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Entrepreneur to Author

  • E2A 074: Nail Your Virtual Book Launch with Bonita Nuttall

    14 MAY 2024 · In this episode of, your host Scott MacMillan speaks with Bonita Nuttall, a seasoned MC, keynote speaker, and virtual book launch specialist. Bonita shares insights into the role of book launches, emphasizing the three P's: Product, Positioning, and Possibilities.   She discusses the advantages of virtual book launches, such as broader reach and increased engagement, and offers practical tips for planning successful events. Bonita's expertise shines through as she emphasizes the importance of creating a unique and impactful experience tailored to authors' goals and target audiences. GUEST BIO Bonita Nuttall, a leading voice in keynote speaking, leadership development, and public speaking prowess, brings a fusion of expertise and charisma to every stage she appears.   With a background steeped in investigative journalism and TV presenting, she infuses her talks with an engaging storytelling flair, enchanting audiences globally.   Bonita has presented internationally across a multitude of platforms, to a wide range of audiences. She's free dived with Tiger Sharks, interviewed gangsters in the heart of ganglands, and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro with sporting great, Martina Navratilova.   Her journey from South Africa to Sydney, coupled with her Kiwi spirit, enriches her insights on human consciousness and personal development.   As a seasoned speaker, facilitator, and coach, Bonita empowers individuals and organisations to increase influence, credibility, and impact through effective communication and authentic leadership.   Whether lending her voice to inspiring change, or guiding others to find theirs, Bonita’s passion and expertise create unforgettable experiences. CONNECT WITH BONITA Email: Bonita @ Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    26m 6s
  • E2A 073: The Power of Short-Form Video for Building Your Personal Brand with Sven Gold

    30 APR 2024 · In this episode of, Scott speaks with Sven Gold. Sven a television and digital media host, moderator, entertainer and content creator based out of Munich, Germany. He also helps people build their public profile and personal brand through short-form video content. Scott and Sven discuss the importance of personal branding, the differences between and compatibilities of short-form and long-form content and how to efficiently and effectively approach creation and distribution of engaging video through social media.   GUEST BIO Sven Gold is a model, TV personality and social media star who has gained fame for his eponymous Instagram account. He has gained huge popularity for his lifestyle blogging. Alongside all of this, he helps people build their personal brand through short-form video, providing production and post-production services, consulting and coaching.   CONNECT WITH SVEN Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: TikTok:     CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    24m 53s
  • E2A 072: Multi-Title Author by 16: Claudia and Sonia Marta Talk Manuscripts, Book Marketing and More

    16 APR 2024 · In this episode of, your host Scott MacMillan welcomes Claudia Marta and Sonia Marta, a mother-daughter team excelling in marketing and authorship, respectively. Claudia brings decades of marketing expertise, while Sonia, at just 16, is an accomplished author with multiple books to her credit. They delve into Sonia's journey as a writer, from her childhood love for literature to her award-winning book "The Rapping Astronaut." Claudia shares insights into their collaborative publishing experience and the successful marketing strategies employed for the 2022 Grammar Factory title "From Source to Sold." The discussion highlights the importance of consistent effort and engagement in both writing and book promotion. The duo’s upcoming Pen to Paper Writing and Personal Branding Retreat aims to inspire aspiring authors and entrepreneurs, emphasizing the power of personal branding and community building. Listeners gain valuable insights into the creative process, the publishing industry, and the journey from entrepreneurship to authorship in this insightful episode. GUEST BIOS Claudia Marta With over two decades of industry experience, Claudia is a senior marketing executive renowned for her extensive expertise in strategic brand development and positioning, distribution, account management, PR, and CSR. She has held key roles in leading advertising agencies for McCann, D’Arcy, and MullenLowe, collaborating with a diverse clientele spanning telecom, luxury brands, FMCG, finance, and insurance across multiple regions within European and US markets. Claudia has coordinated the successful Tinmar rebranding campaign, which received the prestigious Graphis Platinum award. She is associated with Alcott Global and was vital in organizing the successful launch of the book From Source to Sold, swiftly attaining the status of a #1 Amazon Bestseller worldwide within a week (October 4-7, 2022). Her expertise has also contributed to a young author's launch of her debut novel internationally (Oblivion, Sara Podgoreanu, launched in 2023), along with Sonia Marta’s continuous support for her editorial projects. Sonia Marta A changemaker and an award-winning author, Sonia Marta wrote and self-published her first poetry collection, Oracol (2018), hitting the shelves at the age of 10. Next came her most acclaimed story by teachers and the international community, The Rapping Astronaut (2020), an award-winning children's book, along with Bucharest City Tour, a Trip with Sonia (2020). In 2023, Marta co-authored Women Leading the Way (2023), a collection of stories of successful women launched at the London Book Fair (LBF23'). Sonia Marta's projects kickstarted her journey as a role model, travelling all over the globe to speak to over 3,500 children, students, and parents about the importance of self-improvement and the importance of education. Her mission, inspiring the youth to follow their dreams, brought about her recognition at the Women Changing the World Awards Gala (2023), where she won Silver in the category Young Women Changing the World. Marta's podcast, Storywise - The Podcast, is a children's show featuring extracts of her work read by VO artists worldwide, portraying a fraction of the support she's received. EPISODE LINKS: Pen to Paper Retreat: CONNECT WITH CLAUDIA Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: CONNECT WITH SONIA Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn:   CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    23m 28s
  • E2A 071: Chantal Landreville with a guide to finding love for entrepreneurs

