managing Partner and Wine Director of the splashy steakhouse Maple and Ash before setting off to create her bootstrap, start-up experience production company: Belinda Chang. Chang has created and produced some of the wine and food world’s buzziest IRL and virtual events — the who’s who annual James Beard Awards Pre-Prom, her splashy annual Pool Party during the Food and Wine Aspen Classic, and Virtual Boozy Brunch to support furloughed service people and small business owners during the pandemic. From 2019 to 2021, Chang’s virtual production company, studio 8h productions, created, hosted and produced over 300 virtual experiences for Fortune 500 clients and delivered bespoke experience boxes to their guests in 12 countries. In addition to creating and hosting live experiences, Belinda is a regular fixture in global media outlets like The New York Times, Bloomberg, Food and Wine, The Wall Street Journal and the International Herald Tribune among many others. FB: Belinda Chang Insta: @Belinda_Chang TikTok: sommelierbelinda  YouTube: @BelindaChangLife LinkedIn: Belinda Chang
    48m 21s
  • I Was in a Prison of My Own Creation with Abolitionist, Author, and Professor Dr. Jenn M. Jackson

    9 MAY 2024 · “We think that we’re crooked … but it is that the room is crooked.” Those words from Melissa Harris-Perry’s Sister Citizen are what sent Dr. Jenn Jackson on their path to becoming a political scientist. Those words also describe what it often feels like as a Black woman, walking into a room full of stereotypes about your body, your work ethic, your attitude … everything. As a queer genderflux androgynous Black woman, Dr. Jackson has experienced all this. They share with Jeanne how and why Black feminism is different from white feminism; why they thought working for Disney was a way to survive; why it was important for them to tell a story of self-love and self-care in their new book, Black Women Taught Us; how they finally discovered who they truly were; and why it’s important to find the people you love and love them back.    Jenn M. Jackson (they/them) is a genderflux androgynous Black woman, a lesbian, an abolitionist, a lover of all Black people, and an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University in the Department of Political Science. Jackson’s primary research is in Black Politics with a focus on racial threat and trauma, gender and sexuality, political behavior, and social movements. Jackson also holds affiliate positions in African American Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, and LGBT Studies. They are a Senior Research Associate at The Campbell Public Affairs Institute at the Maxwell School at Syracuse University, as well. Jackson is the author of the book Black Women Taught Us (Random House Press, 2024). The book is an intimate intellectual and political history of Black women’s activism, movement organizing, and philosophical work that explores how women from Harriet Jacobs to Audre Lorde to the members of the Combahee River Collective, among others, have for centuries taught us how to fight for justice and radically reimagine a more just world for us all. FB: /jennmjacksonphd IG: @jennmjacksonphd TT: jennmjacksonphd
    1h 4m 48s
  • We Just Don’t Trust Ourselves with Speaker, Coach, and Serial Entrepreneur Jill Salzman

    2 MAY 2024 · What do you get when you mix a multi-passionate person with a bit of boredom? Coach, speaker, and businesswoman Jill Salzman. The founder of Founding Moms likes a challenge: “Can I make money from something that sounds nuts?” Jill shares with Jeanne why trusting yourself is important; why telling everyone your mistakes helps you grow; why slowing down can reap multi-faceted rewards; how she ended up starting, growing, and selling three seemingly unrelated businesses; and why you don’t always need an “expert” for your business.   Jill Salzman turns the mundane into inspiration and transforms the impossible into the achievable. Through defying expectations and breaking the rules, she succeeds in inspiring entrepreneurs to figure out what works for them by using meaningful action to create positive results. Jill is the author of The Best Business Book In The World* (*According To My Mom) and the Amazon best-seller, Found It: A Field Guide for Mom Entrepreneurs. She’s shared the speaker stage with Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Daymond John, Marilu Henner, and Desmond Tutu among others, and professed her love of Eddie Vedder in her TEDx talk on 11/11/11. She hosted the top-rated entertaining business podcasts, Breaking Down Your Business, and then Why Are We Shouting?, a question she asks herself daily. CNNMoney called her a “mogul.” MSN Live said she’s a “Cool Entrepreneur We Love.” Forbes rated her a Top 100 Champion Small Business Influencer and voted her third business, The Founding Moms, one of the Top 10 Websites For Entrepreneurs. When she’s not speaking to audiences in patterned leggings or podcasting from her basement, she fruitlessly tries to convince her daughters that cassette tapes actually existed. Website: LinkedIn:
    54m 37s
  • Be Completely Unapologetic with Singer Ms. Monét

