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Faithful Saints

  • Church Spying On Polygamists & Turning Them Over To The Government

    19 MAR 2024 · Church leaders were determined to distance the Church as far as possible from those who persisted in the practice on the Church’s periphery and make it apparent to everyone, both inside and outside the Church, that polygamy was no longer acceptable. These leaders influenced stiffer laws against polygamy and initiated surveillance to discover polygamists or would-be polygamists within Church ranks and provided their evidence to the state. Understood in this light, it is no surprise that the Fred E. Curtis papers, files of an L.D.S. bishop, were given to the Utah State Attorney General. Perhaps then it also no surprise that these files have been recently reactivated within the offices of the current Utah Attorney General.  
    1h 1s
  • Brigham Young: Faithful Fulfiller of The Measures of Joseph Smith

    7 AUG 2023 · Gerrit Dirkmaat speaks at the 11th annual birthday dinner for the Interpreter Foundation on how the only reason we have Joseph Smith's teachings intact today is because of Brigham Young's loyality and hard work in making sure that as others were attacking Joseph's teachings, Brigham preserved them.
    47m 14s
  • D&C 132 Authentic Revelation or Later Forgery?

    25 MAY 2023 · This podcast explores the evidence that D&C 132 was indeed an authentic Nauvoo revelation received by Joseph Smith on July 12, 1843, and read to the Nauvoo High Council a month later on August 12, 1843. Support Faithful Saints here *Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith in June 1844 publicly confirmed that Joseph had a revelation regarding ancient polygamy and eternal marriage in the summer of 1843 and read it to the High Council. *In May 1844 William Law and Jane Law both signed affidavits describing parts of D&C 132 as read to them by Hyrum Smith. Austin Cowles signed an affidavit describing the revelation saying that Hyrum Smith read it to the High Council the previous year. *Five different members of the Nauvoo High Council gave testimony at later times that a revelation regarding practicing plural marriage was read to the Nauvoo High Council by Hyrum Smith: James Allred, Aaron Johnson, and Thomas Grover as followers of Brigham Young in Utah confirmed that D&C 132 was the same revelation read by Hyrum, as well as William Marks and Leonard Soby who were members of the Nauvoo High Council who didn't follow Brigham Young, yet confirmed Hyrum Smith read a revelation teaching plural marriage to the Nauvoo High Council. *Contemporary records of the Nauvoo High Council for August 12, 1843 record Hyrum Smith and William Marks gave "teachings" to the High Council. Franklin D. Richards' "Scriptural Items" notebook for that day confirm Hyrum Smith taught about principles regarding polygamy being restored on that day. *Smith family members who did not follow Brigham Young preserved and told tradition of Emma burning the revelation.
    47m 40s
  • The Reality of the Transfiguration of Brigham Young

    11 APR 2023 · Support Faithful Saints here
    37m 4s
  • Building A Zion Society Today

    29 MAR 2023 · The Order of Enoch Brigham Young 9th of October 1872, Support Faithful Saints here
    29m 45s
  • Apostles on Trial- Discussion With The Author

    20 MAR 2023 · This podcast is a classic from a Faithful Saints Semi-Regular Get Together from December 2012.On 8 November 2012, Faithful Saints held a Semi-regular get together at Porters Place in Lehi, UT. This is the audio of that event. Please excuse large amount of background noise, as it could not be avoided considering the venue. Our speaker was author Drew Briney talking about his book "Apostles on Trial". Support Faithful Saints here
    1h 35m 46s
  • An Objective Approach to Adam-God Teachings

    16 MAR 2023 · Originally recorded July 2011 In this episode, Faithful Saints interviews Drew Briney, author of the book, We have attempted to take an objective approach and simply address the teachings of Church leaders without any attempt to insert assumptions or our own conclusions regarding the teachings.
    1h 2m 29s
  • Altering The Revelation On Marriage?

    15 MAR 2023 · Two Different Doctrine & Covenants 101Many members don’t know that our current 101st section of the Doctrine & Covenants isn’t the same as it was in earlier editions. A small, yet vocal, clique are using this information to attack the Church and core doctrines.
    7m 55s
  • 1h 49m 21s
  • Discourses of Brigham Young part 2 chapters 21-39

    10 MAR 2023 · This presentation is about Nauvoo era sources documenting Joseph Smith's plural wives. It first explores 5 private contemporary sources documenting plural marriages that Joseph Smith entered into, then 3 contemporary antagonistic sources that identify a number of Joseph Smith's plural wives. Then we look at how these antagonistic sources are supported by other sources including the early private record of proxy sealings in the Nauvoo Temple in 1846. This is not the totality of contemporary evidence for Joseph Smith's plural marriages, just some specific examples. Please support our efforts by sharing this podcast and becoming a supporter at
    9h 35m 9s

Faithful Saints is dedicated to promoting truth and correct principles based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though the truth is often times uncomfortable, the Savior said it will set...

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Faithful Saints is dedicated to promoting truth and correct principles based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Though the truth is often times uncomfortable, the Savior said it will set us free. The truth, no matter how uncomfortable, leads to Christ.Faithful Saints, through articles and podcasts, addresses forgotten or misunderstood principles and doctrines of the gospel, sacred cows, news, and events with analysis from a uniquely LDS perspective.DISCLAIMER: The views and content on this site reflect only the opinions and teachings of the authors of the respective content contained herein.
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