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  • #425 The FAIRtax Book - Part 4

    19 JUN 2024 · The FAIRtax Guys continue their journey through Boortz and Linder’s original FAIRtax book, published in 2005. This week, they tackle a subject that escapes most people’s attention—the embedded costs of the income tax system that are passed on to consumers in the prices of everything we buy.  We never see them.  They’re not listed on any receipt, but they are there nonetheless.  In fact, a surprisingly high percentage of what we pay for both goods and services today ends up at the IRS.
    Played 28m 32s
  • #424 The FAIRtax Book - Part 3

    12 JUN 2024 · The FAIRtax book by Neal Boortz and John Linder is the definitive work highlighting the problems with the income tax system and presenting the FAIRtax as the elegantly simple solution to those problems. This week, the FAIRtax Guys use Boortz and Linder’s analysis to explode the myth of corporate taxation.  The myth in question is that shifting some of the tax burden onto rich corporations somehow lightens the load for individuals.  The truth is that individuals pay every penny of a “corporate” tax.
    Played 29m 4s
  • #423 The FAIRtax Book - Part 2

    5 JUN 2024 · Neal Boortz and John Linder introduced the country to the FAIRtax in 2005 with the publication of their first FAIRtax book.  The FAIRtax Guys are doing an extended series of FAIRtax Power Radio programs going back and using Boortz and Linder’s words to explain what’s wrong with the current income tax system and why the FAIRtax is a much better alternative. In this episode, the Guys look at one of the most evil components of the income tax system—withholding.  It’s a system that not only hides how much tax people actually pay, it makes people unaware of exactly how much money they earn.
    Played 29m 20s
  • #422 The FAIRtax Book - Part 1

    29 MAY 2024 · In 2005, Neal Boortz and John Linder wrote a fairly short book describing a revolutionary new way to fund the federal government.  This new plan would let everyone bring home their entire paychecks, do away with filing tax returns and hang an “Out of Business” sign on the front door of the Internal Revenue Service. This week, the FAIRtax Guys begin a multi-part series in which they will be going through the FAIRtax book from cover to cover starting with a rather amazing statement from a former Commissioner of Internal Revenue.
    Played 29m 18s
  • #421 Would You Like a Lobbyist with That

    22 MAY 2024 · The federal government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people.   Unfortunately, with the cost of getting re-elected running in the multiplied millions of dollars, today’s government is more like of the people, by the lobbyists and for the lobbyists. This week, the FAIRtax Guys dig into to get an idea of just how massive the lobbying industry is in Washington.  It’s a primary reason that it takes over 70,000 pages for our federal tax code to hold all the special carve-outs, deductions, exemptions and credits that billions of dollars worth of lobbying have bought.
    Played 29m 18s
  • #420 Everyday Life with the FAIRtax

    15 MAY 2024 · Most people would readily agree that having more money in their pocket would be a good thing that would make a real difference in their everyday lives. This week, the FAIRtax Guys look at some of the ways that people’s lives would be better if they were living under the FAIRtax instead of the federal income tax system.
    Played 29m 34s
  • #419 Linder's Letter

    8 MAY 2024 · John Linder is the retired Georgia Congressman who was the original sponsor of the FAIRtax bill when it was first introduced into Congress in 1999.  He recently wrote a letter to Donald Trump detailing the many benefits of the FAIRtax and urging Mr. Trump to support it. This week, Dr. Linder joins the FAIRtax Guys to discuss the letter and the response to it.
    Played 29m 6s
  • #418 44 Percent Are You Kidding Me

    1 MAY 2024 · Any economist will tell you that investing is the lifeblood of a healthy economy.  Businesses raise capital by selling stock.  Investors risk their money to buy that stock expecting that the company will be profitable, that the value of the stock will rise and it can be sold at a profit.  Anything that makes investing less profitable makes it harder for businesses to raise the money they need and hurts the overall economy. In this edition of FAIRtax Power Radio, the FAIRtax guys look at a Newsmax article that outlines the Biden administration’s desire to slap a 44.6% tax on capital gains.  Contrast that to a capital gains rate of zero under the FAIRtax and it’s easy to see which plan would be better for the economy.
    Played 30m 29s
  • #417 A Taxpayer's Worst Nightmares

    24 APR 2024 · Navigating the federal income tax system is a nightmare.  When it comes to doing their taxes, a great majority of Americans have to hire professional help—either in person or by using professionally prepared tax preparation software. This week, the FAIRtax Guys take a look at ten of the worst nightmares that American taxpayers face when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service.  It should be noted that all ten of these vexing, frustrating and downright maddening problems all go away with the FAIRtax.
    Played 29m 20s
  • #416 Rule of Law vs Politics

    17 APR 2024 · Charles Littlejohn is a criminal.  He committed a federal felony when he stole and leaked the confidential tax returns of several wealthy Americans including Donald Trump.  Not surprisingly, there are a number of Washington elites who hail Littlejohn as a hero and think that he should be pardoned. This week, the FAIRtax Guys welcome AFFT president Steve Hayes back to the program to discuss this case and also to take a revealing look at just how radically different America’s elite 1% thinks compared to the rest of us.
    Played 32m 7s
The FAIRtax Guys discuss the many problems with the current federal income tax and the solution to all those problems, the FAIRtax.

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