    25 APR 2024 · “Just be who you are. Just be Mo.” That’s exactly what Ms. Monét did when she took the stage in 2020 at the World Expo in Dubai. When the audience rushed the stage she discovered how powerful her performances could be and now refers to them as a ministry. Ms. Monét shares with Jeanne the thought process behind her newest single; why seeing a woman in her 50s succeed in this industry is important for so many other women; why she kept returning to regular 9-5 jobs between singing gigs; why you just have to say “no” sometimes; and why it’s so important for her to continue to make her mother proud.   Born as Conesha Monét Owens, this Bay Area native was touched with the gift that only God could provide: the gift to truly move people. Given the talents of all that performing arts can give, including improv and dramatic acting, dance/choreography, topped with a 5-octave vocal range in modern and classical music, it's no wonder this "gifted" singer-songwriter, arranger, and thespian has been sought after by some of the industry's best, most diverse and accomplished artists and producers. Some include producers Walter Afanasieff, Patrick Leonard, Steve Jordan, and the great Phil Spector. Ms. Monét was one of the top 24 and first ever "Super Saves" on Season 24 of NBC's award-winning show "The Voice.” She recently released a single called “Celebrate” and is currently a radio personality for KUNV.  Instagram: @THEEMSMONET X/Twitter: @MSMONET YouTube: @MSMONET50 Facebook: /MONIACS
    51m 29s
  • Feelings are Data with Leadership Development Consultant Amy Riley

    18 APR 2024 · What do you do when you’re stuck? Renowned speaker and leadership development consultant Amy Riley says it takes reflection and action to make a breakthrough; you have to focus on your feelings to help you figure out your next step. And that takes courage, something Amy credits for her success in both her professional and personal life. She shares with Jeanne what courage looks like in leadership; the difference between a waffle brain and a spaghetti brain; her reflective way of bouncing back from a failure; the moment she figured out she was meant to be a consultant; and what helped her run an ultramarathon (100 miles!) on her 50th birthday.  Amy L. Riley is an internationally renowned speaker, author and leadership development consultant. She’s worked with organizations such as Deloitte, Cisco Systems, and Aon Hewitt and has over 20 years of experience working with leaders at all levels. Amy earned a Master of Science in Training and Development (MSTD), with an emphasis in Organization Development (OD), from Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois. She is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), a certified Tiara International LLC Coach, and certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Instrument. Amy’s second book, The Courage of a Leader: How To Inspire, Engage and Get Extraordinary Results, was released on March 3, 2021, and immediately reached #1 international best-selling status. Website: IG: YT: LI: Email:
    44m 47s
  • Take the Journey with Artistic Director of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater Nicole Clarke-Springer

    11 APR 2024 · Nicole Clarke-Springer isn’t losing sleep over the final product; as a dancer and choreographer, she’s more interested in the process. She says the communal nature of her work is what makes the performance authentic and affects the audience. Nicole shares with Jeanne why she threw out her plan to move to New York City for training; what the three points of collaboration are when she’s choreographing and why they matter; how embracing the process contributes to her success; why listening to your intuition is important; and why she doesn’t tell herself she will do better. Nicole Clarke-Springer, with a B.S. in arts administration-dance from Butler University, excelled early, honored as Butler Ballet's Outstanding Performer. Her career blossomed at Deeply Rooted Dance Theater (DRDT), starting as an apprentice before becoming a company member. Clarke-Springer's notable performances include working with Roberta Flack and Jennifer Holiday. She took a brief hiatus in 2007 to teach at Western Kentucky University and tour Istanbul with the Clifton Brown Dance Company. Returning to DRDT, she directed the Summer Dance Intensive, honed her choreographic skills with works like Nine and Femme, and contributed to Congo Square Theatre's Nativity. In 2013, she joined DRDT's Artistic Team and was spotlighted as an Emerging Choreographer for "Generations." Her piece Hadiya was acclaimed for its poignancy and tribute to victims of violence. Clarke-Springer's influence extended to choreographing for the Steve Harvey Show and teaching nationwide, including positions at Chicago State University and Northwestern University. Upholding Deeply Rooted's mission, she fosters an environment of spiritual affirmation, open dialogue, and accountability, leading to her appointment as Artistic Director in 2019. Website:  instagram: @nikkispringer5 facebook: Nicole Clarke-Springer
    38m 1s
  • There’s Always Something Good with Author Cassidy Glo Novak