    13 FEB 2024 · In this episode of, your host Scott MacMillan speaks with Chantal Landreville, a certified love and relationship coach and author of the upcoming book "Raise Your Love Signal." With over two decades of experience in personal growth, Chantal shares her journey from the wine business to coaching, emphasizing her passion for human connection and her mission to guide individuals towards authentic and lasting love. Scott and Chantal talk about her writing process, the importance of structure and discipline and the significance of finding the right publishing partner. Chantal also provides valuable advice for busy entrepreneurs, stressing the need for intentional investment in relationships and smart filtering in dating. Throughout the episode, Chantal's warmth and expertise shine through, offering listeners a glimpse into her transformative coaching approach and the wisdom she shares in her upcoming book. GUEST BIO: Chantal Landreville is a Certified Love & Relationship Coach, author, speaker and Human Connector with over two decades of experience in personal growth. Her mission is to help individuals discover the path to authentic and lasting love. She is dedicated to empowering the with the knowledge and tools required to create healthy, fulfilling relationships. EPISODE LINKS Free Communications masterclass Work with me; services Let's Wine about Love events - Key Person of Influence (KPI) - CONNECT WITH CHANTAL Email: Book Website: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: TikTok: CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    21m 50s
  • E2A 070: How to get your book into stores and libraries

    30 JAN 2024 · In this episode of, your host Scott MacMillan explores the potential benefits and pitfalls of traditional channels like bookstores and libraries. While print-on-demand offers a game-changing solution for authors, Scott shares the nuanced dynamics of traditional channels such as bookstores and libraries. It delves into critical considerations such as book availability, the imperative for authors to raise awareness about their works, and the significance of direct outreach to these outlets. The podcast underscores that although bookstores and libraries may not be the primary focus for independent authors, they can still play a valuable role in reaching specific reader demographics. EPISODE LINKS: LibWeb: CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    17m 42s
  • E2A 069: Taming Wicked Problems with Professor Clive Smallman

    16 JAN 2024 · In this episode of Entrepreneur to Author podcast, your host Scott MacMillan interviews Professor Clive Smallman, founder of Design for Growth, and author of Sorted: Taming Wicked Problems with Smart Leadership Thinking. The conversation delves into wicked problems, which can range from arresting climate change to spurring business growth to the increasing challenge of workplace disengagement. In addition, Clive shares insights into his writing process, highlighting the book's role as a versatile business tool. GUEST BIO DR CLIVE SMALLMAN has more than 30 years’ experience in research, educating and mentoring others in risk and crisis management. He has earned advanced degrees in AI and operational risk management and brings a formidable set of skills, experiences and knowledge to his work in equipping executive leaders to tame their wicked problems. SHOW LINKS: CONNECT WITH CLIVE Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube: CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan): Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    24m 43s
  • E2A 068: Orchestrating (and Writing) Team Harmony with Ilona Vass