    4 APR 2024 · “The beauty that comes from growth and change is incredible if we can just embrace it.” Cassidy Glo Novak has embraced a life full of pain and heartache after a lot of soul-searching and prayer. Those experiences helped her find empathy and forgiveness for others, leading her on a mission to find the positive in even the worst day. Cassidy shares with Jeanne the story of her brain injury and the ripples it created in her life; what the keys were to her healing journey; how she turned her mindset from pain to positivity; how she wrote and released a book in two months; and what embracing her weaknesses has done for her self-worth. Cassidy Glo Novak has experienced just about every major trauma any person can, from childhood sexual abuse, a near-death experience, rejection, eating disorders, anxiety, anger issues, a broken marriage, and more. Through it all, she leaned into her faith and God brought her through every single tragedy. Today, Cassidy is the mom of five beautiful children, including identical triplets which she homeschools. She and her husband, Clif, live on a small farm outside Chicago where she loves to ride horses with her children. Cassidy and Clif also enjoy public speaking and sharing their testimony while also helping to lead worship at their local church. Cassidy’s Book: I Can I Have I Will: Blooming Through Life’s Greatest Tragedies Web: Email:
    40m 35s
  • Something Extraordinary is About to Happen with Dancer and Dance Educator Nicole Robinson

    28 MAR 2024 · Nicole Robinson never imagined she would be a dance educator - she didn’t commit to dance until she was in college. But now she provides a vital creative outlet for her students of color that brings joy to them and her. Nicole shares with Jeanne (her cousin!) why the work she does matters; how teaching found her; why she’s calm when facing adversity; how she realized she was asking the wrong question about doors being open or closed to new opportunities; how she handles imposter syndrome; and why she wants to build her legacy through mentorship.  Nicole Robinson is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and dance education advocate from Riverside, CA.  She is a graduate from California State University, San Bernardino with a degree in Kinesiology.  She holds a Master of Arts in Dance Education from California State University, Long Beach. Nicole is a strong advocate for providing dance education opportunities to underserved populations. Nicole began the A. B. Miller Dance Program in 1995 and established the A. B. Miller Conservatory of Dance in 2011.  She is the dance specialist for the Fontana Unified School district leading professional development projects and workshops for teachers grades K-6 and is the lead teacher for the FUSD Dance Collaborative which provides dance education for students in grades PK-8. In 2015, she was named California League of Teachers’; Teacher of the Year for Region 10 and named the 2017 Carlston Family Foundation Teacher of the Year. LinkedIn: Nicole Robinson X: @adancingirl FB: Nicole Atlas Robinson Email:
    1h 1m 27s
  • You Will Always Be Fine with Founder of Marcella Raymond Media, Marcella Raymond 

    21 MAR 2024 · “I do not suck things up very well … I have to talk about it.” And talk about it she does. Whether it’s her PTSD diagnosis from repeated exposure as a reporter to horrific events or viewer comments about her appearance, Marcella Raymond is fearless in the way she expresses her anguish or exasperation. She shares with Jeanne how she coped with the heartache on deadline; when she knew it was time to leave TV news; how her love of journalism started; why she became an entrepreneur; and why she’s optimistic about her future.  Marcella was born in NYC and moved to Chicago when she was ten. She went to Catholic grade school and high school in west suburban Downers Grove. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Broadcast Journalism degree and her first reporting job was in Rockford, IL. She landed in Chicago after two years in Ohio, first at CBS2 then WGN. She retired in June 2023 after 25 years on-the-air. She covered President Obama's first inauguration, the blizzard of 2011, and the murder trial of Bolingbrook cop Drew Peterson. But the stories she loves the most are those that involve ordinary Chicagoans! She’s transitioned from journalism to public relations and now has a small PR company,, and is excited to watch it grow. INSTA: @marcellaraymondmedia FB: marcella raymond media Email:
    37m 43s

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