    2 JAN 2024 · In this episode of, your host Scott MacMillan speaks with Ilona Vass, founder of, an expert in interpersonal communications, for leadership, within teams, and author of Team Harmony: Striking the Right Chord - A Guide for Leading People in the Modern Workplace. Ilona shares her expertise in interpersonal communications for leadership within teams, discusses her background and inspiration, the writing and publishing process, and the business goals for her book. She also provides advice for aspiring authors and tips for orchestrating an effective team. SHOW LINKS: Free Resources GUEST BIO Ilona Vass is an expert in leadership and team communication. Ilona is inspired to improve how humans speak with each other and handle challenging conversations with ease and dignity. Her focus in training, coaching and facilitation is taking the pressure off around communication for people leaders, striving to build champion teams, and tackling challenges and changes with a positive outcome in mind. She helps people leaders discover and expand their full communication potential and teams to build an excellent everyday communication infrastructure, always keeping human originality in mind. After studying, working and living in China for many years, her interest in communication was stimulated, and she experienced the many facets of intercultural communication in private and business settings. In her first career at Austrian Airlines, Ilona held managerial positions leading teams worldwide. She always pursued a collaborative and inclusive approach with teams and saw the benefits of working in harmony. Her last posting with Austrian Airlines brought her to Australia, where she currently resides in Sydney with her son. She now runs her business helping companies and individuals to better their communication. She works with clients in Australia, Asia and Europe, offering a range of programs, workshops and retreats, including coaching, training, facilitation, mentoring and speaking at company events and conferences, both in person and virtually. CONNECT WITH ILONA Email: Book Website: LinkedIn: YouTube: CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    18m 52s
  • E2A 067: Getting Your Ideas Out of Your Head with Kath Walters

    12 DEC 2023 · In this episode of The Entrepreneur to Author Podcast, your host Scott MacMillan speaks with Kath Walters, a professional business writer, founder of the Brain to Book in 90 Days program and twice published author. Since every good book begins with an idea, Kath also provides tips on developing an idea by sharing her approach to guiding authors from idea to manuscript. GUEST BIO As a professional business writer, Kath Walters has written something like 1.3 million words over the past 25 years. As a business journalist, her writing reached 40,000 readers a week for 14 years. Her byline is familiar to readers of the Australian Financial Review, Smart Company, BRW, Business Spectator, Women’s Agenda, ANZ Bluenotes and Company Director. What that means to you is that she knows readers. She knows what they want. She knows what they expect. And she has been giving them what they want and expect for more than two decades. Now, Kath guides smart, accomplished businesspeople through a momentous transition. They are experienced, thoughtful practitioners. They have an idea that is like a mental itch that must be scratched. Getting that idea out of their heads and into a book takes them to the next level in their business. They become sought-after authorities with the book to prove it. CONNECT WITH KATH Freebie: Has your book got legs? A mini diagnostic. Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    23m 29s
  • E2A 066: What is a hook? And how do you use one in your writing?

    28 NOV 2023 · In this episode of, your host Scott MacMillan explores importance of using the right hook in nonfiction writing. A hook serves as the entry ticket to your content, grabbing the audience's attention and setting the tone for your writing. Scott discusses when and where to use hooks, covering various content formats such as books, articles, speeches, marketing, and more. He also explores different types of hooks, the specific purpose each serves, as well as the instances where a hook might not be necessary. CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    12m 21s
  • E2A 065: Play to your strengths, an interview with Charlotte Blair

    14 NOV 2023 · In this episode of, your host Scott MacMillan speaks with Charlotte Blair, the Founding Partner of The Strength Partners, an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach, and one of Australia's most experienced CliftonStrengths accredited coaches. Through personal anecdotes and professional insights, Charlotte engages in a conversation about finding more joy and purpose in work and her transition from corporate to entrepreneurship. She also discusses the motivations behind writing her book Career Unstuck: How to Play to Your Strengths to Find Freedom and Purpose in Your Work Again. GUEST BIO Charlotte is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and one of Australia's most experienced CliftonStrengths accredited coaches. She shifted her career from IT sales with Verizon 10 years ago and now works with corporates around the world helping individuals, Managers, and Teams discover and use their strengths to meet business and personal objectives. She is also known as the Coaches Coach and loves assisting others to develop and grow their coaching practices. Having migrated from the UK to Australia 13 years ago she lives in rural Victoria with her husband Andrew, two sons, and a menagerie of animals including cats, dogs, horses, chickens and bees. CONNECT WITH CHARLOTTE Book Website: Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: CONNECT WITH SCOTT LinkedIn (@scottmacmillan): Instagram (@scottamacmillan) Twitter (@scottamacmillan): Medium (@scottamacmillan):
    22m 39s

A clear, concise, and compelling mix of first-person narrative and expert guests that takes the listener on a journey of writing and publishing their expertise-based, nonfiction book. From content creation...

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A clear, concise, and compelling mix of first-person narrative and expert guests that takes the listener on a journey of writing and publishing their expertise-based, nonfiction book. From content creation to story strategy. From building authority to growing a business. From Entrepreneur to Author.
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